Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tis the Season

It's almost that time know the one I'm talking about.  The one that nearly made me insane last year.  The one I said never again to...and obviously lied.

That's right...

It's almost baseball season.

I grew up in some way or another on or around a baseball field.  My brother played baseball from the time he could walk all the way up to college.  He's a lefty pitcher and a home run hitter and even after all these years...I still like to brag on him.  In my eyes, he was a rock star.  Still kind of is.

Anyway...last season, the boys were in two different age brackets for our county league.  Which obviously means separate teams...which means separate practices.  People...remember this??

Just click on that calendar up there.  That's six practices a week...color coded per child...and a then 2 year old to take with me to at least half of them.  Needless to say, all that craziness led to this...

That was the first time I cooked in bulk.  And do you know I still plan that way?  I don't so much do it a month at a time anymore...more like every two weeks.  But it works.  And saved us a fortune in money and I'm sure cholesterol medicine by not eating ballpark food or fast food (which is actually cheaper than ballpark food.)

Anyway...all that to say this...I'm on the hunt for new recipes again.  Not only am I needing to plan things that are quick, but I've got to be sure to incorporate things that are Weight Watchers friendly. 

Planning...planning, planning, planning.  I feel like I live by a calendar.  Anyone else feeling that way?  I don't worry about things becasue I know that I ultimately have no control over anything (and that is HARD for this OCD woman to admit to) but I like to be prepared where I can.

I also bought this little jazzy thing at Sam's to help me carry all of our "gear".  (I'm going to use it for the beach, too.  Why rent the chairs when I can bring my own??)

Hopefully this year I'll be more prepared and less crazy...we'll see!  

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