Sunday, February 7, 2010

she speaks

and she speaks a lot! today alone, three words i didn't know she knew were help, sit and mine. new lately are no, uh-uh (cause that's a word), luke stop (wooo, top!), ally, belly, abby (our pup)...

well, here are the ones off the top of my head: mama, daddy, bubba, luke, seth, pop, mimi, pawpaw, banana (nanny), apple, hippo, cracker, sassy (what we call her paci) uh-oh, up, down, cereal, snack, baby, ball, paper, i got it, there, bowl, phone, remote (mote), cookie, bath, milk, water, cup, socks, shoes, bed, diaper, bye bye,i love you....

gracious...i'm not sure where she gets it. i surely haven't proven to be so verbose these days.

up monday!

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