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Monday, March 30, 2009

mother's day DOUBLE giveaway!!

are you ready girls?? cause as promised, it is time. Christine and I had a conversation back and forth via Etsy and decided to have a giveaway that ties into mother's day. (i know it seems like i'm skipping easter, but i promise i'm not. but if you would like a gift to GIVE or RECEIVE by that time, we need to get "hoppin'"!) and as we talked, she thought that she'd give away not one...but TWO original hand crafted pieces!! can you believe it? (that means there will be 2 winners!!)

so this is what we are doing. i want you to leave me a comment telling me a favorite memory about your mom. it can be absolutely anything. ALSO, if you ARE a mom, tell me one of your favorite things about being one. or if you aren't and WANT to be one, tell me what you most look forward to!

here's the deal, i will leave this post up until wednesday, April 1st. (cause it would be better to get a treat than a trick on april fool's day!). you will have until 5 p.m. CDT to enter. I will post the winner by 9 p.m. the same night (yall will have to give me that much time to cook supper and help get folks wound down for bed. i'm a mama too you know!!) you are allowed to enter your memories separately, increasing your chances to win (one about your mom, one about you as a mom.) you may also enter (separately) your favorite memory with each of your kids...again, increasing your chances to win!!

go to Christine's Etsy shop LaBella Jewels and look around. figure out what you want. let me know what your favorite 2 are. i can't WAIT to read your entries. I'll come back and post an update here in a little bit so that you can know what mine are. (i got folks to get down for nap time!) get to writing!! OH--if you link to me on your blog, i'll give you an extra vote. just so you know, these will all be read and judged. so i'm not picking a winner necessarily randomly!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

around our house

in north alabama, it's finally about to start looking like spring!! when this bloom finally bursts, it will be a beautiful lavendar azalea. can i just say that my neighbors' azaleas look puny? it's b/c i'm a south alabama girl and know when to prune those jokers.

other things in bloom around here...is there anything sweeter than baby hiney and tootsies?

this little fella is proving to be a major camera hog these days. he wants to be in every single one. can't be left out. but it i was that cute, i'd probably do that too.

and this is how we are celebrating sunday. i'm not a huge fan of non-chocolate icing, but everyone else is. so i just scrape it off and donate to those around me who MIGHT get to share my cookie. micah did a pretty good job picking out the decorations, don't you think? we love the beach and are counting down the days.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

minivan moments

the things you hear in transit:

the scene::the boys are digging in their backpacks for their "good day treats" after picking them up from MMO.

seth: mama, i had a great day! i got smarties.
luke: i had a good day too. i got a sucker.
me: seth, smarties mean you are smart.
seth: yep, they sure do!
luke: suckers mean you suck.
me: (stifling a laugh/snort combo) luke, it doesn't mean you suck. don't say that.
luke: people do suck mama. you know, like babies. they suck their "fumbs"...like ally claire sucks hers.
me: well, i guess. but sissy doesn't suck her thumb anymore. she likes a paci now.
luke: well, people still suck.

how do you argue that??

you are gonna die!! another give away!

yall must go to candice's blog. if you are a mama, you won't want to miss out on this opportunity!! talk about a complete time saver and just a blessing!! don't walk...RUN. go go go!!! tell her i sent you! she is giving away such a treat!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tasty Tuesday::perfect sweet iced tea

tell me yall know about these:

if not, let me inform you. this is an iced tea maker made by Mr. Coffee. i have used one to make my sweet tea since i was in college. to be honest, i think i'm on my 3rd or 4th one. (cause i'll be honest again, it, at least used to be, cheaper to buy a whole new set than to buy a replacement pitcher. i'll have to check on that for yall.) anyway, i get rave reviews on my sweet tea. and this is why. i basically make mexican restaurant quality tea. do yall know what i'm sayin? and just for my faithful few, here is my recipe:

Becky's Sweet Tea (and yes, it is sweet. i didn't say diet for a reason!!)

i have the 3 quart pitcher shown above, only in lime green.

first, you fill up the tea pitcher to the lower 3 quart line (the higher one is if you do it using ice)
pour that in the tower
next, place 2 family sized tea bags and a filter in the basket
next add 1 & 1/4 cups sugar directly into the tea pot
slide the pot up next to the chamber and push the on button
when it is done, mix it together and add in water up to the higher 3 qt line.

