Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

thankful thursday-cleared

today Ally Claire was completely cleared from all things hospital related. she had a 4 month check up with Dr. Isreal, the pediatric cardiologist. i wasn't all that sure why he was wanting her back when i got the card in the mail to make an appointment. i knew he had seen her to do an echocardiogram (heart ultrasound) while in the NICU to rule out anything cardio as the cause of her respiratory distress. i was told at the hospital that she was fine, that there was nothing cardio related. and when i made the appointment i asked was there something i had missed and the lady at the office just said that his note said to return in 4 months. so i drop the boys off at preschool and head on over to the doc. he called us back (and there were actually 3 kids in front of us and one baby about the same age behind us...which that many kids at the pediatric cardiologist just disturbed me) and i took her top off and laid her on the table. (a procedure that i remembered b/c seth had PDA and we had to bring him back for a 4 month check to be sure he grew out of it.) and he said "ok. she had the hole between her receiving chambers." [this is the foramen ovale. it is the hole between the 2 upper chambers of the heart that is present in utero. it is how oxygenated blood is shunted from the right atrium to the left atrium to bypass pulmonary circulation...i really should start linking to this stuff...] and i said "she did? no one told me that." and he said "i also didn't tell you that you'd have to come back. it's just typical newborn circulation stuff." well, being a nurse, i knew exactly what he was talking about, but was thinking, it surely would have been nice to know that 4 months ago!! but anyway, she cooed like the little angel she is and tried taking the wand out of his hand and he said she was fine and good to go!!

and tomorrow the boys have their preschool halloween party. and as a super treat for us, our NICU nurse and friend, Harriette, offered to come over and keep baby sis!! how fun is that? and how lucky am i? that is how i know my baby was taken care of when i couldn't do it!!

i'll try to overlook the fact that she used to hum "Rocky Top" to my baby when she was on the ventilator. and she wonders why she would sometimes "lose her mind"!! Love ya Harriette!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

seems like i'm always a day late...

in honor of yesterday being tasty tuesday, and my heater being fixed and not having to run on emergency heat anymore, and the fact that it is HONKIN' cold in north alabama this week (low last night was below freezing...when they start talkin that nonsense...i just put my fingers in my ears and say "i can't hear you...")

[seth around 16 months old]

wait...what was i saying?

[luke around 14 months old]

oh yeah...tasty tuesday on wednesday. here is a couple of quick recipes you should have to warm you up quick, fast and in a hurry this winter.

Quick Potato Soup

1 pkg Simply Potatoes shredded hashbrowns (found in the refrigerated section, usually near the bacon at walmart)
1 box chicken broth
1 small to medium onion, diced
1 pkg country gravy mix (not the sausage flavored kind--just the regular white country gravy)

sautee diced onion with a few sprays of butter (or you can use the real thing if you want.) next add in potatoes and cook them until they start to turn just a little (like cooking real hashbrowns). next add in gravy mix and chicken broth. bring to a boil then simmer for 25 minutes. garnish with cheese and bacon pieces.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

1- 8 quart box powdered nonfat milk
1- 2lb can Quick
1 lb box confectioners sugar
1 lb jar coffee creamer

Mix all ingredients in a very large container. To make hot chocolate mix ½ cup mix to 1 ½ cup hot water for an average coffee cup. (This makes 1.5 gallons of dry mix.)

and obviously add marshmallows!!

stay warm, kiddies!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

things that go bump in the night...

we are having a little issue at our house right now with him...
he has started waking up at 2-3 in the morning and walking across the house to come get in my bed because he is scared of these...

and not actually these particular monsters...but monsters and "spookilies" in his closet. we lead him back to his bed. we use monster spray (air freshener). i know it is a phase, but halloween isn't helping me out at alllllll. i'm thinking of doing what Kristen did and putting a crib mattress under my bed for him just in case or in the corner. any other suggestions?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

trunk or treat part one

tonight my 5 plus our friends ellen and maddie all went to our old church for trunk or treat. we haven't seen anyone from there in a while, and a lot of people didn't even know ally claire existed. the boys went to children's church for the first time ever (with daddy of course...luke isn't exactly a follower like seth is.) after church we had a chili supper and then they had games for the kids. they did "spin art", fishing for prizes, a smaller bouncy house and a big bouncy slide. now, kids don't want to have anything to do with the bouncy things. (i feel you on that, brandi!!) but somehow i talked seth into getting on the bouncy slide. and he loved it. then luke said he would go if i would. so i pulled my hiney up there, cause i'll risk embarrassing myself and tearing the whole thing down if it means my kid will step out of his comfort zone and try new things. and the verdict....he LOVED it!! and they went over and over and over again. and then they liked it so much, they went in the bouncy house (and this was one that was big enough for smaller kids, not one of the gigantic things. this was in a gym.) anyway, i was thrilled that they saw that they are fun.

