Wednesday, December 31, 2008

crazy random christmas pics

thought the holidays were gonna be in the crapper...much like this train b/c we had strep and fifth disease...but it all worked out.

here is our harriette. she came to keep baby sis while we took the boys to their christmas program. yes...i am the insane germaphobe mom.

here are my 2 heroes...they tried to come save me from the aftermath that was christmas. but alas...they failed and only made my job a little harder. kudos for trying...and cuteness!!

2 hooded towels i made baby sis for christmas...tutorial can be done if interested.

{sigh} redemption...he sure does love her. she feels the same way!! {why are my kitchen counters a mess again?? anna, don't look too hard!}

christmas with pop and mimi (my dad and stepmom) i didn't take a stinkin one at micah's folks house. camera was there. but it was a small space with 15 people...and that is just immediate family!

just a snapshot of our friend jacob tate. somehow i missed carly (who is luke's age.) they were our best good friends...until brad moved them off nearly 5 years ago. he is still number one on my beast list.

my scrawny little tree. skinny, but prelit and doesn't take up half of my living room. i needed a break since i was the one doing all the putting up and taking down.

waiting for santa...with the tucker santa cookies. see recipe below.

our stockings were hung by the chimney above the fireplace with care...not in the order i wanted them, but that is where luke wanted his to go, so i had to alternate accordingly. have i mentioned i have OCD issues?

and the best gift EVAH...from my on them and check them out. be jealous. it's ok. i don't mind. no i will NOT share her. but we could all do something like this for a bff next year couldn't we??

small explanation...i love to have my head rubbed and micah won't do it. you can't really find cherry coke zero in north alabama, so i have to have it imported. and she brought me some for christmas along with season 1 & 2 of jon & kate + 8.

Monday, December 29, 2008

i would just love to...

give yall the biggest most fabulous update on our holidays. but they aren't over. we have one more round to go. my brother and his family are coming for the new year. we are so excited b/c they haven't been able to make it to our house in over 2 years (but we have seen them, just by going to Dothan.) for 2 days we will have 6,5,4 & 3 year old boys and one deliciously fat baby girl. i am praying that our yard has dried out by then so that there can be lots of energy run off outside.

i haven't uploaded the first picture or video yet. so i don't even have anything new to leave you. I'm also half way done with the blankets so they should be done by the end of the week. my house looks like someone picked it up and shook it. no really. i thought about showing you pictures. but even i'm to 'shamed to do that. the christmas decor is down, so it's also a little sad looking now. if i were canadian, i would celebrate boxing day with a vengence. instead, i'll celebrate "find the floor day" around here. i'm hoping one spec will reveal itself so that i can call it a success!!

ok, i have a little woman apparently starving b/c i can hear her across the house waking up and calling me in there. oh--did i tell yall that my name is dada? well, i'm gonna assume that it is b/c why on earth would she say his name first? i mean, i'm her obvious favorite!! so if i don't talk to ya again until then...

Happy New Year!!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

tasty tuesday-santa cookies

this one is a two-fer girls. the first one i saw in a magazine and haven't tried, but they are darn cute. the second is the recipe we use to make cookies for santa every year. the good thing is that you can change the M&Ms accordingly and then they can become easter bunny cookies. enjoy!!

Nutter Butter Santa Cookies

Tucker Family Santa Cookies (M&M cookies)
1 cup shortening
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup regular sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
2 1/4 cup all purpose flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 cups M&Ms divided

Cream together shortening and sugars. beat in eggs and vanilla. sift together dry ingredients until combined. add in 3/4-1 cup of M&Ms. roll into tsp or Tbsp size balls onto a cookie sheet (i use a stone baking pan). slightly press the top and add 2-3 M&Ms on top. bake at 350 for around 10 minutes or until lightly golden. yields 2 1/2 dozen Tbsp size or 4 dozen tsp size.

Luke & Seth 2007

Luke 2006

I just noticed that neither one of these pictures depict the M&M cookies in their entirety (is that a word?? oh well, you get the gist.)
do yall remember going to albertson's when we were little and going to the cookie section? well, they had the BEST cookies, in my little opinion, and these taste a LOT like those!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


you can all have a taggie blanket!! i have a small band of loyal followers, so if you responded in anyway wanting one (even if you didn't think you deserved it), you are getting one. anna kate roney, john martin stickler, henderson patton, salter baby #3, anderson are all getting one. and gin, i will include one for trinity when i send you her baby wreath as an apology on the lateness. so, give me a week or so to get them mailed. i'll be working on them over the next day or so, so that you can have them for the new year. i think the only address i haven't stalked down don't have is yours linds. but suz, send me yours again.

and THAT's what you get when you are a loyal stalker. goodies for everyone!! please note that they will be smaller than originally advertized. it will either be 12x18 or 10x12. i have 2 different remnants of fabric, so i'll just make all that i have left. hope that is ok ladies!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


i don't condone sinning, but just this once, i will. these little devils are just that. the devil. but try them. you'll never go back to a plain rice krispy treat. (this is not my picture. but it is my recipe.)

Peanut butter/Chocolate Butterscotchies
1 cup sugar
1 cup light karo syrup
1 1/2 cup peanut butter
6 cups rice krispies
1 cup chocolate chips
1 cup butterscotch chips

melt together sugar, syrup and peanut butter until well dissolved. pour over cereal and mix thoroughly. press into a 9x13 pan. (i spray my fingers with a little Pam and press it in that way.) melt together chocolate and butterscotch chips. spread over cereal mix. chill to set chocolate.