and THAT...is some of the best sweet tea you'll evah have...if i do say so myself!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

playing catch up and jewelry

*warning...it's long...and probably boring. for enduring, i'll post a tasty tuesday in a little bit. BUT EVEN BETTER, YOU'LL FIND OUT ABOUT A GIVEAWAY FOR NEXT WEEK!!!!*

well, that wasn't exactly a banner spring break! as i previously mentioned, i had sick kiddos.

it started sunday evening with seth not feeling great and saying he was cold and running a fever after we had been outside playing. i called the doctor (totally not like me) monday afternoon about 3 when he complained of his "mouth hurting" and he was still running fever. apparently with my docs, they need to be running fever for over 24 hours to be concerned about it. so they told me to call back the next morning if he wasn't any better. and after a spend the night party with us, no appetite for a day and a half and still fever, and one bout of throw up, i called back tuesday morning and got in that afternoon. by the time we went he had some motrin on board and was feeling better. he did a great job as they swabbed his nasty looking polka dotted throat for strep (which they medicated him for b/c he was "classic" but turned out NOT to be.) we went home and had a pretty normal rest of the day and wednesday...until wednesday night. we had already decided to skip out on church b/c i do NOT believe in sharing the "love" when it comes to germs and viruses, even if one is sick and the other is fine...they have been exposed. i don't share. (i wish others would adopt that same germaphobe philosophy!!) anyway, after playing wednesday afternoon, luke said he felt cold.

sure enough...running fever. the next morning, polka dot throat and sore mouth and no appetite (and if you know luke, you know he will eat every hour on the hour if i'd let him.) so off to the doctor we went. and unfortunately for him, that 103 fever with nothing on his belly equalled an upset tummy in the doctors lobby. they treated him for a virus (since seth's never grew any strep.) ally clarie hadn't felt great that morning and turned out she had a raging ear infection. so we spent the rest of the week recovering and we are all better. AC is still on her antibiotic, but yesterday, she finally started eating like her old self. and that is much welcomed. and little miss everywhere is also becoming little miss into everything.

a couple has been looking at our house for a little over a month or so. they came once and we didn't hear anything for like 3 weeks. then 2 weeks ago, they wanted to come for a 2nd look. well, they were here for like an hour and a half...even setting up shop at my kitchen table while micah was next door at our neighbors with 3 hungry kids. then we didn't hear anything for 2 more weeks. saturday we got the call that they had narrowed it down to 2 houses, were leaning towards ours according to their realtor, and wanted to come for a "final" look. they were here for another hour, yall. i mean, our house isn't that big. only 1750 square feet (more reason for you to pray we can move!! we are crowded!) i have NO idea if they will make an offer. they didn't really seem to have any questions. so we'll see.

and finally...the only part you probably care about...i ordered myself some mommy jewelry. i have been dying to have a cute piece now that i have my kiddos finalized. there are some cute things out there. but when a ton of Etsy vendors got together to sell things with the profits going towards Cora's Playground, I took the opportunity to buy then. i saw this and fell in love.

it came in the mail today. yall, Christine was the sweetest and easiest to work with and it came sooner than i was even supposed to get an email. i was just giddy with happiness. CLICK HERE to go to her Etsy page and shop for yourself!! happy early birthday to ME!! go give her some business. she has a lot to choose from and i know you'll be happy. tell her btuckerrn (becky) sent you! or even better...tune in next week (cause i want yall to help out hillary this week in her giveaway--that gets me 5 extra votes, right??) for a give away that Christine said i could host!! a custom piece of your very own!! how fun is that? and all just for loving her work!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


**UPDATE** so it seems to not be strep. seth's culture never grew anything. while at the doc, luke threw up (bless him) and we got to disinfect the lobby. while we were waiting, lil sis went to sleep on my shoulder for the 2nd time today. sooooo not like her. she has been clingy and had a massive "blow out" before we left. fortunately she checked sis out...double ear infection. PERFECT!! so luke is still holding the family record of 5.5 years with no antibiotics. (they sent him home with zofran incase he throws up more. and i'm filling it in case we DO get that stomach bug. and sis is on her 2nd antibiotic. good times. mama needs prayers yall. prayers.

