Monday, December 1, 2008

you think you know...

i was told that there were things that haven't been addressed here at the tucker times, so i will do my best to address those things. so, you'll know a smidge about me and where i have been. you'll be bored to tears, laugh to tears, or maybe somewhere in between.

1. My full name is Rebecca Kathleen King Tucker.
2. I have never been called Rebecca a day in my life (other than when getting into trouble.) it's always becky, beck or beck-beck.
3. i have one brother who is 5 years older than me and we are still genuinely excited to see each other when we can. we talk about it for weeks leading up to the acutal trip.
4. my parents were divorced after being married 15 years and they have both been remarried 22 and 20 years and still going.
5. my dad is one of 10 kids and my mom one of 4. we're kinda fertile like that.
6. i moved to dothan in the 4th grade after going to school in slocomb until then. but we always went to church in dothan at Westgate CoC. my brother played boys club sports and that is how i met some of my other friends before changing schools.
7. i met micah my first day at troy at the Christian student center. i was helping clean up for the new student welcome that night and wondered if he was the only boy in our class (b/c he was skinny and super shy.)
8. i don't remember much about him that quarter as far as what all he did with us, but he was always there. i have asked him "were you there when..." and he cuts me off and says "yes."
9. during Christmas break i decided he and a few other nice guys needed some lady friends b/c they were just such great guys. i quit with micah. i didn't know it would turn out to be me.
10. we started dating in the spring quarter of our freshman year and have been together ever since.
11. he had never heard of troy before getting his full scholarship. i thought about going to bama and auburn (b/c a lot of my friends were going there.) glad i didn't.
12. micah has a degree in computer information science with minors in math and business. he works for a big company as a software engineer and mainly does commercial work for the oil industry. they write the software that monitors the offshore oil rigs while they are drilling. he occasionally does some side products and is microsoft certified. (anna, is that good for you??)
13. back to me...i have a BSN in nursing.
14. i worked for internal medicine/nephrology office for 2.5 years before having Luke. now i occasionally pick up some part time/PRN work at the same place.
15. i have 3 kids. luke wallace (5), seth jackson (3), ally claire (almost 6 months). luke is named for the maiden names of my mom and micah's mom. seth and ally claire, we just liked.
16. after 12 hours of labor with luke and being ready to push, his hr dropped in the 80s for 5 minutes and had to do an emergency c-section. his cord was around his neck. i was so ready they had to use the vacuum to suck him back "out of the sunroof". soooo close!
17. my other 2 were repeat c-sections.
18. seth was born with PDA and grew out of it. ally claire had PFA when she was born, although i didn't know about it until her 4 month recheck. she also grew out of it. all typical newborn circulation stuff, but scary none the less.
19. i love being a stay at home mommy and wife, although there are days that i'm sure i should go ahead and book my suite at Bryce.
20. i love to cook
21. i love to sew, though i'm still pretty green at it.
22. i am dying to get an embroidery machine
23. i love the fall
24. my favorite place to be is the beach
25. i prefer organized sports to individual exercise
26. when i was little i wanted to be a dallas cowboys cheerleader. i now watch their little show when CMT airs it.
27. i am glued to TLC monday night television. please don't interrupt me.
28. i am a chocoholic and think the perfect marriage is chocolate and PB. they are MFEO (made for each other.)
29. i love to blog, and read other blogs. i have some in my favorites list that i haven't even listed yet b/c my list on the side is getting out of control.
30. i can't wait to go on my first girls get away with baby sis.
31. when i start a project, it annoys the heck out of me to have to put it down before i am finished
32. i'm slightly OCD...heehee
33. i'm not in general a coffee drinker, but the more days that go by, the more i think i'm gonna have to start. i DO enjoy froo froo drinks from starbucks occasionally. so i'm working on it.
34. i like fruits and veggies, but don't eat enough of them except for in the summer
35. if you are just tuning claire had a 10 day NICU stay for respiratory distress after she was born. she was on the ventilator for 4 days and we couldn't hold her. it was the hardest 10 days of my life thus far. you can read more about it in the june 2008 archives.
36. i ADORE giving. and giving whatever i can. i love to do it. i love for people to be surprised by it (and usually they are b/c i have a passel of kids.)
37. i love to cook and take food to people when they have a baby or when they are sick. i feel like it's what i can do and it's a gift.
38. i love pedicures and massages, but i don't do either very often. i'm not really girly girl.
39. i love to read, but don't get to do it as much as i'd like.
40. i always clip coupons, but don't always remember to take them
41. i want to be better at saving. i want to be a better steward of most things
42. i am very musically inclined and pray my kids will be b/c micah can't carry a tune in a bucket.
43. i played to flute for 4 years and the piano...for a very brief time.
44. i cheered for 15 years of my life. i started when i was 3 for my brother's boys club team. i still have those, and every other pom-pon (yes, it's pom-pon and not pom-pom) except the ones from NHS. those we had to give back. i really wanted to steal them. but alas...
45. i prefer white lights to colored lights on christmas decorations. i'll leave it at that.
46. i was an auburn fan for a short period of my life. thank goodness for cute quarterbacks bringing me to my senses. ROLL TIDE!!
47. i am afraid that my house will catch on fire or someone will break in.