OH. MY. COW!! try not to hate me.
don't forget the give away!!! see below!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

now is not the time

yall, i am seriously tired. i think i forgot to mention that in all of my tests within the last couple of weeks, i'm also a little anemic. not too bad. normal is 12-16. optimal is 14. i'm 11.8. so i'm feeling the slug, that's for sure. but it is not the time to be tired. i spent 3...count them THREE hours at walmart today send award to becky tucker 19... getting a few last minute things, talking to a friend and grocery shopping. DUDE. good thing i slept from 7-10pm & 1-9am before heading out. when i got home, there were groceries to be put away, gifts to be wrapped, pretzels to be dipped, banana bread to be loafed, cheese claws to be mixed and frozen, cinnamon candies to be unwrapped and a taggie blanket to be made. (you can buy them here, but they are too easy and cheap to make to spend that kind of money.) just what does this mean for yall?? it means there are posts a comin' this week. there are recipes to divulge, crafts to brag about (cause i still need to make some hooded towels for little sis too!) and pictures of all of it to post.

i have enough to make one more taggie if anyone is interested. one side is a celestial print flannel and the opposite side is a baby yellow fleece. it measures 18"x22". i think we were all a little devastated by not getting to win Darby's latest creations i know i pouted like i was 2 so if you have a little one who would enjoy it or know someone who might, leave me a comment and i'll draw names. i'll accept comments until monday at 5pm CST. that will get us through the weekend hump. (and it will give me time to collect more than my 15 readers maybe!!) actually, since i'm in the christmas spirit, if i get more than 30 comments, i'll cut it in half and give away 2!! (how's that for comment begging?? i was gonna use another word, but didn't think it was appropriate due to the season or the item being given lol!!)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

i am thankful...
1. that the polyps "appear" benign. will know in a week.
2. that my christmas tree twinkles. it's not a rhythmic blink. just a light that twinkles here and there. if you aren't looking you may not catch it.
3. that i have 3 beautiful, healthy, perfect children.
4. that ally claire is starting to babble (although it sounds like dada and not mama who is her favorite) and that she finally rolled over from her back today.
5. that micah took our recycling out to the recycling plant today. it was starting to overflow and i thought it was gonna come in my back door.
6. that i am almost finished shopping and that i plan to complete shopping this weekend.
7. that i get to see my friends the Tate's this season. since brad moved them away from me 5 years ago, we don't get to see them very much and i miss my friend terribly.
8. that my brother and his family are coming to see me at new year's. they haven't gotten to come in a while or just by themselves in 5 years.
9. that i have already gotten back into the habit of drinking more water. one less resolution to make.
10. that there are "marathons" on tv during the holidays. i DO love to veg when i can (which is not often). nothing like mindless television. maybe mindless tv in the background is why i lose concentration when i'm sewing. hmmm...
11. that Jesus was born, he died and rose again...all for me (and YOU!!!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

hello little darlins

greetings from my bedroom!! i actually got to be the first one in surgery this morning as his first case decided to eat. so i got there and they were rushing me back. a couple of sticks for an IV, a sedative and a few breaths on the mask, and then i was awake just a little bit later. there were 2 polyps, which he told micah he felt like they were benign (but won't know for a week). micah said it was a really short procedure. he was gonna go ahead and do the ablation if my uterus could tolerate it, but too much scarring from 3 c-sections. so i will follow up in 3 weeks to see if there is anything else needed. he said this may take care of it. but i'll just be honest and tell you that i'm sure it won't. it's not in my genetic make up. but that's ok.

so i'm not sore...yet. sure i will be tomorrow. and i'm not loopy at all. so of course i feel like i'm cheating sitting in the bed. but i completely deserve a day of vacation. probably 2.

thank you alllllll soooooooooooooooo much for your precious prayers. i am sure they were heard and i am thankful they were answered. i am so tickled God has led us all back together and for those he has let me to recently. just peaches...the whole lot of you!!

"Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of you with joy...So it is right that i should feel as I do about all of you, for you have a special place in my heart." Philippians 1:3,4 &7

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

one last request

don't forget me tomorrow my little prayer warriors. i'll be in the stirrups at 7:30 a.m. don't you wish that was how you were starting your day??

should be home around 10-ish. hope to give yall an update on thursday. (of course, i'm not sure what to update other that i'm fine. odd. for the first time i think i'll be at a loss for words.)


love ya girls. thanks for all your kind words and especially prayers.

*yall know i could just sop every stinkin one of you up with a biscuit, right??

8 years and counting

December 16th, 2000 was a whirlwind of a day. There were tornadoes every where and terrential rain...and my grandfather died. However, it was the absolute best of my life. I married my very best friend!!! Micah, you and I could not be more different. But we could not be more one. Long before you came along, you were prayed for. When I first met you, I never had the thought that you would be the one. But you truly are. You are the best husband and dad and are far better to me than i deserve. I am so greatful that above all, you belong to God. But I'm just as happy that next, you are mine, all mine! Thank you for taking me as i am and loving me in spite of it. Thank you for taking care of us in every sense of the word. You are the love of my life and i just can not WAIT until we are the little old couple at cracker barrell holding hands over maple pancakes!!

just a note of interest...since our anniversary is so close to christmas, we always buy each other ornaments. today my ornament was lady and the tramp. glad i'm the lady!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

just a disclaimer

i don't have much to post yet today b/c i'm trying to clean the house and wash up some clothes before wednesday sneaks up on me. tomorrow will be busy as it's the kids last day of preschool until after the new year (pout!) and they have their christmas party. sis has our friend harriette coming to stay with her and wednseday morning my MIL will be here with the kids. so plenty to do for this OCDer to make everyone else have an easier job since i won't be able to do it.

also, tomorrow is my anniversary and i'm hoping i can write a little something tonight so it will post tomorrow since i may not see my computer (at least not to post) until thursday. (you didn't think i could go a day without at least reading my stories did you??)

both boys are broken out in a rash (fifth disease) from head to toe. i'm hoping it is gone by Christmas. (some sites say it goes away in 5 days, some say 1-3 weeks.) sethy bean looks like he has leprocy. he is just way more sensitive skinned than luke. so far sis is ok. they never had any of the cold/flu symptoms. just woke up covered in a rash. like to scared me to death.

anyway, my disclaimer is this...if you have a traffic feed and florence, south carolina shows's me. i'm not sure why. you don't have a stalker (well...i guess you do), but it's one you have come to know and love. just thought i should tell you in case you got concerned.

have a good week ladies!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

fun on my (seriously insane) friday

as if knowing 101 things about me wasn't enough, i am going to continue to let you in on how boring i can really be. without further adieu (and thanks to kellie...)