sorry to have abandoned you loves. but this blog has been temporarily interrupted by my middle dude down with "the strep", my little lady on the move, and now my big little dude coming down with "the strep" as well. fun times around here. and never a dull moment. i am currently missing the days of a little boredom. so sad they are spending their completely delightfully weathered spring break inside...with fevers...and amoxicillin.

we WILL return to our previously scheduled programming. soon. i promise.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

on being domestic...

what a day!! i don't count myself as a very good holly homemaker. but i try my hardest. i can appreciate everyone who is and certainly see them with eyes of envy because i don't think i'm very creative. but today, i was right proud of myself. i had lots to accomplish today. grocery shoppin' (where i have saved $90 in the last 2 weeks...not bad for a novice coupon stacker!) supper makin' (which i am NO novice at, but i adore trying new recipes! i tried Darby's southwest chicken soup and tortillas and added a can of corn and a can of rotel and it was DELISH!!) muffin makin' (recipe to follow)

spice sortin' (picture to come when the project is finished)

bow makin'

and onesie decoratin'.

why yes, those are bedazzled onesies!! well, not actually bedazzled, but iron on appliques!! see, if you have an iron and a place where these are sold, you can dress up your little one's geranimals just like i did!! (i found these at michaels in the aisle where the canvas totes and t-shirts are. the onesies are made by gerber and came from target.)

with summer coming soon, it will bring us bushels of fresh veggies. if you find your garden plentiful of zucchini, let me help you decide what to do with your extras. i promise, you won't be sorry!!


3 eggs
2 cups sugar
1 cup oil
2 cups peeled and grated zucchini
1 tsp vanilla
2 1/2 cups sifted all purpose flour
1/2 cup quick cooking oats (not instant)
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp baking powder
3/4 cup chopped nuts

beat eggs. add sugar, oil, zucchini and vanilla. Mix well. Add in sifted flour, salt soda and baking powder and cinnamon. then oats. mix well. Add nuts. fill muffin tins about 2/3 full. bake at 325 until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. (this recipe makes 18 regular sized muffins. also, if you want to make bread, the original recipe calls for 3 cups flour and leave out the oatmeal. it will make 2 loaf pans.)


Thursday, March 12, 2009

thankful thursday::the return

it's been a while...

i bought this book. i'm excited to get started. i hope you'll leave me a comment on what you are reading or working on in your quiet time.

i have healthy kids who are extremely intelligent. and my middle man has started telling me "i love you momma" out of the blue multiple times a day. i need that from them. cause sometimes i wonder.

i have a man who takes care of us. he works hard and comes home and works harder. i hope he loves us a lot, cause i'll never upgrade. how do you go up from that?

spring is in the air. it's cold today, but i can see it coming. you can't hide forever.

we have a couple who seem really interested in our house. hopefully something good will come next week. that would be perfection.

i have clean laundry. unfortunately it still needs a maid to come put it up. wait...i am the maid.

i have an outlet (blogging.) it could probably stand to be something more beneficial like walking. but these days, i prefer mental health.

even though nap time is apparently not coming today, at least quiet time is mandatory at my house. semi-sanity...i'll take it.

i have some friends about to have babies in the next few weeks (and i owe you baby gifts for REAL!!) please bare (bear...) with me. in the mean time, i'm thankful that you and your little ones are healthy.

i have family, friends, and a God who forgives. is there anything better? i already know that answer.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

slow it down sister...