after that, we got in our costumes and went out for our round of trunk or treating. luke was in rare form and was just going off on his own and saying "trick or treat" and "thank you". proud mama. and the sad i don't have one single solitary picture because i was busy going down a bouncy slide (and i have a burn to prove it) and corralling other people's kids b/c no one thought it was necessary to make people get in a line and take turns and the big kids were just all over the little kids. so ellen and i...who don't attend that church, took turns pulling people down and making them get in line. i would feel bad, but i had 2 precious cargo up there who didn't get hurt. and little miss was the absolute star. she just smiled and cooed and never made a peep towards a cry all night. little lovin angel.

tonight was one of those nights when everyone was having fun, and so no matter how tired mama and daddy were (because i had a middle of the night visitor who proceded to wet MY bed) we just rolled with it and i hope we can repeat it (with pictures) next saturday!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

how??? why???

how does my house go from this*

to this

in under 24 hours? i just don't get it. another case from the tucker files of sad...but true.

at least at the end of the day i have this

and this.

*this is how i love my kitchen to look and this picture was taken when we put it on the market.

Friday, October 24, 2008

pay it forward

I got this from Paige at anyone wanna play???

THE RULES: The main focus is doing an act of kindness without expecting anything in return other than that the recipient will, in their turn, pass the kindness along and pay it forward. I will send a small, fun gift to the first 3 bloggers who post a comment on this entry. In turn, those three will post this information and pick 3 people they want to send something to and then the game will continue!! If you are interested in participating, be one of the first 3 bloggers to leave a comment!! The little something you send can be something you made, bought, were given or found, anything you want!! Just a gift that will make the person's day!! You have to promise that you will then post about this on your blog, link back to me, and then send something to the first three people who sign up to play along through your blog.Ok...ready...set...go!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

tagged again

because i laugh in the face of a are 6 more of my quirks...per micah. you can click here for some older ones.

1. "as OCD as you are, you'll kick your shoes off anywhere in the house and leave them. they will be spread out all over the house." (me-"is that a pet peeve coming out?" micah "no. you don't want anyone else to leave anything out, but you have shoes everywhere.") sad, but true. at least i try to gather them at the end of the day.

2. "you don't like anything juice, orange candy, oranges, orange the color...but you do like homemade orange syrup." i'm sure it's because it's so loaded with sugar, it's more syrup than orange.

3. "you aren't technically savvy in the fact that you only ever had a basic computer class, but you know all about the blogs, myspace and facebook and how to program it and make it look how you want more than i do and i'm a software engineer." well, i have to find something to do with my time...sorry kids, no snacks...mommy is blogging/facebooking.

4. "with each pregnancy you craved different things. with luke you wanted more salty things, especially mexican and chinese. with seth you wanted sweets and with ally claire you just wanted real food. not snack stuff...meal stuff. yeah...i just like to eat. it is my best sport.

5. "we don't like raw tomatoes, but will pretty much eat tomato in any of it's processed forms...ketchup, salsa, tomato sauce..." well yeah...there is other things in those to cover up the actual taste of the tomato!

