Tuesday, December 9, 2008

what we're doin...

well dear faithful readers, i hate to be so sporadic, but i guess tis the season!! i'm sure we are all a little busier than we would really like, but i know it's what we all expect. this week includes getting a picture for christmas cards, getting said cards made and addressed (insert my yearly feeling of genius b/c i have my address labels saved and just update as needed and print), preschool, pick up stockings from harriette who has been monogramming them, get cards and surprise gifts in the mail, meet friend for supper and more christmas shopping, clean house, preschool, wrap presents, anniversary lunch and movie, galaxy of lights, AC 6 month appointment, bloodwork for my little procedure next week....sheesh. so unfortunately, my personal blogging is falling by the wayside.

in other news...in 2 days i will be able to shop here

on a regular basis. here is the issue. i have never shopped at the grocery store on a regular basis. i always shop at walmart for convenience and prices, despite the fact that i hate crowds...but a little late night friday or early morning saturday never hurt anyone. and that's how i avoid the crowds and not lose my mind. so what i need is for you regular patrons to sell me on making it my regular place. i have been on occasion to the one in the next town over. and i love their different selection and of course cleanliness. but we have one income and 5 mouths to feed. so leave me some comments on why it will be my new favorite.

tomorrow is her 6 month "1/2 birthday. i can NOT believe how time is flying. expect some sappiness to come. cherub angel baby girl...


The HoneaBees said...

Publix is my favorite because:
They double coupons 50 cents and under every day (last Sun I saved $10 in my own coupons)
They have BOGOs every week on good stuff, but if you don't need 2, you can get 1 at half price.
They have fresher meat (altough I have started buying at costco and freezing)
They help you out to the car and you don't have to tip them
They will help you find anything and know where everything is...they will even go in the back to see if there is more
They are a penny higher than walmart on babyfood and diapers when you are in a pinch and don't want to go both places.
They are very friendly
They give the kids free cookies and free balloons!

Cons: They are more expensive on some things, but sometimes it is worth not having to deal with yucky walmart. You just have to compare what you usually buy at both places.
Sometimes I buy canned goods at walmart and perishables at Publix because I just can't bring myself to buy milk, etc at Walmart. I have also found that Costco is almost $1 cheaper on milk than everyone.
Good luck!

Lisa said...

I love Publix! So easy to get in and out. They have great sales. If the item isn't in stock that is on sale, you can get a raincheck. They have upromise which helps you save money for college. www.upromise.com
The best thing I love about it....it isn't Wal-mart! I hate Wal-mart and get mad everytime I go. They are so bad about customer service. I mainly stick to Publix and Target.

becky said...

i will interject that we do buy our milk and diapers at sam's. (sorry kera, it's closer to us than costco). and meat, it just depends. i love to go to the pig here when they have their major sales.

i DO promise that i'm gonna make my first visit on saturday to restock before wednesday.

Amanda said...

Publix is definatley cleaner and more helpful. I've scored some awesome deals with their bogo's, especially when I have coupons to boot. I don't buy anything there unless it's on sale or have coupons for it.

Our regular is Wal-Mart. It's just cheaper and they price match.

Happy Shopping~

Vaughn said...

I have gotten to where I shop at Winn-Dixie. They have save $10 coupons on an order of either $50 or $75, plus since our Publix opened, they have been doubling coupons ( I average $6-$10 savings on that)! Publix is too expensive for me.

On the upside, Publix is a lot cleaner than any store I have been in lately.

Susannah said...

I have to agree, I LOVE Publix, much better brands and more gourmet than Walmart. But, a little more expensive, but I've found that alot of times Walmart in Montgomery isn't stocked that well...so Publix, it is.

Jan said...

Publix is AWESOME!! They have the freshest meat and produce by far. They also have a lot of "hard to find" items that you sometimes have to go to health food stores for. It's also nice to have help getting things to your car, especially when you have kids!

The only real con to me is that they are higher on some things. I either save those things for my big Wal-Mart/Target trip or sometimes I will buy the Publix brand of things. Their brand has never disappointed me. In fact, their brand of baby wipes is my absolute favorite! However, sometimes it is worth it to just get it at Publix anyway...Wal-Mart is much further, so I save gas...not to mention my sanity...

Sarah said...

I love the Christmas photos. SO CUTE.

I rarely shop at Publix...we have a really nice Kroger and a brand new Super Target - both within one block of my house, whereas Publix is a whole MILE from me! ;-)

Tony and Susan said...

shopping at publix is not a pleasure. oh, wait, you want positives...publix was started in lakeland and is headquartered in lakeland so every time you see that big picture of george jenkins, you can think of us and publix hometown of lakeland!!!

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