Tuesday, May 11, 2010

when it gets out of control...

i've mentioned my control issues on here before (meaning i may be slightly OCD sometimes). folks, mama is about to go to town on some organization. this year with luke being in school and the boys starting in sports and sister becoming everything that an almost 2 year old is...yeah. it's been a little overwhelming this year. however, with 2 weeks left in school for luke, today being the last day of MMO for seth, and baseball being over in 2 weeks, now is the time for me to pounce. cause did i mention that we are putting our house back on the market? **sighs...**we are. so this means i'm about to go into cleaning and decluttering and organizing overhaul around here. lucky for you, there will be before and after shots. i'll say right now, i will be keeping it real. i mean, really real. you may be "shamed" to be my friend with the before shots. (oh, come on. you all have those closets or those dark corners...or those clothes that have sat in a basket since last week...or month. i know i'm not alone.) so if it seems like i'm going in to hiding again, i'm probably buried under a mountain of clothes, clutter, or kids. you may want to check on me.

upcoming projects:
repurpose coat closet for more storage space
build table and new shelves for laundry room
put together storage units and clean out garage (major dread!!)
sew curtains for boys room
repaing boys' room (another major dread)

do i have volunteers who wanna help?

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BASSakward Tales said...

no volunteers at your house but i will tell you i am doing the same thing..you know we talked about that this morning...i have taken the first set of before pics but have not quite finished...so more to follow...love ya

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