8 TV shows I watch:
1. Jon & Kate + 8
2. the duggars (and don't we all know that is what they should have named this show?)
3. little people big world (again, slight addiction to all things monday night TLC)
4. brothers & sisters
5. grey's anatomy
6. csi: ny
7. csi the regular
8. reruns of dawson's creek (b/c there was never a better teen drama...yes, i even rank it above 90210 and i am so thankful paige tipped me off that i could DVR it for 4 am on noggin. what else am i supposed to do with my free 2 hours a day??)

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. casa blanca
2. macaroni grill
3. mcallisters
4. chic-fil-a
5. steak out
6. logans
7. chinese something
8. chappy's deli (specifically their chicken salad supreme minus tomato with a side a dill pickles. heaven help me.)

8 Things that happened this week:
1. took kids to preschool twice
2. went to the doc to get a strep test and abx
3. seth broke out in a rash
4. took seth and AC to the doc (for rash and 6 month check up)/made doc appointment for micah
5. washed/dried/folded/and put away 5 loads of laundry (i feel you linds!)
6. made up a new broccoli chicken casserole and it was divine. even my man went back for seconds.
7. made dozens of our christmas cookies with luke
8. sent out a few elf packages and our christmas cards

8 Things I look forward to:
1. those christmas cookies coming out of the oven
2. everyone getting well
3. sleep precious sleep
4. christmas day...i just love to watch the kiddos go wild
5. getting my procedure over with
6. selling our house
7. sissy getting real hair and wearing hair bows
8. getting my prebaby body back. no time like the new year (and yes, i know she is 6 months old...bite me.) i'm sorry, did i say that out loud?

8 Things I wish for/pray for:
1. to raise my children to be good, kind Christians
2. for them to marry Christians
3. that my tests come back ok and the decision for the next step is clear
4. our house to sell so we can have luke in school where we want him to be
5. so that we will also be where we want to be at church
6. that no parent should ever lose a child. i just don't get it. it tears me up inside even for people i have never met.
7. for my children to be healthy
8. to have a home in Heaven

8 people I tag:
1. ginny
2. susan
3. dana
4. hillary
5. vaughn
6. melissa
7. susannah
8. shannon
9. SARA!!!!! one of my 2 friends from vegas!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday

i am thankful that i'm feeling better. it didn't show up as strep, but they decided to treat me for it anyway (and send a refill for micah. because if someone in california gets strep and the wind blows...he will have it!!)

i am thankful that i get "special" treatment at our docs office. hey, i paid my dues there for many years. i won't turn it down.

i am thankful that micah left work an hour early yesterday and went in at lunch today. gave me a little recover time. (that fever was kicking my hiney!!)

i am thankful sissy has her 6 month check up tomorrow so that she can take a peek and be sure we haven't passed anything along.

i am thankful for such sweet friends who jumped in and said they would pray for my next "little adventure" next week. i know they will be true to their word b/c that's just who they are. (what am i saying? it's all of YOU so it's who YOU are!!)

i am thankful that i can pretend i live in a castle today because there is a moat running around my house. (i read that right when God promised he wouldn't destroy the earth with flood again, right??)

i am thankful for the imagination of luke. yall should see the things this child is building with legos. i am certain he is a genius. (at the very least, he'll be an engineer.)

i am thankful for my little sethy's laugh. it is insanely infectious and it used to be my ringtone. haven't discovered it i can make it be that on my new phone.

i am thankful for my little angel girl. she hears my voice and cranes her neck to find me. she smiles big when we catch each other's eye. i could eat her in 4 bites.

i am thankful for the M&M cookie recipe that i got from micah's mom. we LOVE those things and i'll be sure to share it in a post coming soon. you'll keep them on hand all the time.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

a very merry half birthday to you!

oh my little angel girl...time certainly is flying. i'm not even sure where to start. the last 6 months are a fresh memory and for that i am thankful (because i have such a short memory.) i just can't believe how far we have come. you are an absolute doll. you are in LOVE with your biggest brother luke. you two sure do have a bond like nothing i was expecting. and you study your little brother (like the rest of us). he is the life of the party and i think you know it. you have laughed out loud at both of them lately and it is precious. you have your daddy wrapped around your little finger, and he loves it! mama sure is proud of you and i just can't wait for the next 6 months my itty bitty pitty sissy!!

get ready kids...

the elf is making it to the post office today. so a lucky 2 of you will be receiving something in 2-3 days!!! what fun for the weekend, huh??

in other news, my throat was sore alll night last night. i looked this morning and am seeing the dreaded white patches. if my husband has given me strep, we are through. well, we are at least not friends for a day or so. this just isn't what i need right now. summer 2007, he had strep. a month later i wind up with it. i went to the office and got the strep kit and brought it home (after i tested myself...yes, i did it on my own. i'm a rogue nurse like that. i'll even give my own flu/steroid shot. be very afraid...)

where was i? oh yeah, so i brought the kit home and tested everyone, even my poor kids. and do you know that that stinker micah had it AGAIN??? now he has been sick for basically a month. if we have a case of dormant strep again...i have a feeling that ugly words may arise. cause surely he's doing it on purpose. so i'll get tested today and get on an antibiotic if it is positive b/c the last thing i need is strep when they are gonna put a tube down my throat next week.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

what we're doin...

well dear faithful readers, i hate to be so sporadic, but i guess tis the season!! i'm sure we are all a little busier than we would really like, but i know it's what we all expect. this week includes getting a picture for christmas cards, getting said cards made and addressed (insert my yearly feeling of genius b/c i have my address labels saved and just update as needed and print), preschool, pick up stockings from harriette who has been monogramming them, get cards and surprise gifts in the mail, meet friend for supper and more christmas shopping, clean house, preschool, wrap presents, anniversary lunch and movie, galaxy of lights, AC 6 month appointment, bloodwork for my little procedure next week....sheesh. so unfortunately, my personal blogging is falling by the wayside.

