Thursday, June 7, 2007

from may to june

this has been a busy month for the tuckers. luke finished up his first full year of preschool. they had an end of the year program where his class had to sing the ABCs, Jesus Loves Me, Tiny Little Daisy, and If you Plant a Penny. and of course when that happened, Micah had strep throat. Yeah, we were going to sleep on that friday night and he felt warm. we just figured he was getting a sinus infection. so 4 days later he went to the doctor (the same day as luke's program) and found out he had strep. so i took luke and seth by myself to the program and wouldn't you know it? he did great! he went up there and sang every song!! i had to hold my little butter biscuit in one hand and try to take pics with the other! i'll get those posted soon. tonight is just for updating. so anyway, i was on single parent duty for the next 3 days. actually by thursday micah felt good enough to keep the kids at home while i worked. but he was tired when i got 3!!! since when is 7 hours a 1/2 day? that place is always so stinkin' crazy!! anywho, so the strep weekend was mother's day weekend (which sucked because i worked my tail off while micah was sick.) after that we had a few normal weeks, just busy. got to have a short visit with my folks when they came one weekend. that was memorial day weekend. micah got up early that monday and went to town to run the cotton row 10K like he does every year. and we (us and my fam) were all out playing in the sprinklers when seth went up to the porch to sit with "pop". well, no sooner had he gotten up there that he got his first wasp sting on his finger. my poor little man. so pitiful!! but he was fine. i say it was due to mama wiping it good, sucking on his finger a little and then giving him some benedryl and ibuprophen. my daddy will probably tell you it was the snuff. gross!! either way, no reaction. last week i went to work on monday, felt fine. went to my friend ellen's to help her get some unpacking done and we stayed up until like 2 AM i'm sure. when we got up at 530 (sucks to be a nurse) i just felt really tired. but mainly "i've stayed up like a school girl" tired. the day went on and i started feeling run down. then my throat got sore....then i started running fever. yep. i was getting strep. so i waited as long as i could and called micah to come home about 2. i went to our office and did my own strep test. POSITIVE. of course. so i wrote out my own Rx and had the nurse practitioner sign it and home i went. so tuesday night i thought i was gonna cuss micah because my body was cramping from the fever. the next day he stayed home with the kiddos while i was in quarantine. then thursday i was feeling fine, but i still had fever. but he needed to go back to work i guess, so i just had to will myself well. finally around 3 my fever broke and i have been ok. thankfully ellen doesn't have tonsils and she brought us some yummy supper!! having your bff in town rocks!! i looked at micah's throat the next night, and wouldn't you know it...white crud. so i got up early on saturday and went back to the office and brought home the kit. strep tests for everyone. that's right...i even did the boys. micah's was positive, but the rest of us were ok. so we got micah another antibiotic called in. he has 2 days left of it (and i was smart enough to ask for a refill just in case.) oh, and in the mean time, our washer broke. so we had to buy a new one this weekend. so needless to say, if i haven't gotten in touch with people, we have been busy. today we had maddie with us so the boys and her played allllll day. i think it is safe to say we are all pooped! tomorrow i am going to get father's day stuff taken care of. i'll try to download my pics this weekend and get those on here for an update.

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