Happy 9 months little bits!! you are growing way too fast and your momma wants more than anything to slow it down. maybe even rewind.
**EDIT** (kellie, turn you boys head.) lil sis weighs...26 lbs and 11 oz and is 29.25 inches. she is at the tippy top for length and sooooo off the charts in weight. she's a tucker all right. her brothers did the same thing...only they were mobile so not quite as chunky monkey!
in the last month, you have...
gotten even more beautiful (which i didn't know was possible!)

have decided that you can get yourself around a little bit, even if it is mainly by rolling and going in "reverse"

developed even more personality (which again, didn't know was possible)

you have shown us that like most girls, you LOVE a good bath, even if it is with stinky boys (which so far has only been this once. we get enough talk about teeters and hineys. i don't feel like talking about boobies and cha-chas right now, even though they are aware.)

you can drink out of a sippy cup, even when trying to play

and the cutest of all, you finally sprouted some curls!! luke could NOT be more tickled! and momma and daddy think they are pretty cute too!

i just love you dang near to death little girl. and i didn't get the picture today, but you now own your very own pair of size 3 pink crocks and they are too precious for words.

on a side note, my test for thursday and friday has to be postponed b/c i have to be off of my thyroid medication for 6 weeks prior to having it done. so when it gets rescheduled, i'll be sure to let yall know!! just keep my up and down hormones in your thoughts (and the people around me who have to deal with them!!) will give yall some 9 month stats tomorrow after the appointment for lil sis.

Monday, March 9, 2009

when momma's away...

while "aunt" monica was here this weekend, she let me use one of my free babysitting coupons so micah and i could go on a date to outback (which was also basically free. it was paid for on a gift card we had from pop from christmas.) while we were eating waaaaay too much, monica was at home making "mini cupcakes"--which were really muffins, but luke doesn't like "muffins", hence, the name switcheroo. and this is what happened while momma was gone. sis is now ruined, but a true woman in that she got her first taste of chocolate (and don't freak out, it's the mix that you just add milk to, not raw egg.) but seriously...forget the mix. don't you wanna sop her up?
thanks, hun, for another good time. much needed!!! and we are always ready for you to come back!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

never say bored...

we are typically the family that sticks close to home and doesn't have much going on. typically. but the last few weeks (or the last month really) we have been busier than a one armed paper hanger. and when you aren't used to it, it just wears on you. i'm not complaining (well, trying not to). i mean, we have our health (for the most part...you know, minus that whole RSV--which is all better and we even own our own nebulizer machine now--and that whole thyroid thing.) on the menu this week is a 9 month check up for my angel girl and my thyroid scan. my mother in law will be coming to help in the day from 9-4 on thursday and friday. hopefully sister won't be too much for her (have i mentioned she is slightly attached to me?) the boys will have school thursday and they'll all be here friday (good Lord bless her.)

in other news, i went to an overnight ladies retreat this friday night and saturday with a friend of mine and her church. we had a great time and time away was something i needed (although it doesn't seem to agree with little miss right now. she likes to go on nap strike, especially since she can sit herself up and holler. good thing i have a strong mommy muscle when it comes to listening to that. well, that and she doesn't say "mama" yet. just "dada"--and she is sooooo close to crawling!) i have really felt like the Lord has been trying His hardest to impress some things on my heart. i've been thinking a lot about being a better overall steward of time and money for starters. we live on a budget, and i'll admit, we aren't always great at it. but we try really hard. i used to struggle with being a stay at home mom. and i don't know why. i mean, it is my absolute dream to be here. but i guess it's just that as a nurse, i KNOW i was good at my job. here, there are no rewards and plenty of heartaches. but recently, and over the weekend, i realized that it is exactly what i have made of it. now, don't get me wrong. i don't have bad kids and i love being here. sometimes just multiple bad days just really get to me and i wonder if i made the right decision for them and for me to stay at home. and i know that in the end, that answer is always YES YES YES...and YES again. God has been calling me to commit to Him. and i have said i was, but don't know how much of a servant i have been, you know? have i really been serving Him, my husband and my kids with all of my heart? and if i'm honest...no. and i'm not a person who signs up to do a job half way. and this is no exception. so what if i'm never a nurse again? God has created many talented people to hold that job. He created only one of me to be their mom (and for a short while will they be little and in my care!) and to be micah's wife. and those are my 2 most important day to day jobs. can i get an amen? (sorry to get all deep on you. i told you i've had a lot on my heart these days and who am i if not transparent. most people know me as your friend who will just tell you how things really are!)