in other 2 days i will be able to shop here

on a regular basis. here is the issue. i have never shopped at the grocery store on a regular basis. i always shop at walmart for convenience and prices, despite the fact that i hate crowds...but a little late night friday or early morning saturday never hurt anyone. and that's how i avoid the crowds and not lose my mind. so what i need is for you regular patrons to sell me on making it my regular place. i have been on occasion to the one in the next town over. and i love their different selection and of course cleanliness. but we have one income and 5 mouths to feed. so leave me some comments on why it will be my new favorite.

tomorrow is her 6 month "1/2 birthday. i can NOT believe how time is flying. expect some sappiness to come. cherub angel baby girl...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

crappy holidays!!

this really should be one of my annual posts!! it's meant to be a play on words as i posted a pic of seth a few years back screaming his head off while trying to get a picture. anyway...

when trying to get a good picture for Christmas cards, let's just say that some people...

know how to cooperate...

and some people....

not so much.

sorry about the lighting...but it's still darn cute!! my little sethy bean hasn't been feelin' the pictures. the ones he's cooperating in, he is facing forward, but looking at everyone else in the picture. typical. Lord help me, i love him! well, them.

and thanks for the prayers ladies. i knew i could count on you. i'll definitely keep you updated as time gets here.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

thankful thursday-need prayer edition

today, i am most thankful for western medicine. because of it, i have had 3 c-sections and 3 beautiful perfect babies to show because of it. also i'm thankful because it helps me like this...

speaking of reproductive health...(meaning boys can leave now)

i went to have my pap smear today. i told them how i had been having heavier bleeding and hadn't regulated on my periods yet. so he did an ultrasound to check. i have a polyp in my uterus and also the endometrium is thickening. so on the 17th, i will have a hysteroscope to remove the polyp and also to have a D&C. the thing with polyps is that they can be precancerous. the pathology of the polyp will determine what happens next. i could possibly have to have an ablation if it's not precancerous. if it is, then i'll just have a hysterectomy. but we will have to wait to see on the latter. we will also have to see if my uterus (having been thrice c-sected) can handle an ablation.

but anyway, just wanted to let you girls know what was up and tell you that i really need your prayers. i don't feel like it is precancerous since i have never had anything abnormal. but you never know. i'm assuming that it wasn't there 6 months ago b/c he was in full view of my uterus then and he is pretty business.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

no bah in this (hum)bug

once the christmas spirit strikes me, it usually hits hard. i typically try to find a friend or two to surprise during the holidays. and by this i mean i keep out a small bill or take the change from buying another gift and put it towards someone who is completely unsuspecting. i never want anything in return, just the joy it may bring the recipient. (because i love to recieve mail, i typically think that alone is awesome!!)

but the elf has struck again and one of you will be recieving a small little something from the Tucker house. i'm not gonna say who...but it's a blog friend. and i think the second will also be a blog friend. i have just gotten so much out of your life stories this year, i couldn't think of anyone else better to surprise. i'm not planning the person, i'm letting the gift find me. and one has.

and whoever recieves it, you better not DARE ruin my fun and say "you shouldn't have." every single stinkin' one of you are just too great!

and if more readers start making themselves known, then YOU may also be picked! and to keep it a surprise, i'm gonna go "for real stalker" and try to find you in the white pages.

Monday, December 1, 2008

you think you know...

i was told that there were things that haven't been addressed here at the tucker times, so i will do my best to address those things. so, you'll know a smidge about me and where i have been. you'll be bored to tears, laugh to tears, or maybe somewhere in between.

