Thursday, October 9, 2008

thankful thursday-small joys edition

1. i love new soap, wether it is a new scent, or if i buy bar soap and you can still see the letters on it.

2. clean floors. my floors stay so covered in toys and crumbs, it is a wonderful thing when my floors are all vacuumed and scrubbed.

3. scented candles. i love mulled cider, apple cinnamon, vanilla, lemon, and right now...pumpkin spice. they make my home smell so inviting, even when there are dishes in my sink.

4. baby lotion. my favorite scent is huggies green tea and cucumber. my babies smell so clean and yummy after a bath and i could just lick them...if it were appropriate for humans to do that.

5. hand written notes. no one does that anymore...except my friend brandy. you shouldn't need a special occasion to tell someone you were thinking about them. that being said, i have been really bad about it in the last year...wonder why??

6. hand holding. i love to see "little old ladies and gents" holding hands, and you know they are at least 80. i just love it and i pray that micah and i are still holding hands when we are 80. it is just precious, no matter the age. to me, it is a good way to say i love you.

7. freshly sharpened pencils. in the movie "You've Got Mail" (which is one of my and micah's favorites), Tom Hanks is talking about NYC in the fall and he tells Meg Ryan that he would send her a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils. i love it.

8. long sleeve t-shirts. what says my absolute favorite time of year and the most perfect weather like a long sleeve t-shirt? they are perfect for lounging, running errands, going to the ballgame or for an evening stroll. it is best accompanied by cozy pj pants or some really broken in jeans.

9. rearranging furniture. it is the easiest way to make your room and the things in it to look new. i rearrange mine every few months. it also helps with wear and tear on carpet if you have it.

10. updated blogs. i hate looking to the side and seeing that people haven't updated in a month. i know people get busy. but at least let folks know you aren't dead. in this world of no hand written letters and now no phone calls, it sure is a nice way to keep in touch!!

11. (i was gonna do 10, but a commercial reminded me of one more...) new shows. another reason i love the fall is that my shows are new. it is a nice escape from reality and a really cheap date.


Susannah said...

I LOVE Thankful Thursdays!! Keep it coming girlie!! :) How do your name show up on my blog page?

Manicuh said...

I too am a fan of the long sleeved tee especailly with the pj bottoms. I believe that was the exact outfit I wore to class most days.

Tony and Susan said...

i love them all! thanks so much for doing thankful thursdays!!

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