Monday, March 23, 2009

playing catch up and jewelry

*'s long...and probably boring. for enduring, i'll post a tasty tuesday in a little bit. BUT EVEN BETTER, YOU'LL FIND OUT ABOUT A GIVEAWAY FOR NEXT WEEK!!!!*

well, that wasn't exactly a banner spring break! as i previously mentioned, i had sick kiddos.

it started sunday evening with seth not feeling great and saying he was cold and running a fever after we had been outside playing. i called the doctor (totally not like me) monday afternoon about 3 when he complained of his "mouth hurting" and he was still running fever. apparently with my docs, they need to be running fever for over 24 hours to be concerned about it. so they told me to call back the next morning if he wasn't any better. and after a spend the night party with us, no appetite for a day and a half and still fever, and one bout of throw up, i called back tuesday morning and got in that afternoon. by the time we went he had some motrin on board and was feeling better. he did a great job as they swabbed his nasty looking polka dotted throat for strep (which they medicated him for b/c he was "classic" but turned out NOT to be.) we went home and had a pretty normal rest of the day and wednesday...until wednesday night. we had already decided to skip out on church b/c i do NOT believe in sharing the "love" when it comes to germs and viruses, even if one is sick and the other is fine...they have been exposed. i don't share. (i wish others would adopt that same germaphobe philosophy!!) anyway, after playing wednesday afternoon, luke said he felt cold.

sure enough...running fever. the next morning, polka dot throat and sore mouth and no appetite (and if you know luke, you know he will eat every hour on the hour if i'd let him.) so off to the doctor we went. and unfortunately for him, that 103 fever with nothing on his belly equalled an upset tummy in the doctors lobby. they treated him for a virus (since seth's never grew any strep.) ally clarie hadn't felt great that morning and turned out she had a raging ear infection. so we spent the rest of the week recovering and we are all better. AC is still on her antibiotic, but yesterday, she finally started eating like her old self. and that is much welcomed. and little miss everywhere is also becoming little miss into everything.

a couple has been looking at our house for a little over a month or so. they came once and we didn't hear anything for like 3 weeks. then 2 weeks ago, they wanted to come for a 2nd look. well, they were here for like an hour and a half...even setting up shop at my kitchen table while micah was next door at our neighbors with 3 hungry kids. then we didn't hear anything for 2 more weeks. saturday we got the call that they had narrowed it down to 2 houses, were leaning towards ours according to their realtor, and wanted to come for a "final" look. they were here for another hour, yall. i mean, our house isn't that big. only 1750 square feet (more reason for you to pray we can move!! we are crowded!) i have NO idea if they will make an offer. they didn't really seem to have any questions. so we'll see.

and finally...the only part you probably care about...i ordered myself some mommy jewelry. i have been dying to have a cute piece now that i have my kiddos finalized. there are some cute things out there. but when a ton of Etsy vendors got together to sell things with the profits going towards Cora's Playground, I took the opportunity to buy then. i saw this and fell in love.

it came in the mail today. yall, Christine was the sweetest and easiest to work with and it came sooner than i was even supposed to get an email. i was just giddy with happiness. CLICK HERE to go to her Etsy page and shop for yourself!! happy early birthday to ME!! go give her some business. she has a lot to choose from and i know you'll be happy. tell her btuckerrn (becky) sent you! or even better...tune in next week (cause i want yall to help out hillary this week in her giveaway--that gets me 5 extra votes, right??) for a give away that Christine said i could host!! a custom piece of your very own!! how fun is that? and all just for loving her work!!


Sabrina said...

Glad everyone is doing better! I've still got my fingers crossed about the house buyers!!! And I absolutely love that necklace. Have you had a chance to check out Hilary's giveaway?? (I'm sure you have, but thought that I would mention it anyways.) Take care~

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Fun times (jewelry- not the funk)! Thanks for the shout out and I'm glad y'all are on the mend.
We have those pjs up top! Gotta love some Carter's! :)

Teri said...

I just recently discovered Etsy and have fallen in love. I have not bought anything yet, but I'm sure it won't take me too long!

BASSakward Tales said...

necklace is too cute...glad everyone is better...praying for the house

Sabrina said...

I am loving all the chances to win free jewelery!!! Can't wait!!! I've already picked out what I like from Christine's sight.

Sabrina said...

~~yeah, I can't spell, site......

Kelley said...

LOVE the jewelry!

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