Monday, November 26, 2007

very brief

just wanted to let everyone know that everything is still fine. my next doctor's appointment is next wednesday when i'll have an ultrasound and blood work done. my current children are driving me a little crazy today (and it's only 8:20 in the morning...yeah!) and they have their first trip to the dentist tomorrow. i expect full on screaming and shaking and all out refusal, even though we have been prepping them for this for over a month. that's just how my kids (especially luke) roll.

we DID, however get plenty done over the extended weekend. micah got our bathroom floor done, we got the tree, garland and other Christmas decor up and i even fit in a little shopping and have wrapped gifts under the tree. micah got the gutters cleaned out and got a lot of other stuff put up in the attic. we lack the wreaths on the windows (can't do that when it keeps raining) and the other bathroom floor (so it will match ours.) and hopefully luke will cooperate on friday when he has school pictures b/c i haven't had a 4 year picture made of him yet.


Dana said...

wow, I've missed a lot by not checking in in a couple of days. I'm glad that everything is ok. I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound. I'm sorry you were alone on Thanksgiving :(. You Should have given me a call :). Hmm, maybe next year :). I love you

Tony and Susan said...

those little scares are certainly not fun! i'm so glad that everything is ok, though! i can't imagine being pregnant and chasing around 2 other kids! i would tell you to take it easy, but i know that's a "yeah, right" with 2 kids and the holiday season! take care!

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