6. "there are a lot of places that you/we want to go and see, but we are terrible travelers and always just want to stay home. again...sad, but true. we went on a cruise for our honeymoon and it was the short 4 day one and we were ready to come home. probably b/c we don't drink or gamble. it's just comforting to be around your own stuff, make as big of a mess as you want and have your own bed to fall into at the end of the day...and let's not forget the kid factor now.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a lotta names...a lotta posts

i don't even have anything good to post for my 200th, but thought it should be recognized anyway.

what has actually been on my mind, not in a bad way, was how many "double names" we have. the old is becoming new again. when we were discussing names for ally claire, we never intended for her to have a double name. we kind of figured she'd have a one syllable like the boys or at least 4 letters like the boys (which by the way, just kind of happened, and by the time she came, we noticed the trend. i can tell the naming story later if there is any interest. i think i posted it before. it's not like it's interesting....ANYWAY!) we liked both names and luke kept calling her by both names, so she is ally claire (and it bugs the CRAP out of me when people call her just ally. especially when family members do it. they KNOW better and NOOOOOOO, we are NOT gonna shorten it. it is ally and claire. *stepping down from my soapbox*

anyway, here are the names of people's kids that i know. i am super glad my baby isn't alone and that most people's cheerleading sponsors will have a difficult time fitting all of their names on megaphones (b/c before finding out everyone's kids names, that was a concern for me. i know...i have issues that probably would benefit from medication.) without further adieu...our precious angels (and i'm not gonna link names for security sake.)

Ally Claire, Emma Claire, Claire Ryan, Anna Grace, Ava Grace, Ellie Grace, Zetta Grace, Mary Grace, Mary Fuller, Mary McKinnon, Mary Aplin, Laura Beth, Beth Ann, Anna Kate, Katie Beth (and 2 little men i know) Justin Michael and John Martin.


now, who am i leaving out?

Monday, October 20, 2008

surprise visit

as i have eluded to over the last couple of weeks, they have been a little rough. people ask me pretty much daily "what is it like with 3 kids?" (Darby, Kellie, yall get that question??) Sometimes it makes me feel like i must have a heard of kids like i'm Kate Gosselin. But I do realize that most people stop at 2 these days and some people want to know because they are contemplating their 3rd. Well, my answer for everyone to know is this: It is hard. It is fun. It is sometimes complete chaos. I sometimes think triplets would have been easier b/c at least they are on the same schedule. I have 3 kids doing 3 different things so lots of time i just feel like i'm in constant motion and there is no break, especially between the hours of 7:30 and 6:00 (when micah leaves and when he gets home.) and that's another thing...he is a super helper. He is super dad. He always does the baths at night, plays with the kids and does their teeth brushing and puts them to bed. Used to, that was my time to myself. Now, it's time to wash dishes, take care of AC if she is up, actually get my shower for the day and sometimes still take a break. All of that to is hard, but i love it. it is what i always wanted, even the mix i always hoped for. I'd do it all again to have just them.

Now, for the last week and a half, i had been talking and emailing my friend, Monica, who listened to me endlessly talk about how my children needed to be boxed up and shipped somewhere (and when i say kids, i'm unfortunately talking about the boys pretty much b/c they are the rowdy ones. AC just smiles, plays, eats and sleeps. but that will change.) the boys have been constantly fighting, i have been having some sleep problems and have been having my monthly hormonal swings (oh how i miss my BCPs) and it was just not adding up to be a good combo. i even called monica this past thursday and said "why don't you live here?" i don't have anyone i can call and say "can i come drop the kids off? i need like 1 hour to myself. (my parents live 5 hours from me, so here i sit.) anyway, friday night, i ran down the road to get gas for my trip into town on saturday and to pick up some supper. i called monica just to say hi, but she didn't answer. she had told me that she was going to her mama's for the weekend, and she lives in the BOONIES so i didn't think much about it. well, about 10 minutes after i got home and micah and i had started eating and catching up on our DVR, the phone rings and it's monica. and we have the typical hey how are ya conversation and then i asked "are you are your mama's?" ans she said "well, i lied about that." i said "why? where are you?" she said "don't get mad..." and i said "if you are at my house, i'm gonna kick your..." and the door bell rang. well i cry like a baby and she was shaking b/c she didn't know if i would hold to my threat. (see, i do NOT like surprises. i have control issues. we already know that.) but i could not have been more excited to see her. i turned around and looked at micah and said "did you know about this?" and the two of them had planned it a week ago!! yall, i love my husband, but he's not what you would call...spontaneous. and i'm in complete shock he held that for a week. anyway, she handed me a card that said we had a 10 AM appointment for a massage, then we were going to Red Lobster for some crab legs and then to do some shopping or pedicures or whatever.

how awesome is that???

