Monday, September 28, 2009

minivan moments

a couple of weeks ago, we were on the way to our first soccer game. i decided to pop in a little tune to get the boys "pumped up" for the big game. (and to escape anything they might want to listen to.)

the next time we got in the van seth says "mama...can we listen to the pun'kin up music?"

now, if anyone can tell me where i may have heard this music, as it's not my typical genre, then you get bonus points.
**and no, i still haven't edited these pics.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

happy fall!!

keeping me on my toes...

and part of the reason i haven't even edited the soccer photos for the boys. at least i uploaded them to FB for folks to see, right? so glad for fall to be here. will be "gladder" when the rain goes away. i mean, 2+ weeks? i distinctly remember God saying He wasn't going to destroy the world with a flood again. a fine line is being walked these days lol!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

prayer request

would yall please say a prayer for my friend Bonnie and her family? (i grew up with her in dothan where they still live. i believe they attend selma baptist church.) her angel baby boy is in the NICU at UAB. little man is a fighter and mama and daddy are doing their very best and praising God in faith. it's not an easy road. i know the ache of those empty arms. please go show them some love.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Bubby!!

My big 4 year old boy...where has the time gone?? Four means you are officially a big boy in our house. There is nothing baby about being a 4 year old (sniff sniff). Sethy, your delivery was by far the easiest, which is why I'm sure you can be the most challenging one to parent. But I'll tell you this, no one has ever been so loving at the same time. My little copperheaded snake, your mama (and daddy) love you more than I can even begin to say. Every day, I'd kiss the lips right off of your face, if you'd let me. You are so fun and so smart, and surely the most verbose around here. You may be smack in the middle, but I don't think anyone will ever accuse you of getting left out. No sir, you lead the "pack" around here. I love you and (as I type this, you are telling your daddy "naps aren't fun! naps are boring." never a dull moment.) welcome to big boy world!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

for entertainment purposes only

i have noticed that there is no rhyme or reason to when i post. i only know that i try to fit in at least one a week. and i'm not sure why, because it's not like we are that interesting. but i guess i feel the need to reach out to my public. all 5 of you. since the last time we chatted, i have gotten to visit with 2 of my besties. my monica came and i was able to give her the rest of my maternity clothes (cause this baby makin' station is now closed and working on dilapidated!). (luke asked me "when monica's baby gets big and out of her belly, and is a big boy, will he call her mamaca?--true story) we didn't do much over the weekend because i had my nose shoved in some stephenie meyer goodness cause i was hell bent on determined to finish those not so little crack viles books. and i'll tell you right now, that was the best diet i ever went on. seriously, because i couldn't put them down, because i was all twitterpated with edward, i would choose reading over eating most days. who knew?? oh, and speaking of twitterpated, i decided to try my hand at twitter. see that column to the right? (get your head out of reader and actually come to my page to see) in addition to the teen angst that i so dearly love, i also love to know what stars are up to. i have NO idea why. i guess i really like to know that "stars are really like us." (yes, i actually twittered something to dierks bentley cause i am a hugemongous dork and seriously bored and don't feel like putting up the laundry.) but i do try to limit my actual paper reading to people. i figure they are the least tabloid-esque. i would assume they don't hunt these people down like dogs. but i could be wrong.

what was i saying? oh, what i've been up to. i got my pedicure (which i am currently exploring the world of toe art. the last 2 have included something on my big toes. pretty darn cute actually. give it a try.) seth started back to MMO this week. he did great. we were gonna be sending him two days a week, but i decided since he'll still have a whole year left after this one, i'll save myself on the gas and sanity of driving back and forth so much during the week. i mean, i already have to shower everyday and put on decent clothes to go pick up luke from kindergarten. oh--i have been about to explode to say this. please don't think terribly of me. just consider it a PSA. ok, there isn't a car line for the kindergarten kids. you have to walk to the doors of their hall and hold up a paper with their name on it (it really looks like herding cattle.) i have noticed this one woman all week. and not in a good way. yall...(here it filter) if your "girls" hang down to your waist, a bra is seriously required. people DO notice if those mamas aren't properly harnessed. and if you are insistent on going B2TW (ask if you need to know what that means), law have mercy...DO NOT WEAR A WHITE T-SHIRT.)

i'm sorry. did i really just rant about that? i did. but i just couldn't help myself. it is a problem that needs to be addressed before it becomes an epidemic amongst the rest of the mamas. anyway, i was also forced into single-mommyhood for almost 48 hours this week due to micah needing to travel (18 hours of driving for 4 hours of work...yeah) and that is NEVAH a pretty thing. as a girl on ANTM said this week "i'm not spoiled. i'm just well taken care of." and my man takes good care of us. he gives me the break i need at the end of the day. and so not only did i not have my mental break, but i had to haul limbs in from the back yard due to a sudden storm AND take out the trash. being a slave can be so hard. however, a highlight was the fact that i ordered pizza one of the nights he was gone. an hour and 15 minutes later, my order still wasn't here. they had to redo the i got it FREE. thanks, papa john's. that was nice of you. warranted. but NICE!!

and so, i'm off to that shower and to get all harnessed up before the pick up line starts to pick up my little calf. oh, and soccer starts tomorrow. so that ought to be fun(ny).

