Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i'm a real mom now...

hi. i'm seth. and i like to cause a commotion on a regular basis. today, my special trick was to swallow not one, but two quarters! my mama, the nurse...she doesn't tend to be a nurse when it comes to one of us. however, today, she kept her cool...ish. she called the doctor to see what needed to be done since i was breathing, but had thrown up. of course...the answer was to take me to the local children's hospital, that is 40 minutes away. mama was none too happy with the drivers. they don't seem to understand flashing lights on a minivan going 75-80 mph just might indicate an emergency. maybe that's normal driving where we live. who knew? the good or not so good news?? those quarters were already in my intestines. so as the saying goes "this too (or is it two lol) shall pass."

pray for my little bum. i gotta feeling that won't be fun.

on the flip side, my poor brother was freaking out! he was scared they were gonna keep me for a week and he didn't like that idea. huh. who knew? i mean, you remember when this happened? (scroll down to mid post) yeah. good to know my worst enemy is also my best friend.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

when it gets out of control...

i've mentioned my control issues on here before (meaning i may be slightly OCD sometimes). folks, mama is about to go to town on some organization. this year with luke being in school and the boys starting in sports and sister becoming everything that an almost 2 year old is...yeah. it's been a little overwhelming this year. however, with 2 weeks left in school for luke, today being the last day of MMO for seth, and baseball being over in 2 weeks, now is the time for me to pounce. cause did i mention that we are putting our house back on the market? **sighs...**we are. so this means i'm about to go into cleaning and decluttering and organizing overhaul around here. lucky for you, there will be before and after shots. i'll say right now, i will be keeping it real. i mean, really real. you may be "shamed" to be my friend with the before shots. (oh, come on. you all have those closets or those dark corners...or those clothes that have sat in a basket since last week...or month. i know i'm not alone.) so if it seems like i'm going in to hiding again, i'm probably buried under a mountain of clothes, clutter, or kids. you may want to check on me.

upcoming projects:
repurpose coat closet for more storage space
build table and new shelves for laundry room
put together storage units and clean out garage (major dread!!)
sew curtains for boys room
repaing boys' room (another major dread)

do i have volunteers who wanna help?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


and it begins...
tonight i saw a little face pop up in my front window that was open from when the boys had been playing out front earlier. i had no clue who this child was. she (you heard me...SHE) knocked on the door and asked if luke could come out to play. i have never seen this child before in my life. he was finishing up supper and i didn't know what to do b/c after supper he was getting ready for church, so he didn't really have time to play. (and she had another friend with her.) i asked who she was and asked luke if he'd at least like to come talk to his friend (who turns out is someone in another kindergarten class from school.) yall, it was weird. no one has asked if my kids could come out to play. but it just seemed crazy that a little girl would come ask. i don't even know where she lives in relation to us or how she knew where luke lived. i seriously felt like i was in the twilight zone (and not the good twilight.)

so, i'm wondering if this is only the beginning. (and i'd like to take this time to send a big one fingered wave to blogger from not letting me post my picture and effectively shutting down my internet so that i have to go unplug everything to restart it. 'preciate ya!!)

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