so saturday morning, we went to the spa for our massage where the woman talked the entire time, but a massage in any form for me at that time was great. (and don't start me on getting lost alllll around downtown HSV to get there.) we each got 1.5 lbs of crab and ate every little knuckle and claw. We got in some shopping, but i started feeling guilty, like i always do, that micah was home with them and i wasn't there to help. like i said earlier...he is super dad. i don't worry about their care, just that he has worked all week and i'm sure he needs some down time too. anyway, monica told us if we wanted to go to supper alone that she would watch the kids. and micah said that was fine. we just stuck around athens and went to eat mexican and ran to walmart and kmart looking for a jumperoo for the sis. and that was stretching it b/c i called after walmart and she got on to me and said we couldn't come home yet. everybody needs a monica. oh...did i mention that i didn't have to pay for my massage or crab legs? and when i got home from my day, my laundry was all done and my living room floor was mopped and the dishes were washed? see...super dad. i think i'll hand in my resignation and see if he wants to stay home. we'll have to live in a box b/c he makes more than i would as a nurse, but i'm sure it's a job he'd want (heehee...i asked before and he said no.)

aaaannnddd...i took a nap yesterday afternoon. people, it was awesome. i asked her to come back next weekend, but she said something like she has a husband or something lame like that. so it was the only time i have ever ever been surprised and it was completely worth it!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

it'll be a good 'un

my best friend monica just showed up at my house. why is that important? b/c she lives 3.5 hours from me. i have been a real brat over the last couple of weeks and venting to her. and apparently this has been in the works since last friday between her and my husband. he knew and never let on. that is MAJOR for him. anyway, i'll be posting all about my much needed fabulous weekend. i seriously cried.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

thankful that it IS thursday (cause tomorrow is friday!)


came in the mail. i have already finished it. actually, i started it yesterday afternoon around 3. had to stop to tend to kids here and there and do the supper thing. but i was done by 10. it was a nice escape. i bawled like a baby during all the NICU stuff. (ACs 1st birthday post aught to be a doozie!) and speaking of the angel...

she is a whopper kids!! she is just shy of 18 lbs (so they rounded her up) and she is 26 inches. (and did i mention the 2 teeth?? i did??) yeah, i know some of you have 1 year olds that aren't that big. but i guess that's just how we do things around here. for comparison, she out weighs seth (at 4 months) by 2 lbs and is the same in length and out weighs luke by 1 lb and is an inch longer. somebody tell me girls get to a point where they slow down!!

and i know it's thankful thursday, but i don't have a list today. i'm overworked

and underpaid

and i'm ready for saturday when i get to go to fun stores...ALONE like marshall's and tj maxx and kohls and michaels and the fabric store. and i'm getting my hair shaped up. i am nearly giddy!! by the way, that was my october calendar (compliments of my sister in law--who i love like a full sister--Sherri). what you may not be able to see is that there is something going on all month. every tuesday and thursday is preschool (which is 20 miles one way). we have several doctors appointments and various other things (and i added one more today for the boys to have spend the night company on the 24th. and i'm sure there will be a trunk or treat in there somewhere.)

maybe i should sneak in a pedicure and lunch alone. what will i do with all the silence.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

today's reading will come from...

i have a ton to get done today, and because of that, i am gonna have to ban yall!! actually i have some mountains of laundry that i have to put up. if i don't get it done today, that might be the final strap on my straight jacket! also, sissy has her 4 month appointment this afternoon, so i may be tending to sore legs (my poor baby...2 teeth and a host of shots all in one week!)

but...i BEG you go go read
Darby's blog on Cookies for Kids Cancer today.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

liquid sanity

hey, i'm not proud. and i hate to admit it...but it is cheaper than therapy. yo...bad couple of weeks. but i'm makin it.

tasty tuesday

White Chili

(wish i had a pic, but i haven't made it since last year. but i'll try to remember to take one later in the week when i DO make it.)

2 cups cooked chopped chicken (can use canned if in a hurry)
1 medium onion chopped
1 1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 Tbsp oil
2 cans great northern beans rinsed and drained
1 can chicken broth
2 cans chopped green chilis
1 can mexicorn
1 tsp each oregano, cumin, salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1 cup sour cream
1 cup milk

sautee onion and garlic in oil until tender. add in all ingredients but sour cream and milk. simmer 30 minutes and then add in milk and sour cream until blended.

this is soooo good and a different way to have chili for the winter!

