Friday, November 30, 2007

pregnancy dream

10 weeks/3 days...

i didn't sleep very much last night, but when i did, i dreamed that we are having a little girl. for whatever reason, micah wasn't in the room when i found out, but he heard my complete elation when i found out. it was just like i was at my visit for the ultrasound and the sonographer turned the screen to me to see if i could tell and i told her what i thought and she wrote the correct "anatomical" word on the screen.

now i say all that to say about 2-3 days after i took my home pregnancy test, i dreamed i went in for my 8 week ultrasound and they told me it was a boy and i cried.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

our first trip to the dentist

i have been prepping luke for the dentist for about a month. i told him that they use a toothbrush that spins just like his, but it makes a little noise, that he may get to spit in a vacuum straw that he would look in a mirror and that he would get a toy if he was really good. we have been over it every day, twice a day for a month. he did excellent with getting his teeth cleaned. however, i apparently didn't prepare him for the easy part when the dentist comes and just says open wide and they count his teeth. he didn't want anything to do with that. however, i will admit that his cleaning had been over for about 25 minutes and he had already gotten his toy at this point. so i'm sure he had had his, it's not something i really mentioned over the last month, either. i figured he'd be freaked out with the cleaning part. oh well...

my little sethy biscuit was a super champ. he sad in daddy's lap in the chair. he didn't like the spinning toothbrush, but i told them if they wanted to just brush them with the regular, he would be fine...and he was. also, they had blue's clues toothpaste, so all was well. the dentist said their teeth were really clean and their bite was good. so mommy and daddy were very pleased. this is a pediatric dentist (which i highly recommend) and their office is decorated all in space stuff and even has a space ship they can play in in the waiting room. and when we walked in the door, our pediatrician was there with her 2 younger boys. and i was thrilled to see that her 2 were as wild as mine can be. i will never feel bad about how they are at her office again! i trust her completely b/c she is a mom of 4 boys, so i know she gets it!!

so really, we didn't get the wailing and nashing of teeth that i completely expected. i underestimated my kiddos once again, but i figure that makes for better praise! the next appointment they gave us is for june 11th at 740 am. first of all, that won't happen b/c i will likely be in the hospital. but secondly...who on earth thinks i could make it out the door at 7:10 am with 2 kids to get there at 740?

Monday, November 26, 2007

very brief

just wanted to let everyone know that everything is still fine. my next doctor's appointment is next wednesday when i'll have an ultrasound and blood work done. my current children are driving me a little crazy today (and it's only 8:20 in the morning...yeah!) and they have their first trip to the dentist tomorrow. i expect full on screaming and shaking and all out refusal, even though we have been prepping them for this for over a month. that's just how my kids (especially luke) roll.

we DID, however get plenty done over the extended weekend. micah got our bathroom floor done, we got the tree, garland and other Christmas decor up and i even fit in a little shopping and have wrapped gifts under the tree. micah got the gutters cleaned out and got a lot of other stuff put up in the attic. we lack the wreaths on the windows (can't do that when it keeps raining) and the other bathroom floor (so it will match ours.) and hopefully luke will cooperate on friday when he has school pictures b/c i haven't had a 4 year picture made of him yet.

Friday, November 23, 2007

a little scare for thanksgiving

yesterday i got to sleep in a little before getting up to fix the sides i was taking to micah's mom's for thanksgiving. i really needed it b/c i hadn't been sleeping well the last few nights. i got up, cooked my few things, got my shower, helped get the boys all ready, was actually just putting the last spray on my hair...when i felt it. and i knew i wasn't leaking b/c i have c-section babies. so i checked and sure enough i was bleeding. i was startled only b/c i had never had it with a gush feeling before. i felt like everything else was probably normal. but i called the doc anyway and of course it was lay down and put your feet up. and i didn't want to go do that at my in law's house with it being packed to the gills with folks, so i just sent micah and the boys and the food. i told him i'd come later if i felt a little better. so they walk out the door, i absolutely SOB and then got in the recliner for some good ole Top Chef marathon. so for actual lunch, we didn't really have anything here, so i ate some stove top. thankfully there was plenty for micah to bring me home a plate (or a lunch plate and a desert plate) so i could eat REAL thanksgiving about 3pm.

