Monday, August 2, 2010

summer in review (part 1: AC's bday)

i started this post august 2nd. it's now the 13th. do the math folks. as per usual...blogger fail with picture uploading. i have been a complete loser in posting since...we'll go with january. i don't know that i have ever let it go a whole month without posting, but now i have. and because of that, i decided i'd just make this one EPIC and HUGE and tell you all about our summer. i'm hoping i can remember our summer, it has been so crazy and i don't tend to have the best memory. hence the reason i started this little blog.
it all started back in june with this little punkin' lovin' right here.

On June 10th, she turned TWO! I have no idea where the time has gone. June 10th is always a little bittersweet for micah and i b/c of her rough start, but God blessed us with a strong (willed), healthy, beautiful angel girl and we have cherished every stinkin' moment with her. She is just so different from the boys. it has been the most fun watching her. she talks a mile a minute (as long as she knows you and is comfortable with you) and i think she actually talks pretty clearly. On her birthday, she went from sleeping in her crib to sleeping in her big girl (toddler) bed.

then she ate her breakfast holding her birthday balloon (cause isn't that how you do it?)

on her actual birthday, we had cupcakes (where instead of trying to blow out the candles, she thought she'd be cool and pinch the flame fear.)

then, she hosted a "tea pahty". they happen daily around here. if you are lucky, you can dress up in fairy wings and plastic heels and a tiara. (brothers, be glad i have opted to keep your future egos in tact by not producing evidence of such dress up demands.)

a few days later, we had a Dora "pahty"...

and JoAnna (and her mom Monica) came to stay the weekend with us...

and we had a bouncy house that even daddy enjoyed...

and we played in the pool...

so, thanks for hangin' in there with me...if anyone still is. and if you are, please leave me a comment b/c this has been aggrevating to say the least. all of these pics were loaded one by one with my fingers crossed. so, at least tell me how cute sissy girl is. and yes, that is what she calls herself...sissy girl. up next, the month of july where we went to tybee island.

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