Tuesday, February 23, 2010


that's how many blogs i haven't read in the last 3 weeks. you heard me. a blog addict hasn't read a one in 3 weeks. micah had to be the one to tell me that hillary over at the other mama is having a girl. i nearly swallowed my tongue. so embarrassed. so now, i'm off to try to start catching up. micah asked me how much time i spent on the computer a day. i think b/c i'm playing/reading at nights and on the weekends (aka my regrouping time), he thinks i'm on all day. of course, he doesn't think about our little mountain goat (AC the climber) that i have to keep a severe eye on these days.


CLS said...

Well my blog isn't too exciting but in case you missed it, we are having a boy!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

You tell Micah that I appreciate him being a loyal reader. :)
(Or I'm sure he saw it on FB.)
And you are most certainly forgiven. We all have our slumps- and that's what makes coming back to the computer fun again!!

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