Tuesday, November 27, 2007

our first trip to the dentist

i have been prepping luke for the dentist for about a month. i told him that they use a toothbrush that spins just like his, but it makes a little noise, that he may get to spit in a vacuum straw that he would look in a mirror and that he would get a toy if he was really good. we have been over it every day, twice a day for a month. he did excellent with getting his teeth cleaned. however, i apparently didn't prepare him for the easy part when the dentist comes and just says open wide and they count his teeth. he didn't want anything to do with that. however, i will admit that his cleaning had been over for about 25 minutes and he had already gotten his toy at this point. so i'm sure he had had his fill...plus, it's not something i really mentioned over the last month, either. i figured he'd be freaked out with the cleaning part. oh well...

my little sethy biscuit was a super champ. he sad in daddy's lap in the chair. he didn't like the spinning toothbrush, but i told them if they wanted to just brush them with the regular, he would be fine...and he was. also, they had blue's clues toothpaste, so all was well. the dentist said their teeth were really clean and their bite was good. so mommy and daddy were very pleased. this is a pediatric dentist (which i highly recommend) and their office is decorated all in space stuff and even has a space ship they can play in in the waiting room. and when we walked in the door, our pediatrician was there with her 2 younger boys. and i was thrilled to see that her 2 were as wild as mine can be. i will never feel bad about how they are at her office again! i trust her completely b/c she is a mom of 4 boys, so i know she gets it!!

so really, we didn't get the wailing and nashing of teeth that i completely expected. i underestimated my kiddos once again, but i figure that makes for better praise! the next appointment they gave us is for june 11th at 740 am. first of all, that won't happen b/c i will likely be in the hospital. but secondly...who on earth thinks i could make it out the door at 7:10 am with 2 kids to get there at 740?


Dana said...

Glad it wasn't as bad as you were expecting. Emma had her first appointment a while back. Our biggest problem was getting her to be quiet long enough for him to look in her mouth.

Love you,

Tony and Susan said...

Good job Luke and Seth!! and who on earth would get 2 kids up and ready and out the door for a 7:40 appt.?!?

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