the rest of the day i just sat in the recliner and rested. nothing else happened, just got lighter as the day went on. i was a little worried when i would get up last night to potty, but everything was ok. today i have felt fine and nothing is happening today. just an early pregnancy thing.

we did get out a little tonight and bought a new tree. it's one of those prelit skinny trees. it took a little bit to shape it, but i am actually glad i don't have this ginormous tree taking up a quarter of my living room!! i got it up and decorated and got the little trees that i put in luke and seth's rooms done. micah got our bathroom floor done. we just need to put the molding back down and it will be completely done. tomorrow, as long as i feel well, i will attempt a little light shopping b/c tis the season...

the next couple of weeks will be busy. next week we have our first dentist trip with the boys (say a prayer for that b/c it will NOT go well, i can assure you!), luke has school pictures. the next week i have a doctor's appointment and micah is going to put down the tiles in the other bathroom (b/c i'm OCD and the bathrooms have to match). the following week is luke's last week of school, his holiday program at school and our anniversary. the next week is free before we leave for dothan for a few days for Christmas. but i will definitely need that free week. i will definitely be glad for the new year and a little slowing down...except that i need to start painting my living room and halls...but maybe if i'm sweet, mimi (my stepmom) will come help me.

but to reiterate...EVERYTHING IS OK!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

chuck e cheese

we attended our first "chuch e. cheese" birthday party for our neighbor, sam. he is about 2 months younger than seth. he was the cutest thing. he loved on chuck e. cheese and danced. it was a hoot!! i wasn't sure how my kids would like it, but they had a ball. they are alllllll about getting tickets!! i felt like a kid myself. i wish they would have been better at ski ball b/c that is my favorite. but they had this game that you put a token in, hit a button, and it just spits out tickets. sethy would have stood there all day i am convinced. we went through the tokens we got from the party, along with a roll of $10 that i bought and all we got was 2 water squirters and 2 small toys. now i DON'T miss that!!! but they had a ball so it was completely worth it and now, i can use something as a treat for being good. time to whip out the sticker chart again. i think i'll use the chuck e. cheese method and you have to get 1000 stickers for being good to get to actually go!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

the THIRD Tucker

Well, about a month ago, we found out that little Tucker #3 is on the way!! Today I went for my first Dr.s appointment and the ultrasound measured me to be 8 weeks & 2 days which gives us a due date of June 24, 2008. But, of course it will come 2 weeks earlier b/c i have c-section babies. Luke is really excited and says he is gonna have a brother. Sethy says he is gonna have a sister, so hopefully in February we will see. The heart rate today was 155 and the baby looked good so far. I go back in 3 weeks for an additional ultrasound and bloodwork (something new that they do), so hopefully I'll have a better picture to post then. So I guess I will have to make sure to update more often. I had morning sickness the 3rd-5th weeks of pregnancy, but now I don't have any. Just the tiredness and not much appetite. And for only the 2nd time in my life, I don't want sweets (i was that way with luke, also.)

So that is where we stand for now!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Handy Man

so we had some water damage to our bathroom floor that has been there over a year and we finally got around to fixing it. we meaning micah. he is very handy around our house and has saved us thousands of dollars over the years. basically he had to rip out the subflooring, add additional braces to the joists, and add new flooring. now we need to finish it with lanolium...which is what we will probably be doing the day after thanksgiving if not this weekend. just wanted to give my man the credit he deserves (even though i don't think he cared for me being in there to take pictures of him!!)

micah working on our bathroom floor

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Around the House

First of all, scroll down and look at a few new posts. I was so behind from not having pictures downloaded. But now i tried to put them in order (thanks Tony!) But here are a few random pics from around the house. It has also been a little crazy because we only had one good week from stomach virus until we got sinus/allergy/borderline bronchitis crud!

all ready for church

luke trying to help bubby put his diaper back on after potty time

bubby in his big boy underwear

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