Wednesday, December 31, 2008

crazy random christmas pics

thought the holidays were gonna be in the crapper...much like this train b/c we had strep and fifth disease...but it all worked out.

here is our harriette. she came to keep baby sis while we took the boys to their christmas program. yes...i am the insane germaphobe mom.

here are my 2 heroes...they tried to come save me from the aftermath that was christmas. but alas...they failed and only made my job a little harder. kudos for trying...and cuteness!!

2 hooded towels i made baby sis for christmas...tutorial can be done if interested.

{sigh} redemption...he sure does love her. she feels the same way!! {why are my kitchen counters a mess again?? anna, don't look too hard!}

christmas with pop and mimi (my dad and stepmom) i didn't take a stinkin one at micah's folks house. camera was there. but it was a small space with 15 people...and that is just immediate family!

just a snapshot of our friend jacob tate. somehow i missed carly (who is luke's age.) they were our best good friends...until brad moved them off nearly 5 years ago. he is still number one on my beast list.

my scrawny little tree. skinny, but prelit and doesn't take up half of my living room. i needed a break since i was the one doing all the putting up and taking down.

waiting for santa...with the tucker santa cookies. see recipe below.

our stockings were hung by the chimney above the fireplace with care...not in the order i wanted them, but that is where luke wanted his to go, so i had to alternate accordingly. have i mentioned i have OCD issues?

and the best gift EVAH...from my on them and check them out. be jealous. it's ok. i don't mind. no i will NOT share her. but we could all do something like this for a bff next year couldn't we??

small explanation...i love to have my head rubbed and micah won't do it. you can't really find cherry coke zero in north alabama, so i have to have it imported. and she brought me some for christmas along with season 1 & 2 of jon & kate + 8.


Susannah said...

Love the pics!! Looks like ya'll had fun. Where did u find A.c.'s stocking. Happy New Year

Sarah said...

I LOVE your stockings! Where did you get them? I think I've seen some like them before, but I can't remember where.

Also, I love the picture of Luke feeding Ally Claire. Precious.

Will you share Monica? I want to be her friend, too!

becky said...

i bought all of the stockings off of ebay. they are pottery barn. i got them for 14 each and i think they are regularly 17 each. probably can get them much cheaper now if you look, but i was in a pinch and needed them this season. harriette monogrammed them for us using 2 different fonts.

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

We have the same stockings and I love them! Hilarious about the order they're in... I'm the same way.
Oh, and Harris managed to get a whole car down the toilet at my parents house while Owen was flushing. Nice.

Anna Blumenfeld said...

I love you I love you I love. I was reading the blog and I screamed with laughter when I read it. My friend was very concerned that something had happened to me :-)

Sabrina said...

You have my sympathy with the sick children over christmas. Lucius got fifths disease also! Poor baby had a rash all over his body! didn't stop him from having fun with his toys though! Happy new year!

John, Kisti & Maren said...

Sign me up for the hooded towel tutorial!

Tony and Susan said...

awe, how awesome! i need a "how to do santa" tutorial. the last 2 years haven't mattered, but i think they'll have some sort of a clue next year!

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