Monday, October 13, 2008


make that TWO teeth. bless her. i have tried to get a pic, but nearly blinded her...b/c somehow i didn't think about the camera flashing 2 inches in front of her eyes. i'm sure she saw stars, but she apparently recovered. again...bless her.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

big 4 month old girl!!!

i seriously want to scream SLOW DOWN from the top of my lungs. this child is growing soooo fast and changing so much. looking at her picture from the day we brought her home (see in post below) i just can't believe how different she is. instead of a mass of black hair, she has a head covered in blonde fuzz. and since last month alone, she can laugh, she can coo (and even copy some noises), she can spin around in her exersaucer,

she has been sleeping through the night for about 6 weeks, she can roll over from her belly to her back

and as of yesterday...the child has a TOOTH!!! holy cow!! it was still another 2 months before the boys got their first tooth. i knew she had been drooling a lot (not uncommon b/c 3 months is when the salivary glands start to produce saliva) and i could see 2 big knots in her bottom gums, but lots of babies have those for a few months before anything breaks through. but oh no...miss priss is READY!! i can feel it today. (it's the right central incisor.) she is my last baby and i just want her to slow down!!
oh...and she now gets to start eating cereal. she has done pretty good this week. she is getting the hang of it. we go to the doctor next week for her 4 month check up and shots :( so i'll give you stats then. (but i know she is a big girl!!) like her brother, she has inherited a ton of nicknames (oddly, luke only ever got 1.) she is called sissy, baby sissy, sis, bitty girl, bitters, girly girl, angel girl...i think the list goes on.

Friday, October 10, 2008

in the mean time rewind

i'm trying to get a cute pic of sister for her 4 month old post. and i also need to scan in some recent pics but micah will have to help me b/c i have never used my scanner. but in the mean time, here are a few favorite moments from the past...

i know what you are thinking...and why, yes...

that IS 2 DVDs, a sippy cup, and empty muffin box elmo, his underwear and his potty in my REFRIGERATOR!!!

did anyone else know...

that even baby tad loves a "johnny jump up"?

that luke...he can be a sure rascal, but...

he's pretty stinkin' sweet, too!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

thankful thursday-small joys edition

1. i love new soap, wether it is a new scent, or if i buy bar soap and you can still see the letters on it.

2. clean floors. my floors stay so covered in toys and crumbs, it is a wonderful thing when my floors are all vacuumed and scrubbed.

3. scented candles. i love mulled cider, apple cinnamon, vanilla, lemon, and right now...pumpkin spice. they make my home smell so inviting, even when there are dishes in my sink.

4. baby lotion. my favorite scent is huggies green tea and cucumber. my babies smell so clean and yummy after a bath and i could just lick them...if it were appropriate for humans to do that.

5. hand written notes. no one does that anymore...except my friend brandy. you shouldn't need a special occasion to tell someone you were thinking about them. that being said, i have been really bad about it in the last year...wonder why??

6. hand holding. i love to see "little old ladies and gents" holding hands, and you know they are at least 80. i just love it and i pray that micah and i are still holding hands when we are 80. it is just precious, no matter the age. to me, it is a good way to say i love you.

7. freshly sharpened pencils. in the movie "You've Got Mail" (which is one of my and micah's favorites), Tom Hanks is talking about NYC in the fall and he tells Meg Ryan that he would send her a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils. i love it.

8. long sleeve t-shirts. what says my absolute favorite time of year and the most perfect weather like a long sleeve t-shirt? they are perfect for lounging, running errands, going to the ballgame or for an evening stroll. it is best accompanied by cozy pj pants or some really broken in jeans.

9. rearranging furniture. it is the easiest way to make your room and the things in it to look new. i rearrange mine every few months. it also helps with wear and tear on carpet if you have it.

10. updated blogs. i hate looking to the side and seeing that people haven't updated in a month. i know people get busy. but at least let folks know you aren't dead. in this world of no hand written letters and now no phone calls, it sure is a nice way to keep in touch!!

