Wednesday, October 8, 2008


i have been dying to show yall this picture...and no, it couldn't wait until friday when the 4 month old post will come.

i have never had a thumb sucker and i have been watching her work on this since...well, really since her ultrasounds. we watched her try to get that hand to her mouth for the better part of the 4-D ultrasound. and this picture is completely worth it. i know it will be harder to break than the paci, but truth be told, i still think a 4 year old sucking their thumb is a stinkin' cute thing.

in other news, thought i'd fill you in on my latest "DHR mommy of the year" moment...obviously with yesterday being luke's birthday, we celebrated last night. he wanted pizza, so i made that and then we had his requested (for the second year in a row) spiderman cupcakes. well, while we are eating, luke said "hey...where are my presents??" yall....i had forgotten all about them!!! i mean, i had bought him something, but it was still in the walmart bag in the back of my closet!! i had to throw it in a giftbag real quick and i tied it (cause it was a HUGE bag) with a hairbow i had from high school. GHETTO!!! but he didn't care. i guess the only think keeping me from winning the DHR trophy is that i actually did remember to get something.


Darby said...

Precious... you know we have a thumb sucker... it's a good thing for a while... now I see the $$ signs for all the orthodontic work she'll need! Argh! But it's so convenient!!

Darby said...

Sorry about all the food posts! ;)

becky said...

i was just teasin' ya! i LOVE a new recipe, or any suggestion that gets me out of a rut!! no problem!!;-)

Brandi Bartee said...

sweet sweet picture! i am impressed that you could do all that with three kids at home. You now have a new name, "Super Woman!"

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

That's hilarious! I love that picture- the chin(s) is my favorite part.

And you remembered a gift! Hello! That counts all the way!! My mom was bringing out gifts from the back of her closet every year on Christmas afternoon!!

Dana said...

So sweet! Month four is when they usually find their toes. Make sure you get a picture of that :).

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