Monday, February 22, 2010

Music Monday: a playlist to move it

so, a couple of weeks ago, micah took me on a date to best buy (he is the KING of romance!!) no really, the date was a surprise and that was the only time in 13 years he managed to pull it off!! kudos babe!! anywho, as mentioned before, i have been holding out for the microsoft zune. folks...that day has come!!! i am just seriously a buzz with excitement over the amount of music this thing is gonna hold! however, i am about to seriously need your help. this joker can house playlists. i've never made a playlist before. and the first one i want help with is the one that will get me movin!! warmer months are coming and living in alabama is just NOT conducive to wearing jeans all summer. especially when you have 3 kids that will require major outside time so that the mama doesn't go completely insane knowwhatimsayin??? so, that means i gotts get off some winter lbs. i've shed about 20 so far. and that's a good start. but i need new tunes in a BIG way. so i need your suggestions. i want something i can move to!! so click on that little comment button and help a sista out. if you don't, i'll think of you everytime i'm hauled in for heat stroke for wearing jeans this summer. no pressure!!

i think i would be remiss without some classic justin. am i right? (click on his name)
and i know someone is gonna kill me on this one. but i can't help it.

and the queen of booty...a little beyonce.

my the playlist we'll be working on next bout easy know, chillin music. think acoustic.

oh, did i tell yall i got a guitar??? now to learn to play that thang.


BASSakward Tales said...

bringin sexy back
pants on da ground i am NOT the musical genius that you are however i do love i think of more i will let you know...those are just the two that popped out of my head...dangerous i know

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I can't even watch that video... or the boys of N*Sync would die a slow death in my head over and over and over again.

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