48. i want to be a morning person, but i'm not. i'm a night owl. i would rock working 2nd shift (3-11p)
49. i never take my kids grocery shopping unless i have no choice. thank goodness, since having seth, i've never been in that position
50. i hate cold weather, but my favorite clothes are jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt.
51. i love flip flops. is there anyone who doesn't?
52. I do not like green beans or raw tomatoes. the tomato must be processed in some form.
53. having AC made me a complete it wasn't bad before.
54. i am having a hard time coming up with more things about me. i don't think i'm all that interesting.
55. i love my family, but a lot of them are loud and obnoxious. not just excited. that kind of loud is different. we all do that. i'm talking overboard. but again, i love em.
56. my ears are pierced 3 times. they have been pierced 5 total. once when i was 3 or 4. they got infected b/c of the type of posts and had to let them grow up. got them repierced at 5ish. got a second hole in 10th grade. same thing happened. got that redone when i was a sr. in high school or first year of college. the third came when i apparently was having a PPD moment after seth.
57. i rarely change my earrings. and they stay in all the time.
58. i always have paint on my toenails. never on my fingernails.
59. it irks me to death when they start to chip and i change it immediately. however i have learned the trick to getting it to stay for weeks.
60. i LOATHE housework, but want my house clean. guess i should get a maid.
61. my favorite soft drink is diet dr. pepper
62. i am trying to limit myself to 1-2 a day and drink more water. it's not working.
63. i went caffiene free before i got pregnant with luke. only in the last year have i started to keep at least one case of regular in the house for those moments of needing to kick a headache.
64. i have to go all the way to dothan to get my 2nd favorite cherry coke zero. i asked for some for christmas.
65. my christmas decorations are never done exactly the same.
66. i always wanted 2 boys and a girl. i tried to "time" them and obviously with God's help, it worked. if you have questions, email me.
67. my favorite color used to be yellow. now i'm not sure what it is b/c i have a lot of green in my house, but i adore shades of purple.
68. my favorite number is 7
69. my favorite shape is a heart (or diamond :-)
70. i still haven't unpacked the kids from our trip. i'll get sister's done today. it's micah's job to do the boys.
71. i love to cook, but hate to menu plan and grocery shop
72. i love boiled peanuts, but have to head home to find them. i miss a snoot full of peanut dust.
73. i love for my blog stalkers to make themselves known. if you are reading and have never commented, just let me know. i could care less if i don't know you. i'm sure i want to know you.
74. i'm a sucker for blue eyes. micah has brown eyes. good thing i loved him anyway lol!!
75. when i was a kid, i liked grape and apple jelly. now i like grape for my PB&J, and red plum for my biscuits and toast. thanks meemaw!
76. seriously, do you even care anymore? i am in shock if you are still reading.
77. i love to fill out surveys, but generally only send them back to who sent them to me.
78. i will only forward something if it is so good i can't help myself. or if i laughed out loud for real.
79. i always check out people's forwards on
80. i hate it when people send me stuff that says if i don't forward it on i don't love Jesus.
81. i am doing this instead of cleaning. that happens a lot.
82. i am ready to sell this house and move. if it hasn't happened by march, i'm gonna get panicky.
83. i would LOVE to have a get together for all us girls who read each other's blogs. that would be a hoot!
84. i don't know what my natural hair color is. i have died it since i was in the 9th grade!
85. i am not picky about my hair cut, but am about who cuts it.
86. i cut all the boys hair
87. i can cut girl hair and even did several folks in college.
88. we have saved tons of money doing this. i have been cutting micah's for 11 years.
89. typically something bad happens around big days in my life. my grandfather died on my wedding day, so none of my dad's family was there. my other grandmother died when i was 5 weeks 2 days pregnant with luke. luke was 5 weeks 2 days old when micah's grandmother died. my cousin died last year and a week later i found out i was pregnant with AC. my great uncle (bro of my first grandmother) died on my 30th birthday this year. people might not should hang out with me.
90. i LOVE a hand written letter. i adore them. i include one whenever i can.
91. it is hard for me to keep gifts i get or want to get a secret. i just get so giddy about the whole thing i just want to go ahead and give it or tell them.
92. i hate surprises for me. it's a control issue.
93. i have very picky eaters. luke is the worst. micah is much pickier than me, so i put blame on him. other than the afore mentioned tomatoes and greenbeans (and green leafys) i'll pretty much eat anything that doesn't eat me first.
94. i think people who live their lives on a diet aren't having any fun.
95. as a nurse, i can see anything gross. but don't make me smell it. i have a hard time with smells.
96. i am very proactive when it comes to any screening test the doc recommends. what can it hurt? and it could save a life.
97. i love pixar films. the toy story ones are some of my faves.
98. i have a lot of places i want to go, but am not a great traveler. i was better before kids. now if i don't have to bring them, i'm good.
99. i want to go to hawaii, nyc, and europe before i die.
100. when micah and i knew we would get married, before he proposed i told him to be sure b/c there were no "take backs" or "do overs." i mean that.
101. i am a daughter of THE King, not just to the King family. i am a sister, a wife, a mom, a friend, and unfortunately a sinner. but i have a Savior that says inspite of the last one, i can be all of the other things because of Him. I have love and that is really all i'll ever NEED.