and our house has been showing like a mad dog. while not a bad thing, it's not an easy thing. friday night (while i was gone) a young couple came back for a 2nd look. micah left and allowed them around 30 minutes (cause it was already 6:30) and when he came back, they were still there. so he pulled into our neighbor's drive. they were still there at 7:15 so he went in, where they were all sitting at my kitchen table with a calculator and different forms and looking at utilities and micah told them "um, i have all the kids out in the car and they are starving. i just need to grab something to feed them while we wait." and then they were there another 30 minutes!!! am i wrong, or is that a little weird, to treat my kitchen like an office when they knew there were HONGRY kids waiting out in a van?? thank goodness for "big seth"--our neighbor. he invited micah and the kids in for a bit so he could feed sister and the rowdy bunch. and after they moved in for that hour and 15 minutes, we haven't heard anything. i'm getting soooooo beyond frustrated. i know it's the times we are in. i know it will happen when it is supposed to. patience isn't my strong suit. so maybe i'll work on that next.

if you have hung in and read all of this, you are just too good to me. prayer requests this week: for my scan to go well and for the kids to be fine without momma doing all the work (and for me to accept help!), and for my mom. the handicapped man she has been taking care of for umpteen years, died yesterday. it's gonna be hard on her b/c he has become family to her and my step dad. lots of change will come up for them. so i'd just appreciate a little love sent her way. (and luke has a lymph node swollen behind his left knee. should be nothing since he has absolutely no other symptom. but you know, a momma worries.)

up next, tackling this...

do yall have a spice cabinet that looks like this? i'm about to overhaul it this next weekend. they will get matching containers that will be labeled and look all pretty. see, sissy's bottles are below those shelves and i'm about to have permanent brain damage from the spices falling on my head multiple times a day!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

having this kind of week?

i realize i haven't been especially wordy lately. but hopefully, this will give you a little glimpse as to why. this momma is a little ragged these days. it started out innocently enough...

and then this happened...this morning

so between this and waiting on blogger to actually download (upload?? which is it?) pictures, i've been pretty busy. i have a ton of doctory stuff this month and i'm going on a ladies retreat this weekend. while i'm "sequestered" next thursday and friday, i'm gonna paint my bedroom b/c it is the only room that hasn't been touched. and speaking of painting, i started working on the baseboards and door trim, and i meant to grab the paint, not the primer. i had already finished the kitchen, including DOORS when i realized that i had INDEED started with the primer. so ill. but they are now SUPER WHITE and clean! and speaking of the kitchen, i was going to take my meds right before bed last night and i reached up, like i always do to turn on the light under the microwave and it popped!! first i thought the light just blew. oh no...whatever happened shorted out the WHOLE DARN MICROWAVE!!! so today, we have to buy a new one. fortunately they aren't too expensive. but it's just kind of been one thing after another this year. at least uncle sam is on the way to help!!

hope yall have a great weekend! and if yall are going to Darby's yard sale, i am SUPAH jealous.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

and now...a word from our sponsor

don't you just love a good case of product endorsement? i nearly feel guilty because several of you have told me that you went straight out and bought a Ped Egg. and let me just say...I AM PROUD OF YOU AND YOUR FEET WON'T BE SORRY!! at least now when you "cold feet" your hubby, he won't get snagged on your troll feet.

moving on. since luke was a tiny baby...maybe 4 months old or so, we have listened to these cds in our car. the boy LOVES music. loves.it. he wasn't sure about the car at first. and as soon as i turned those on, it was quiet. and that my friends, is priceless. and while i would apologize to anyone who has ridden with me and my kids and been subjected to this instead of "regular radio", i'm not gonna do it because i know that subconsciously you walked away with a message. even if it was as simple as "Jesus Loves Me." at least somebody told you. all that being said...i have been listening to them for FIVE YEARS (with a little veggie tales thrown in there.) and i was needing a break. and i found these (it's a series, even though this is just volume 1, which is the one we have.)

can i just go ahead and urge you to run out to your local Christian book store (i got mine at Lifeway, but you can find them at Family or i'm sure Dove if you are in dothan...or on amazon) and buy these. these are the same praise and worship songs that we listen to, but kids are singing them. and while that is sweet, in and of itself, it just makes my heart SWELL to hear from the back row "it's all God's children singing glory, glory! hallelujah! He reigns!!" and while this isn't cedarmont, enjoy the song folks!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

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