Friday, December 12, 2008

fun on my (seriously insane) friday

as if knowing 101 things about me wasn't enough, i am going to continue to let you in on how boring i can really be. without further adieu (and thanks to kellie...)

8 TV shows I watch:
1. Jon & Kate + 8
2. the duggars (and don't we all know that is what they should have named this show?)
3. little people big world (again, slight addiction to all things monday night TLC)
4. brothers & sisters
5. grey's anatomy
6. csi: ny
7. csi the regular
8. reruns of dawson's creek (b/c there was never a better teen drama...yes, i even rank it above 90210 and i am so thankful paige tipped me off that i could DVR it for 4 am on noggin. what else am i supposed to do with my free 2 hours a day??)

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. casa blanca
2. macaroni grill
3. mcallisters
4. chic-fil-a
5. steak out
6. logans
7. chinese something
8. chappy's deli (specifically their chicken salad supreme minus tomato with a side a dill pickles. heaven help me.)

8 Things that happened this week:
1. took kids to preschool twice
2. went to the doc to get a strep test and abx
3. seth broke out in a rash
4. took seth and AC to the doc (for rash and 6 month check up)/made doc appointment for micah
5. washed/dried/folded/and put away 5 loads of laundry (i feel you linds!)
6. made up a new broccoli chicken casserole and it was divine. even my man went back for seconds.
7. made dozens of our christmas cookies with luke
8. sent out a few elf packages and our christmas cards

8 Things I look forward to:
1. those christmas cookies coming out of the oven
2. everyone getting well
3. sleep precious sleep
4. christmas day...i just love to watch the kiddos go wild
5. getting my procedure over with
6. selling our house
7. sissy getting real hair and wearing hair bows
8. getting my prebaby body back. no time like the new year (and yes, i know she is 6 months old...bite me.) i'm sorry, did i say that out loud?

8 Things I wish for/pray for:
1. to raise my children to be good, kind Christians
2. for them to marry Christians
3. that my tests come back ok and the decision for the next step is clear
4. our house to sell so we can have luke in school where we want him to be
5. so that we will also be where we want to be at church
6. that no parent should ever lose a child. i just don't get it. it tears me up inside even for people i have never met.
7. for my children to be healthy
8. to have a home in Heaven

8 people I tag:
1. ginny
2. susan
3. dana
4. hillary
5. vaughn
6. melissa
7. susannah
8. shannon
9. SARA!!!!! one of my 2 friends from vegas!!


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

tag me. =(

Darby said...

J & I both love "family nights" on TLC and I know we have both talked about our love affair with Monday nights. I always think of you when I'm tucked in my bed watching the Roloff's or the Duggar's! You're in good company on Mondays... :) loved all these and your 101 too!

Dana said...

Oh my! If I don't get this done before Christmas, remind me after. Oh and about the baby weight.. Just wait until she gets to be about 12 months old. I got rid of all my smaller clothes. I had just decided that I was going to be fine with my size and got them out of my closet so I wouldn't feel pressured. Chloe has ran it off of me. I'm 12 lbs below what I was when I got pregnant with her. Which by the way was 14 lbs (that was WV weight, not baby) more than when I got pregnant with Emma. Anyway, now I don't have any clothes that fit me. Little boys are rowdy. Little girls are busy!

becky said...

well you hit the nail on the head when you said little boys are rowdy. i currently have 2 (little polka dotted) literally running through my house...which is SUCH a no no!!

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