Wednesday, February 24, 2010

dangerous liaisons...


plus this...

equals nom nom nom...

and can get me in a world of hurt. now go leave me some songs for my workout mix dangit!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


that's how many blogs i haven't read in the last 3 weeks. you heard me. a blog addict hasn't read a one in 3 weeks. micah had to be the one to tell me that hillary over at the other mama is having a girl. i nearly swallowed my tongue. so embarrassed. so now, i'm off to try to start catching up. micah asked me how much time i spent on the computer a day. i think b/c i'm playing/reading at nights and on the weekends (aka my regrouping time), he thinks i'm on all day. of course, he doesn't think about our little mountain goat (AC the climber) that i have to keep a severe eye on these days.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Music Monday: a playlist to move it

so, a couple of weeks ago, micah took me on a date to best buy (he is the KING of romance!!) no really, the date was a surprise and that was the only time in 13 years he managed to pull it off!! kudos babe!! anywho, as mentioned before, i have been holding out for the microsoft zune. folks...that day has come!!! i am just seriously a buzz with excitement over the amount of music this thing is gonna hold! however, i am about to seriously need your help. this joker can house playlists. i've never made a playlist before. and the first one i want help with is the one that will get me movin!! warmer months are coming and living in alabama is just NOT conducive to wearing jeans all summer. especially when you have 3 kids that will require major outside time so that the mama doesn't go completely insane knowwhatimsayin??? so, that means i gotts get off some winter lbs. i've shed about 20 so far. and that's a good start. but i need new tunes in a BIG way. so i need your suggestions. i want something i can move to!! so click on that little comment button and help a sista out. if you don't, i'll think of you everytime i'm hauled in for heat stroke for wearing jeans this summer. no pressure!!

i think i would be remiss without some classic justin. am i right? (click on his name)
and i know someone is gonna kill me on this one. but i can't help it.

and the queen of booty...a little beyonce.

my the playlist we'll be working on next bout easy know, chillin music. think acoustic.

oh, did i tell yall i got a guitar??? now to learn to play that thang.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

when last we talked...

i was hi tailin' it to montgomery to be there for the birth of my "niece" JoAnna Lane Chandler. whew, what a week that was! now, i didn't mean to leave yall hangin, but see, here's the deal. i was the DP (designated photographer) for this little shin dig, so i had no pictures from my camera to offer. so i have had to wait 10 days to give yall an update on the tiniest little angel i have ever held! yall, i was there for her first breath and it was absolutely precious!! i didn't even get to see my own kids take their first breaths b/c they were behind a sheet! monica was such a trooper. i am so stinkin proud of her!! she did awesome! JoAnna was born at 35 weeks and 4 days, so just over a month early. and she had absolutely no problems. (i don't count jaundice b/c if you ask me, every baby gets "the jaundice".) her daddy is a little proud, too. she weighed 5 lbs 5 oz and was 19 inches. monica says she is eating like a champ!! they are all doing really well. she doesn't have internet at home right now, so i may update her blog for her. you can leave her some love here, though. (and as a ps--please understand that i tend to be an OCD blogger and i prefer to post my edited pics, but picnik and i are in a major fight right now, so understand that this is my monica's angel in all her naturally beautiful untouched glory!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

she's having a baby!

yall, go send monica some love. JoAnna has decided to come a month early!! i'll be headed out in a few hours to go be with them, so pray for my hubby who is awesome enough to take off work so i can go be with them!! prayers for monica and joanna...and daddy brad!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

music monday: mamacuh

today, i'm departing from the norm a little bit. my monica is having a baby. this is her first and she is due in 32 days. she is having a baby girl. she tried and prayed for this angel for almost 2 years and now she is almost here!! i don't even have words for how every happy and excited i am. now, i am putting my friendship on major probation here by doing this. and i accept full accountability. but i just couldn't help it.

monica, i love you more than life. you have been good to me for too many years. and not just to me, but my whole family. you have the biggest heart of anyone i know. your life has never taken an easy path, but you have dealt with everything you have been given with dignity and grace, overcoming too many obstacles to count. you are going to be an awesome mom. it is the hardest, bestest job any woman could ever have and i know you of all people are up for the challenge it will bring. i can't wait to raise our baby girls together, with ally claire being the big sister to joanna. i just hope AC gets as good of a little sister as i did (cause you know i'm gonna teach her to kick some tail and tell people off. and i'll expect joanna to teach her to shoot a gun...with earplugs and shoulder padding.) anyway, all that to say, i love you and i can't wait to meet her!!

here is our song this week. it is called "tiny fingers tiny toes" by kevin derryberry. this is a long video, and the song doesn't start until 6:20 in. check it out. grab some tissue.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

she speaks

and she speaks a lot! today alone, three words i didn't know she knew were help, sit and mine. new lately are no, uh-uh (cause that's a word), luke stop (wooo, top!), ally, belly, abby (our pup)...

well, here are the ones off the top of my head: mama, daddy, bubba, luke, seth, pop, mimi, pawpaw, banana (nanny), apple, hippo, cracker, sassy (what we call her paci) uh-oh, up, down, cereal, snack, baby, ball, paper, i got it, there, bowl, phone, remote (mote), cookie, bath, milk, water, cup, socks, shoes, bed, diaper, bye bye,i love you....

gracious...i'm not sure where she gets it. i surely haven't proven to be so verbose these days.

up monday!

Monday, February 1, 2010

music monday: what's playing

welcome back to M&M. first, my friend sarah let me know that i'd be remiss if i didn't give us some classic "Manic Monday" by the bangles to start our first music monday. and she is right. luckily, i found an acoustic version. cause we all know everything is better when it's acoustic.

next, we are gonna continue with what's playing on my playlist. now remember, my little player doesn't segregate or discriminate. we are equal opportunity, and as such, i'm gonna just list what is playing this week and in what order. i'm not gonna list every one, cause you'd probably get bored.

Michael Franti-Say Hey (I love you)-this is from last week
Norah Jones-Turn Me On
Paramore-Use Somebody (cover from Kings of Leon, which i also like)
Robert Pattinson-Stray Dog and Never Think (yes, my boyfriend Edward, that RPattz. what can't he do?)
Sarah McLachlan-Blackbird (cover from the Beatles)
Daughtry-It's Not Over & Home
Beyonce-Single Ladies
Soulja Boy-Kiss Me Through the Phone (you can also youtube an alvin & the chipmunks version) Michael Buble-Sway
Def Leppard-Pour Some Sugar On Me
James Morrison-You Make it Real for Me (i cannot tell yall how much i like this dude!)
Jason Mraz-I'm Yours
Jay Sean-Down
Joe-I Wanna Know
Justin Timberlake-Like I Love You

You see what I mean? Wait until next week when we review what cd's are in my van. Now that's a hoot! how bout a small factoid about me? did you know that one of my favorite bands is UB40 and i begged micah to buy me the greatest hits album one year? love it.

How bout you leave me a comment telling me what is on your playlists? that would be the most fun!!

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