Thursday, September 3, 2009

thankful thursday

i'm thankful everything went great with ACs procedure yesterday. I'm also glad that cold held off until today to get fired up. hopefully she'll go through it quicker than the rest of us.

i'm thankful that i get to see 2 of my besties this weekend. i have missed them a little too much and not told them nearly enough.

i'm thankful i can see my kitchen counters again. i was starting to wonder.

i'm thankful i have friends who let me shove baby stuff on them. nothing excites me more than sending out packages. and although my wallet doesn't love the postage, i always secretly wish i could be packed in every one of them to see reactions. clearly the best part. i just love random gift giving. it is way too fun. and within the next week, i will be sending out SEVEN!!!

i'm thankful for frivilous girly stuff. i have mentioned before that i don't get boys. don't get them at all. cave creatures, the whole lot. girls, i get. i FINALLY did a little shopping for my BFs daughter/my niece basically and she is luke's age. it is the 3rd trip i have made and finally forced myself to make a decision. the pink aisle is a good place to be again.

speaking of girly stuff...i am thankful for writers of all things FICTIONAL teen angst. two words (before the awesomeness that was 90210 and saved by the bell)...DAWSON'S CREEK. hello, one of my all time faves. (unfortunately, since noggin took it off of reruns, i had to get into gilmore girls. hey, i have to distract myself while ironing or folding clothes. can't help it.) anyway, right now i am reading the TWILIGHT saga. i said i didn't think i'd be into it due to the vampire stuff. i'm saying it now. in all caps. bookmark it. I. WAS. COMPLETELY. WRONG!!!! i have a little vampire crush on edward cullen because he says things like "you are utterly indecent. no one should look so tempting. it's not fair." and "you smell so good in the rain." WHAT??? who says that? a teenage 100 year old vampire made up by a woman. that's who. don't judge. my hubby completely knows i am feeling that way right now. and i'm calling him out. he has read the books already. and because of that, i now love him more. i'm sure i could find a cullenism to put there for how much. but my pizza rolls are ready.

thanks for all the prayers and thoughts for lil sis. yall are my B(log)BFFs.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

tasty tuesday and tubes

this precious angel right here...she is FINALLY getting tubes tomorrow. just say a little prayer that all goes well and that we have NO problem with her 5-10 minutes of anesthesia...and that she'll forgive me for handing her off to a stranger. she's a little attached to mama these days. i honestly know it will be a breeze of a surgery, but still. you know how it is. don't tell me you could resist that face. cause i know you can't. and yes, she wears those necklaces alll the time. i think i'll get her some pink and purple ones for being a big girl tomorrow. i can find those at the DG right? i'm still kind of a newcomer to the "pink aisle".

With the cooler temps in north alabama brings all things comfort. At our house this week that means homemade granola and chicken stew...but not together. I am kind of a granola snob. I got this recipe from Micah's mom and it is completely delish! And that also means it has been tested by picky eaters and approved (sorry Micah and Laura, but some things are just the truth.) You can add anything you like to this basic recipe...dried fruit, chocolate chips. I asked Micah if it was the same as he remembered since it was my first time to make it. He said (while it was still baking and making our house smell about 900 kinds of good) "well, it smells the same. so far it looks the same. i know it made a bunch, although mom usually ruined half of it by adding raisins." you people see what i have to work with?? all those things said were true, but it DID get a rave review the next morning.

1 one lb box of old fashioned oats
4 cups (1 jar) wheat germ
1 bag coconut
1 lb brown sugar
1 cup oil
1 cup water
1 Tbsp salt
3 Tbsp vanilla
3 cups sunflower seeds

Mix all dry ingredients (I used a 1.5 gallon tupperware bowl that has a lid and just shook it all together.) Mix wet ingredients together and pour over dry. Mix all together until well coated. Bake at 225 (yes...two hundred twenty five) for 1.5 hours until good and dry. (this fills 4 cookie sheets and will require you to make it in 2 batches--unless you have more than one oven...or have a huge one...i guess) rotate your pans 1/2 way through. pour out on to wax paper when done and crumble. store in air tight container. thank me later.

next week...chicken stew.

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