1. My full name is Rebecca Kathleen King Tucker.
2. I have never been called Rebecca a day in my life (other than when getting into trouble.) it's always becky, beck or beck-beck.
3. i have one brother who is 5 years older than me and we are still genuinely excited to see each other when we can. we talk about it for weeks leading up to the acutal trip.
4. my parents were divorced after being married 15 years and they have both been remarried 22 and 20 years and still going.
5. my dad is one of 10 kids and my mom one of 4. we're kinda fertile like that.
6. i moved to dothan in the 4th grade after going to school in slocomb until then. but we always went to church in dothan at Westgate CoC. my brother played boys club sports and that is how i met some of my other friends before changing schools.
7. i met micah my first day at troy at the Christian student center. i was helping clean up for the new student welcome that night and wondered if he was the only boy in our class (b/c he was skinny and super shy.)
8. i don't remember much about him that quarter as far as what all he did with us, but he was always there. i have asked him "were you there when..." and he cuts me off and says "yes."
9. during Christmas break i decided he and a few other nice guys needed some lady friends b/c they were just such great guys. i quit with micah. i didn't know it would turn out to be me.
10. we started dating in the spring quarter of our freshman year and have been together ever since.
11. he had never heard of troy before getting his full scholarship. i thought about going to bama and auburn (b/c a lot of my friends were going there.) glad i didn't.
12. micah has a degree in computer information science with minors in math and business. he works for a big company as a software engineer and mainly does commercial work for the oil industry. they write the software that monitors the offshore oil rigs while they are drilling. he occasionally does some side products and is microsoft certified. (anna, is that good for you??)
13. back to me...i have a BSN in nursing.
14. i worked for internal medicine/nephrology office for 2.5 years before having Luke. now i occasionally pick up some part time/PRN work at the same place.
15. i have 3 kids. luke wallace (5), seth jackson (3), ally claire (almost 6 months). luke is named for the maiden names of my mom and micah's mom. seth and ally claire, we just liked.
16. after 12 hours of labor with luke and being ready to push, his hr dropped in the 80s for 5 minutes and had to do an emergency c-section. his cord was around his neck. i was so ready they had to use the vacuum to suck him back "out of the sunroof". soooo close!
17. my other 2 were repeat c-sections.
18. seth was born with PDA and grew out of it. ally claire had PFA when she was born, although i didn't know about it until her 4 month recheck. she also grew out of it. all typical newborn circulation stuff, but scary none the less.
19. i love being a stay at home mommy and wife, although there are days that i'm sure i should go ahead and book my suite at Bryce.
20. i love to cook
21. i love to sew, though i'm still pretty green at it.
22. i am dying to get an embroidery machine
23. i love the fall
24. my favorite place to be is the beach
25. i prefer organized sports to individual exercise
26. when i was little i wanted to be a dallas cowboys cheerleader. i now watch their little show when CMT airs it.
27. i am glued to TLC monday night television. please don't interrupt me.
28. i am a chocoholic and think the perfect marriage is chocolate and PB. they are MFEO (made for each other.)
29. i love to blog, and read other blogs. i have some in my favorites list that i haven't even listed yet b/c my list on the side is getting out of control.
30. i can't wait to go on my first girls get away with baby sis.
31. when i start a project, it annoys the heck out of me to have to put it down before i am finished
32. i'm slightly OCD...heehee
33. i'm not in general a coffee drinker, but the more days that go by, the more i think i'm gonna have to start. i DO enjoy froo froo drinks from starbucks occasionally. so i'm working on it.
34. i like fruits and veggies, but don't eat enough of them except for in the summer
35. if you are just tuning claire had a 10 day NICU stay for respiratory distress after she was born. she was on the ventilator for 4 days and we couldn't hold her. it was the hardest 10 days of my life thus far. you can read more about it in the june 2008 archives.
36. i ADORE giving. and giving whatever i can. i love to do it. i love for people to be surprised by it (and usually they are b/c i have a passel of kids.)
37. i love to cook and take food to people when they have a baby or when they are sick. i feel like it's what i can do and it's a gift.
38. i love pedicures and massages, but i don't do either very often. i'm not really girly girl.
39. i love to read, but don't get to do it as much as i'd like.
40. i always clip coupons, but don't always remember to take them
41. i want to be better at saving. i want to be a better steward of most things
42. i am very musically inclined and pray my kids will be b/c micah can't carry a tune in a bucket.
43. i played to flute for 4 years and the piano...for a very brief time.
44. i cheered for 15 years of my life. i started when i was 3 for my brother's boys club team. i still have those, and every other pom-pon (yes, it's pom-pon and not pom-pom) except the ones from NHS. those we had to give back. i really wanted to steal them. but alas...
45. i prefer white lights to colored lights on christmas decorations. i'll leave it at that.
46. i was an auburn fan for a short period of my life. thank goodness for cute quarterbacks bringing me to my senses. ROLL TIDE!!
47. i am afraid that my house will catch on fire or someone will break in.
48. i want to be a morning person, but i'm not. i'm a night owl. i would rock working 2nd shift (3-11p)
49. i never take my kids grocery shopping unless i have no choice. thank goodness, since having seth, i've never been in that position
50. i hate cold weather, but my favorite clothes are jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt.
51. i love flip flops. is there anyone who doesn't?
52. I do not like green beans or raw tomatoes. the tomato must be processed in some form.
53. having AC made me a complete it wasn't bad before.
54. i am having a hard time coming up with more things about me. i don't think i'm all that interesting.
55. i love my family, but a lot of them are loud and obnoxious. not just excited. that kind of loud is different. we all do that. i'm talking overboard. but again, i love em.
56. my ears are pierced 3 times. they have been pierced 5 total. once when i was 3 or 4. they got infected b/c of the type of posts and had to let them grow up. got them repierced at 5ish. got a second hole in 10th grade. same thing happened. got that redone when i was a sr. in high school or first year of college. the third came when i apparently was having a PPD moment after seth.
57. i rarely change my earrings. and they stay in all the time.
58. i always have paint on my toenails. never on my fingernails.
59. it irks me to death when they start to chip and i change it immediately. however i have learned the trick to getting it to stay for weeks.
60. i LOATHE housework, but want my house clean. guess i should get a maid.
61. my favorite soft drink is diet dr. pepper
62. i am trying to limit myself to 1-2 a day and drink more water. it's not working.
63. i went caffiene free before i got pregnant with luke. only in the last year have i started to keep at least one case of regular in the house for those moments of needing to kick a headache.
64. i have to go all the way to dothan to get my 2nd favorite cherry coke zero. i asked for some for christmas.
65. my christmas decorations are never done exactly the same.
66. i always wanted 2 boys and a girl. i tried to "time" them and obviously with God's help, it worked. if you have questions, email me.
67. my favorite color used to be yellow. now i'm not sure what it is b/c i have a lot of green in my house, but i adore shades of purple.
68. my favorite number is 7
69. my favorite shape is a heart (or diamond :-)
70. i still haven't unpacked the kids from our trip. i'll get sister's done today. it's micah's job to do the boys.
71. i love to cook, but hate to menu plan and grocery shop
72. i love boiled peanuts, but have to head home to find them. i miss a snoot full of peanut dust.
73. i love for my blog stalkers to make themselves known. if you are reading and have never commented, just let me know. i could care less if i don't know you. i'm sure i want to know you.
74. i'm a sucker for blue eyes. micah has brown eyes. good thing i loved him anyway lol!!
75. when i was a kid, i liked grape and apple jelly. now i like grape for my PB&J, and red plum for my biscuits and toast. thanks meemaw!
76. seriously, do you even care anymore? i am in shock if you are still reading.
77. i love to fill out surveys, but generally only send them back to who sent them to me.
78. i will only forward something if it is so good i can't help myself. or if i laughed out loud for real.
79. i always check out people's forwards on
80. i hate it when people send me stuff that says if i don't forward it on i don't love Jesus.
81. i am doing this instead of cleaning. that happens a lot.
82. i am ready to sell this house and move. if it hasn't happened by march, i'm gonna get panicky.
83. i would LOVE to have a get together for all us girls who read each other's blogs. that would be a hoot!
84. i don't know what my natural hair color is. i have died it since i was in the 9th grade!
85. i am not picky about my hair cut, but am about who cuts it.
86. i cut all the boys hair
87. i can cut girl hair and even did several folks in college.
88. we have saved tons of money doing this. i have been cutting micah's for 11 years.
89. typically something bad happens around big days in my life. my grandfather died on my wedding day, so none of my dad's family was there. my other grandmother died when i was 5 weeks 2 days pregnant with luke. luke was 5 weeks 2 days old when micah's grandmother died. my cousin died last year and a week later i found out i was pregnant with AC. my great uncle (bro of my first grandmother) died on my 30th birthday this year. people might not should hang out with me.
90. i LOVE a hand written letter. i adore them. i include one whenever i can.
91. it is hard for me to keep gifts i get or want to get a secret. i just get so giddy about the whole thing i just want to go ahead and give it or tell them.
92. i hate surprises for me. it's a control issue.
93. i have very picky eaters. luke is the worst. micah is much pickier than me, so i put blame on him. other than the afore mentioned tomatoes and greenbeans (and green leafys) i'll pretty much eat anything that doesn't eat me first.
94. i think people who live their lives on a diet aren't having any fun.
95. as a nurse, i can see anything gross. but don't make me smell it. i have a hard time with smells.
96. i am very proactive when it comes to any screening test the doc recommends. what can it hurt? and it could save a life.
97. i love pixar films. the toy story ones are some of my faves.
98. i have a lot of places i want to go, but am not a great traveler. i was better before kids. now if i don't have to bring them, i'm good.
99. i want to go to hawaii, nyc, and europe before i die.
100. when micah and i knew we would get married, before he proposed i told him to be sure b/c there were no "take backs" or "do overs." i mean that.
101. i am a daughter of THE King, not just to the King family. i am a sister, a wife, a mom, a friend, and unfortunately a sinner. but i have a Savior that says inspite of the last one, i can be all of the other things because of Him. I have love and that is really all i'll ever NEED.

