Sunday, October 26, 2008

trunk or treat part one

tonight my 5 plus our friends ellen and maddie all went to our old church for trunk or treat. we haven't seen anyone from there in a while, and a lot of people didn't even know ally claire existed. the boys went to children's church for the first time ever (with daddy of course...luke isn't exactly a follower like seth is.) after church we had a chili supper and then they had games for the kids. they did "spin art", fishing for prizes, a smaller bouncy house and a big bouncy slide. now, kids don't want to have anything to do with the bouncy things. (i feel you on that, brandi!!) but somehow i talked seth into getting on the bouncy slide. and he loved it. then luke said he would go if i would. so i pulled my hiney up there, cause i'll risk embarrassing myself and tearing the whole thing down if it means my kid will step out of his comfort zone and try new things. and the verdict....he LOVED it!! and they went over and over and over again. and then they liked it so much, they went in the bouncy house (and this was one that was big enough for smaller kids, not one of the gigantic things. this was in a gym.) anyway, i was thrilled that they saw that they are fun.

after that, we got in our costumes and went out for our round of trunk or treating. luke was in rare form and was just going off on his own and saying "trick or treat" and "thank you". proud mama. and the sad i don't have one single solitary picture because i was busy going down a bouncy slide (and i have a burn to prove it) and corralling other people's kids b/c no one thought it was necessary to make people get in a line and take turns and the big kids were just all over the little kids. so ellen and i...who don't attend that church, took turns pulling people down and making them get in line. i would feel bad, but i had 2 precious cargo up there who didn't get hurt. and little miss was the absolute star. she just smiled and cooed and never made a peep towards a cry all night. little lovin angel.

tonight was one of those nights when everyone was having fun, and so no matter how tired mama and daddy were (because i had a middle of the night visitor who proceded to wet MY bed) we just rolled with it and i hope we can repeat it (with pictures) next saturday!

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Tony and Susan said...

i totally still do all the bouncy fun things whenever i can!

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