Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

i am thankful...
1. that the polyps "appear" benign. will know in a week.
2. that my christmas tree twinkles. it's not a rhythmic blink. just a light that twinkles here and there. if you aren't looking you may not catch it.
3. that i have 3 beautiful, healthy, perfect children.
4. that ally claire is starting to babble (although it sounds like dada and not mama who is her favorite) and that she finally rolled over from her back today.
5. that micah took our recycling out to the recycling plant today. it was starting to overflow and i thought it was gonna come in my back door.
6. that i am almost finished shopping and that i plan to complete shopping this weekend.
7. that i get to see my friends the Tate's this season. since brad moved them away from me 5 years ago, we don't get to see them very much and i miss my friend terribly.
8. that my brother and his family are coming to see me at new year's. they haven't gotten to come in a while or just by themselves in 5 years.
9. that i have already gotten back into the habit of drinking more water. one less resolution to make.
10. that there are "marathons" on tv during the holidays. i DO love to veg when i can (which is not often). nothing like mindless television. maybe mindless tv in the background is why i lose concentration when i'm sewing. hmmm...
11. that Jesus was born, he died and rose again...all for me (and YOU!!!)


Tiffany said...


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

I know they hate shopping. But, when we give them lists and all they have to do is spend 2.4 minutes in a shouldn't be that difficult.
Men just procrastinate.

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