Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday

i am thankful that i'm feeling better. it didn't show up as strep, but they decided to treat me for it anyway (and send a refill for micah. because if someone in california gets strep and the wind blows...he will have it!!)

i am thankful that i get "special" treatment at our docs office. hey, i paid my dues there for many years. i won't turn it down.

i am thankful that micah left work an hour early yesterday and went in at lunch today. gave me a little recover time. (that fever was kicking my hiney!!)

i am thankful sissy has her 6 month check up tomorrow so that she can take a peek and be sure we haven't passed anything along.

i am thankful for such sweet friends who jumped in and said they would pray for my next "little adventure" next week. i know they will be true to their word b/c that's just who they are. (what am i saying? it's all of YOU so it's who YOU are!!)

i am thankful that i can pretend i live in a castle today because there is a moat running around my house. (i read that right when God promised he wouldn't destroy the earth with flood again, right??)

i am thankful for the imagination of luke. yall should see the things this child is building with legos. i am certain he is a genius. (at the very least, he'll be an engineer.)

i am thankful for my little sethy's laugh. it is insanely infectious and it used to be my ringtone. haven't discovered it i can make it be that on my new phone.

i am thankful for my little angel girl. she hears my voice and cranes her neck to find me. she smiles big when we catch each other's eye. i could eat her in 4 bites.

i am thankful for the M&M cookie recipe that i got from micah's mom. we LOVE those things and i'll be sure to share it in a post coming soon. you'll keep them on hand all the time.


Kellie said...

You are too AWESOME!!!! Thanks so much for the Christmas Happy! I was SOOOOO excited! and the children were too - I'm giogn to let Henderson wear that cute outfit to school next week - his teachers will get a kick out of it b/c they always comment on how tiny he is! You're the best!!! I'll be praying for you next week!

becky said...

thanks hon!! i'd tell you don't mention it, but i see you already have!! now who's the little stinker?

Lindsey said...

have i told you that i love it that you don't capitalize. takes way too much time. glad i'm not the only one.

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