4 days ago...

it was 75 and humid where i was. is cooooollllldddbrrrrrr and snowing. SNOWING. i can see that we will be keeping the makers of Triaminic afloat this next week. i feel hot chocolate or a mocha in my future. today, my mary kay lady that i have never met is coming to drop off some much needed facial goodness. since being back to my hormones all naturale, my face has started to break out. i am not a fan of being 30 with a 13 year old face. so i figured it was time to call in the professionals. now, i need to straighten up the parts of my house you can see when you walk in.

hopefully i'll get back to you later in the day with something more interesting to post.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

in the works

well, i'm sure yall are tired of looking at how much i was loved. we are home from dothan and i have 3 words to say...

sweet.........fancy............moses!!! yall, i KNOW i am deaf in my right ear from my child screaming her honkin' head off for 2 hours of the trip home.

some highlights...i got to see my family of course. i got to spend some time with some of my rock star high school buds (booooo to the mexican connection for moving!) and we were actually asked to leave. fortunately it wasn't for anything like disorderly conduct, but rather b/c they are now a hole in the wall needed the table. at least those chicken nachos were still good. even though they were the same price for half the size. kids didn't sleep all that well, mainly ally claire. and guess who is in a room with her? you got it. however, as soon as we hit troy, micah, luke and seth all started snotting up. micah had just gotten over strep. so i head out friday in the madness for some meds to help him get better.

anyway, we are home. the only pictures i took was of my dad's hornet nest that we found the day after my kids had been playing outside. and i had never seen one. but it looks just like the one in My Girl in the forrest scene when Veda and Thomas J knock it know the one...(thanks God for no stings. you know i couldn't have handled one more thing. again...control issues.) i was informed that there are some things that haven't been addressed here on the tucker times, but i forget that everyone reading hasn't been with me everyday since high school. and at one time, i had completed a 100 things about me. i know i posted it on myspace, but can't find it to save my life!! so, i'll be working on that. tomorrow is a day off. we aren't doing anything but maybe unpacking. i know we shouldn't skip church, but we seriously need a recovery day. however, i did promise a certain redhead (luke) that we would put up the tree. he was soooooo good the whole time we were gone. i'm sure he must have a head injury.

ps--ROLL TIDE!!! {and i don't know how i wound up with so many auburn fan friends. i must just not be a good judge of character ;0P } yall know "i love you more than my luggage!" and if you don't know where that line is from, we are breaking up!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I am loved!!! (and the things i love)

squeeeeeaaaalllll!!!! i have been loved!! look what i got!!

My friend, Kellie sent me this, the rules are to list 5 things you love, link back to me and pass along to 5 friends.

i just can't believe it. i link to a lot of my friends (and watch out...if you write something super cute or make something super cute, i feel a guest blog spot coming on!) but i didn't know i was a fun read. thanks kellie! that just made my little day!!

5 Things I love...

1.) Family. In these days when I don't get to see my family nearly as much as i'd like, and when I am about to see them in 2 days, i am just so extremely thankful for them. and don't think i have forgotten the 4 that actually are forced to share a house with me!! they will surely earn their angel wings for that tast. i love them. i love to sniff them (even snorgle them--thanks erika for that word!) and they pretty much make my day, even when they aren't making my day!!

2.) I love my blog friends. Y'all have no idea how much i love to get on here and see what you are up to. I love knowing that folks in the carolinas are up to the same thing i am and that folks in colorado are too. wait...nevada is farther than colorado...i know almost a countrywide full of ladies up to something. that is neat!

3.) I love being all domesticated. I love being home with my kids, cooking and sewing (or at least trying to) and just making my house a home. i think i'm discovering i'm a dabbler. i like to do a little of everything. b/c i see all the things my smartie friends do and think "i can do that". truth is, i can't. but i sure like trying!!

4.) i love knowing that if anything happened to my hubs job, i could probably have a job pretty quickly. working where i did i made a ton of contacts and having my nursing license allows for me to help out if and when it is needed. i love that security.