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

that post was awesome. i feel like i know so much more now. thanks! i did something like that back in june/july.

Anna Blumenfeld said...

Today is my first day back at work after being in Dothan and I was having the WORST DAY. UNTIL I CLICKED ON THE TUCKER TIMES! You know I love this latest edition. We have a LOT of things in common.

PS - I'm a sucker for surveys. I love getting them and filling them out!

PPS - What is your mailing address? Facebook message it to me!

Tara said...

O.K...someone who is in the know. I saw the mention of Mexican Connection in another post and was wondering where they are now? Alex doesn't care for it, but I loved it when we lived there and would love to go when we are up there again at Christmas.

Second, where is Scott these days? I've been meaning to ask. Hate that we didn't see you guys over Thanksgiving. We were at the lake through Saturday and then in Dothan until Sunday.

Jan said...

Hi Becky, I went to NHS too but I'm not sure if you remember me or not. I graduated in 98. Anyway, I've read your blog before and I happened up on it again tonight so I thought I'd comment since you said I should even if you didn't know me! It's always fun to get to know someone through their blog.

becky said...

well, my year book tells me the only jan was Jan Griggs. and while the name isn't ringing a bell, your face it. course, that's how i know most people. but thank you so much for coming on over. we love readers at the tuckers. makes us feel loved!!

and tara, scott is actually living in slocomb. the MC is now over on highway 84 west of flowers at brannon stand road. it's in a strip mall. sooooo sad.

Vaughn said...

one of the last times that we were in Dothan (we don't get down there much) we went to MC before they moved and it was not that great! Maybe since they moved it will be better!

Sarah said...

I'm SO with you on #92, girlfriend.

Susannah said...

Hi Becky, whew I'm tired reading your post! But it was so cool, I just love reading the tucker times!! Everyday, usually 3-4 daily:)

Kellie said...

Becky, you crack me up - I read it ALL and I laughed out loud at some of those and I am at work!!!! If you do "lose it" and need to come to Bryce - I will be sure you get some good food - though i don't think they have "suites", cots are more like it! You're a great mom! Keep em coming - and I hope your tests come back negative and you don't have to have any major surgery!

Tony and Susan said...

wow! you're good!

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