11. (i was gonna do 10, but a commercial reminded me of one more...) new shows. another reason i love the fall is that my shows are new. it is a nice escape from reality and a really cheap date.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


i have been dying to show yall this picture...and no, it couldn't wait until friday when the 4 month old post will come.

i have never had a thumb sucker and i have been watching her work on this since...well, really since her ultrasounds. we watched her try to get that hand to her mouth for the better part of the 4-D ultrasound. and this picture is completely worth it. i know it will be harder to break than the paci, but truth be told, i still think a 4 year old sucking their thumb is a stinkin' cute thing.

in other news, thought i'd fill you in on my latest "DHR mommy of the year" moment...obviously with yesterday being luke's birthday, we celebrated last night. he wanted pizza, so i made that and then we had his requested (for the second year in a row) spiderman cupcakes. well, while we are eating, luke said "hey...where are my presents??" yall....i had forgotten all about them!!! i mean, i had bought him something, but it was still in the walmart bag in the back of my closet!! i had to throw it in a giftbag real quick and i tied it (cause it was a HUGE bag) with a hairbow i had from high school. GHETTO!!! but he didn't care. i guess the only think keeping me from winning the DHR trophy is that i actually did remember to get something.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Luke!!

today, i officially have a big boy. Luke is 5!! Luke, I love you so much. you are the first baby i prayed for. i asked God to give me a little boy, and he quickly did. you were the first (and only) baby i labored with. that was a crazy day. looking back, i now realize that you have just always been a little high maintenance!!

you were meant to be the oldest. you have loved your siblings so much, especially as babies. right now, seth is your best friend, even though some days you can't tell. you are so protective of ally claire. and oh my goodness, you are so stinkin' smart. you amaze me with the things you say and remember.

you love playing dress up, coloring, drawing, spelling and are really starting to love to ride your bike. and your mama, music absolutely moves you. you are still the pickiest eater i know, but it apparently doesn't phase you b/c you have always been tall and lean...but still in the 90+% in height and weight.

there is no more toddler or anything little about you. the only thing holding you back is this october birthday. i would probably have a small melt down if you were in kindergarten.

today will be a little sad because we have to get rid of a beloved friend...the blue blanket. you have had it since you were a baby. you have chewed the edges of it so much i had to cut them off and sew a hem all the way around. now, it is so gnarled and "holey" that we are going to let this be your last day with it.

i know you aren't excited, but i at least found a suitable replacement. (and let's not forget the one you have that is just like it that is cut into several small pieces so you can take it places and not drag a huge blanket like linus!!)

these last 5 years have absolutely flown by. i have been here for every minute and i wouldn't have missed it for the world!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

on my heart

"Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed." (Mark 1:35)

"In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation." (Psalm 5:3)

as a mom of 3 kids under 5 (at least until tuesday when i will officially have a big boy), i am finding it harder and harder to be consistant with my alone time with God. and i hate putting it off until the hour before i go to bed, which is the only time i usually have to myself during the day b/c not all the kids take naps. i have found these two verses that talk about when we should spend time with God. i have absolutely never never never been a morning person. my mama can attest to that, even as a baby. but i feel like God is putting it on my heart to really give Him my "first fruits" so that He can bless the rest of my day. in the evenings, i am tired and unable to completely concentrate b/c i'm in tomorrow's "to-do-list mode". i started reading a book by Ginger Plowman called "Heaven at Home", and this was talked about in the first chapter! (you folks who went to auburn may have heard of her. she is an opelika native who i got to hear at a ladies' retreat i went on this past winter.) i want to meet Him in quiet places (because there are so few of those in my life!) I want to delight in what He has in store for me. I want to bring glory to Him, even as...especially as a wife and mom. I have always felt like i was born to nurture. it is why i always wanted to be a wife, a mom, and even a nurse. and i think part of my problem is that i get so caught up in the every day of my every day, i completely forget to be still.

so all you other mothers out there, what are your tips? where are you meeting God?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

thankful thursday

don't hate me...and don't post if yours is even better. otherwise, feel free to lick your screen...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

tis the season

it is the time that is near and dear to my heart. october is the month of my oldest son's birthday, which is one day after my meemaw's birthday. meemaw was my mom's mother. i was as close to her as i am my mom. the day i got engaged to micah, november 4, 1999, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 17 short days later, we lost her to that dreaded disease. i miss her all the time. her relationship with her mother, then with my mother, then my mother with me is what made me crave a daughter. and now, i wish she was here to hold this little cherub. in the mean time, let's all find a way to "save the ta-tas". happy breast cancer awareness month!!

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