5.) I love that my Jesus and my God allows "do-overs." when driving, i am queen of the u-turn. my life isn't much different. when i feel like i have only been giving him the left overs or sometimes starving Him to death, He allows me to come back and get all up under that wing. My fussing and whining are nothing to him. He hears it. But it doesn't scare him away. and all i can ever do it just keep running back over and over.
5 folks i love:
Kristen (speaking of guest blog, click here for a totally good motivation to get in your quiet time today!)
I'm gonna be good and keep it at 5...because if you are on my blog roll, i love to hear what you have to say!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

getting reacquainted

i haven't sewn a stitch in over 6 months until yesterday. our pesky little adorable crafty friends have inspired me. Yall make me feel the need to be a better mama, especially during this holiday season. (Dana, i'm dying to know how you found PJs to tie dye. Kera, i covet those cute boy/girl holiday shirts. and i believe we have all seen the better version of the following crayon bag over at the Stickler's.) so i got out my sewing machine and embarked on making one of those cute crayon bags for our friend maddie with some scraps i had from making burp cloths.

and while getting reacquainted, i remembered why i hate it when i put my sewing down for so long. my best friend becomes my seam ripper. not necessarily for bad seams, but because my brain is out of shape. see, i am completely self taught, and while that doesn't excuse me b/c i'm sure the rest of you are also, i just haven't dared to do enough projects that require much "put it together" thought. my next project is gonna be the typical a-line dress/shirt with the cutey little pants that go under them. i'm so stinkin OCD, i think about it too much. so i'm loading up my material and taking it with me to see my mama on friday. i also put together a little diaper and wipes carrier with some scraps.

i'm gonna end up redoing the crayon bag b/c if you click on the picture please don't, you'll see that the crayon pocket isn't even and after getting all wrapped up in lining it, i forgot to do the pocket lines first. it's that kind of thing that drives me a little batty.

sister seems to be teething (again!!) but is being so super sweet. she is working on sitting a little more. and that girl is a sho nuff bouncer. she LOVES it!! she has been using the regular doorway jumper, but once she is done with her swing, i'm gonna move the jumperoo in...if her chunky hiney can fit in it!! i will have the swing, and 2 strollers plus a car seat to take down to the consignment shop!! it's very bittersweet for me. i'm not sad that she is the last, but i'm sad it is going so quickly!!

and the little men...they are up to their shananigans as usual. it's fighting about something most of the time. it's making huge messes. it's typical brotherdom. but it's also cute things like this

and this.

you never know what you'll see around my house.
(why yes, that is a dinosaur trying to eat the bag of pepperments and old valentine's spiderman suckers!)

Friday, November 21, 2008

pregnant ladies...

why do celebrities hate their babies?,,20238396,00.html

seriously?? i mean don't they realize that they are just begging for a seriousl tale whoopin' on the playground? all i can say is thank goodness they don't live in alabama b/c it would be a guarantee for little bronx wentz. and don't get me started on mowgli...

Thursday, November 20, 2008 i come!

more like a bad week, or 5 years...whatever. read this series if you haven't.

Thankful Thursday

1. I'm thankful my hubby recognizes the importance of my having alone time. i had to get out and breathe last night or the population of my house was about to start dwindling...quickly. thanks babe. i enjoyed eating alone, reading alone and shopping alone. i'm refreshed.

2. i'm thankful this weekend is Christmas on the Square in Athens. it is an annual even where the stores around the downtown square open their doors on a sunday afternoon for a little holiday shopping. i go with my friend brandy and it is a wonderful little burst of estrogen for me. and this year i have a girl to shop for which makes it soooo much better.

i'm noticing a retail therapy theme. moving on...

3. hand-me-downs. love them. love to get them. love to give them. somebody we know is about to hit the motherload!!

4. thanksgiving is next week which means DOTHAN!! i only get to go home a few times a year, but i cherish every single one of those trips. the 6 hours it takes us to get there is totally worth it.

5. holiday traditions. we have a few that we do around here, but nothing set in stone. this year, since our little family is complete and the boys are older, we are gonna cement some of our faves and have a snuggly good time during these holidays.

6. 2 new cd's to listen to. taylor swift and faith hill's christmas cd. crap...guess this should have been #3 along with the other retail stuff.

7. snuggly pjs, hot chocolate, house shoes and clean babies. what could be better?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

too cute tuesday

Monday, November 17, 2008

girls' weekend!!!!!

so, i have had a case of the "it's been raining on and off and getting too honkin cold" blahs for the last few days and i thought to myself " need a pick me up. a get away if you will." and so, in stealing, in a way, from Darby's summer vacation blog (thanks for your new search box by the way!) we are going on a girls' weekend. we are not taking our kids and we aren't worried about them for one little second. we are getting together to giggle and remenisce, and for those of us who have only met through the blogs, we are playing 20 questions...or at least tell me about your pre-blog self! money is no object because the government decided that what they would do with the bail out money is set aside a fund for mommies that need a vacation. so, please come and play with me. tell me where we are going. tell me where you want to eat. or leave me a favorite recipe that we must all walk away with so we can remember our weekend (or week!!) together!!

so...who's up first??

