Monday, September 17, 2012

The Post-It Project

First of all, I am in no way affiliated with the Post-It company and they aren't paying me for this, but I do love the brand and it is the one I bought during the awesome back to school sales, so that's how the name of this little project came to be.


I got the idea a while ago for Micah and I to kick it up a notch with the "I love you's" that can become all too familiar and know, the ones that come with a kiss before leaving in the mornings and before closing our eyes at night.  So, I challenged him to 30 days of love note writing.  I mean, let's face it, in our world of texting and emails, the common note is becoming obsolete and I HATE that because I LOVE the written word.  There's nothing I love more than getting something in the mail with a little personal note attached to it.  I'm not hard to please.

It started because I found a note tucked in the back of a bathroom drawer that he had written a while back, just wishing me a good day (after what I'm sure had been a few harry ones).  I cherish those little ways of saying 'I love you' or 'I'm thinking of you' or 'I'm proud of you' or even 'You are smokin' hot and I'm dang lucky' that can easily fall by the wayside when you're rushing kids to school or to practice or washing dishes and feeding dogs and folding laundry.

So, I named it The Post-It Project and got us started with this...
Then we chose our colors out of my plentiful stash...and got started.
We wrote our notes, sometimes in the mornings, sometimes after we thought about it for a whole day, and then slapped it to the bathroom mirror.
And we met the challenge for 30 days!! 
Sometimes it was hard not to fall into the rut and wind up saying the same things over and over, but that was the whole point of the challenge and I think it was so worth it, even if some of the things were silly and not so serious.  Love notes are typically cheesy and if you can't be that way with the one you love more than life, then what are you doing??

It gave me the opportunity to speak his love language a little better and tell him how much I appreciate all his help and just how lucky and blessed I feel that he's mine and vice versa!
It also gave him the chance to say more than a scheduled/obligatory 'I love you' (not that I don't love those words every time he says them) and be specific about what he loves and to encourage me in my every day tasks that can feel overlooked and expected.
It was really fun and now I think we'll do it for the kids!
Give it a try!  You won't be sorry, I promise.  It's husband approved! 
(ps...I wouldn't click on those pictures...there may be married people talk involved.  i'm not sorry about it.)

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