Thursday, September 3, 2009

thankful thursday

i'm thankful everything went great with ACs procedure yesterday. I'm also glad that cold held off until today to get fired up. hopefully she'll go through it quicker than the rest of us.

i'm thankful that i get to see 2 of my besties this weekend. i have missed them a little too much and not told them nearly enough.

i'm thankful i can see my kitchen counters again. i was starting to wonder.

i'm thankful i have friends who let me shove baby stuff on them. nothing excites me more than sending out packages. and although my wallet doesn't love the postage, i always secretly wish i could be packed in every one of them to see reactions. clearly the best part. i just love random gift giving. it is way too fun. and within the next week, i will be sending out SEVEN!!!

i'm thankful for frivilous girly stuff. i have mentioned before that i don't get boys. don't get them at all. cave creatures, the whole lot. girls, i get. i FINALLY did a little shopping for my BFs daughter/my niece basically and she is luke's age. it is the 3rd trip i have made and finally forced myself to make a decision. the pink aisle is a good place to be again.

speaking of girly stuff...i am thankful for writers of all things FICTIONAL teen angst. two words (before the awesomeness that was 90210 and saved by the bell)...DAWSON'S CREEK. hello, one of my all time faves. (unfortunately, since noggin took it off of reruns, i had to get into gilmore girls. hey, i have to distract myself while ironing or folding clothes. can't help it.) anyway, right now i am reading the TWILIGHT saga. i said i didn't think i'd be into it due to the vampire stuff. i'm saying it now. in all caps. bookmark it. I. WAS. COMPLETELY. WRONG!!!! i have a little vampire crush on edward cullen because he says things like "you are utterly indecent. no one should look so tempting. it's not fair." and "you smell so good in the rain." WHAT??? who says that? a teenage 100 year old vampire made up by a woman. that's who. don't judge. my hubby completely knows i am feeling that way right now. and i'm calling him out. he has read the books already. and because of that, i now love him more. i'm sure i could find a cullenism to put there for how much. but my pizza rolls are ready.

thanks for all the prayers and thoughts for lil sis. yall are my B(log)BFFs.


Tiffany said...

Hooray! So glad AC is doing well! I'll keep praying for her as she recovers. Poor thing...

Tara said...

Thanks again ahead of time for the clothes. I'm so excited! I want to pass them along as well so if you know of anyone having a girl, I would love to find a home for your hand me downs and AK's from the summer for next year.

Lindsey said...

you're funny! i've felt the same way about the twilight series but maybe i'll have to check it out.

Sabrina said...

Glad everything went good with AC. Hopefully the will bring some relief to the ear infections.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So glad to hear everything went well with sister's tubes! I hope she is back up and running very soon. I hear they are like new in a moment!
And I have steered clear of Twilight because I hear it's so addicting!
And I don't even know where to begin in the pink aisle. It boggles my mind.

Dana said...

I totally loved the Twilight Series. Can't wait for the movie.

Glad AC is doing well!

Kelley said...

Well friend, Twilight rocked many a world. 3 of the 4 people in my house have read the series (me, the hubby and the oldest of my son dudes). But we read green beans cans so, whatever.
Looking forward to visiting with you tomorrow!

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