Sunday, November 16, 2008

a tired mama and a sick daddy

i like to think i know those closest to me very well. turns out, i do. micah came home from work on tuesday and i was finishing up cooking supper. he was telling me something and my back was to him and i cut him off mid sentence. i spun around and said "are you getting sick?" and he said "i don't know." i said "well, you sound weird. i give it 3 days." fast forward to thursday night when he got home. he walked in and was giving us all of his "hi's" when i said "stop right there. you sound like you have a cotton ball in your throat." let's go look. and there was the tell-tale white patches. and i also knew he felt like he was running a little low grade fever and he just gets a look about his eyes. kinda haggard looking. anyway, i called in a favor where i used to work to see if micah could go ahead and see the NP and get a rapid strep on friday morning. i slept on the couch b/c i can NOT afford to get sick. i also read a....(i want to say friend here, but we're not really friends b/c we don't really know anything about each other, but i feel like we are more than acquaintances b/c i have been on a retreat with her church and totally stalk her blog every day...) anyway, i read her post about the Neti Pot. i had heard of them before, but now that i knew someone with actual experience, i decided to have micah go get one so he could "roto-rooter" those sinuses. (still praying it isn't strep. still knowing it is.) can i just say that if you have any kind of sinus issues, get thee a Neti!! micah was very apprehensive at first, but he is SOLD i tell you. and of COURSE i got a picture and he said i could post it...but i'll be nice. and ours looks like an actual miniature plastic teapot! watching him do that thing is stinkin hilarious. i mean, it's not normal to see a waterfall coming out of the other side of someone's nose!! so he goes to the doc the next morning, and of course...strep. (for those keeping up still...this diagnosis came on day three.)
now for the not so smart part of my otherwise extremely intelligent hubby (lisa, you can vouch for him!) it was one of those times i was hearing him, but not listening. (hey, i had 3 kids to keep away from him and alllll the house stuff to do, and i didn't sleep a WINK the night before b/c micah was hocking up everything from his toes and i was trying to sleep on the couch.) he said something about antibiotics and taking one every 3 hours. i didn't think much about it b/c i was just thinking every 4 hours...until 9 pm that night (he started at noon) when he said something about the fact that he had taken a whole day's worth of antibiotics tired brain did the math and i nearly DIED when i realized it had only been 9 hours. i absolutely FORBID him to take anything until noon the next day so that he wouldn't completely wreck his kidneys. i think he was missing getting some snuggle time with little miss most of all.

i got a little more sleep friday night, but still not adequate. but at least micah was feeling better and not contagious anymore. oh, i forgot to mention that while the boys were at preschool thursday i had to speed clean my house so it could show while i went to pick them up. last night my sleep got interrupted by my little night visitor who hasn't been to see me in about a week. so i was up with him for around 2 hours. so i'm tired. but today i am taking my biggest little man to the movies. we are going on a double date with ellen and maddie to see madagascar 2 and i can't wait!! (i didn't get to go with him to his first movie b/c we had just gotten home with AC from the NICU.) and speakin of AC, she is fighting with me a lot these days. reason is that she can roll from belly to back, but not the other way just yet. she is a belly sleeper, so when she rolls over, she just hollers. so i have started putting "bumpers" (rolled up blankets) down her side to try to keep her from rolling over and getting stuck. temper butt. had to do the same thing with one of the boys.

hope yall are having a great weekend! and if you hung in to read this, you are a true stalker and i love ya!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

why didn't yall tell me??

i didn't know christmas was coming before thanksgiving this year!! now, i may inadvertently step on a few toes by saying this, but i'm just gonna do it. it NOT quite time to put up the christmas decorations. getting them out, probably. looking in walmart or target and getting all festive, absolutely. but santa sittin' on your honkin' porch with your wreathes all up and your tree plainly visible from the road. no ma'am!! holiday at a time. i LOVE thanksgiving. it is fall still so it's not cold. and it typically involves all of the family without all of the presents (sorry...just a little preseason bah humbug...even though, if there is a kid within 50 feet, i want to get 'em something and be first in line for Santa's village!)

anywho, i have a dilemma that i'm sure i'm gonna have to whip out the sewing machine to solve. (and this is where i am really wishing you holly homemakers who i am completely jealous of would pick me out some super cute fabric b/c i'm not good and mixin' and matchin'). the dilemma is this...back before seth was born, i bought these super cute quilted stockings.

(i bought 4 b/c we KNEW we were gonna have 2 kids. we always said 3, but said we'd finalize that decision once the 2nd got here. still don't know why we said that. we always new we wanted more than 2.) anyway...i got them at walmart. dummy only got 4. we are now a family of 5. now, the 5 is a permanent thing. trust is permanent outside of Divine intervention. so now, my stockings won't match. guess who doesn't sell them anymore??? ANYWHERE?!! have i mentioned that i'm a little OCD?? so now i'm on the hunt for cute fabric and need to get to sewin' so i can get my friend harriette to get to monogramming. somebody help me.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Ally Claire is 5 months!!!

Happy 5 months itty bitty pitty sissy!! we are just head over heels in love with you little darlin'!! you have had a big month! we keep hitting lots of firsts and i am trying to savor every one of them! for instance:

you turned into a giraffe...

you can almost roll over both ways...

you have found your feet...(check out those chunker legs!!)

your hair is getting long enough to stick up...

you found your tongue (which makes trying new foods challenging...)

and for the last time, you rode in this...(b/c you already meet the max requirements) and it's sad b/c you are our last

and you upgraded to this...

time is flying by. i can't believe you'll reach your 1/2 year already next month. you also love your "johnny jump up" and are really starting to take to your right thumb. i know, people who have had a thumb sucker say that i'll regret it later. but that's later. right now it is darn cute and i'm NEVER having to chase a paci, especially in the middle of the night. now THAT is sweet!! you are a precious angel girl and i just can't wait to see more of you. (and your daddy and brothers are pretty smitten too!!)

Friday, November 7, 2008

praying for our kids

i don't know about yall, but sometimes at the end of my day, i'm not even sure what else to pray for my kids about. there is the obvious of keeping them safe and healthy and for their future. but a LOT of times, i forget to pray for the virtues that i hope are bound up in their little hearts. i found this (after spying it on the fridge of jon & kate gosselin...yes i'm an addict and secretly long to be their friend.) and have placed it on our fridge. so that way, everytime i am fixing a cup or getting out a pudding (which as yall know is multiple times a day) i take a quick glance and can say a specific prayer for my little'uns.

hope yall have a great weekend!!
(that's baby becky, and not ally claire, by the way!) pics of her to come on monday!!
*EDIT** ask and you shall receive! praying for husbands...
i'm sorry...i laughed at the wording of #17!

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