Thursday, April 30, 2009

guess who... going on ANOTHER girly date???
and guess who it's with?
are you jealous? you should be!
guess what we are gonna do?
HAVE BRUNCH! brunch...i have never ever had brunch and i can't wait!! i may even wear a sundress. cause i bought 3 tonight. more will come on monday!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

all i know

i got the news that the uptake was within normal limits (whatever that means) and it looks like it is not auto-immune disease afterall (no Graves disease.) just a regular ole' goiter. i hate that word. sounds so...weird. no cold nodules which is FAN-FLIPPIN-TASTIC!! so i return to taking my thyroid medication and wait for it to do it's thing.
all i know so far is that there aren't any cold nodules reported on my scan. (my vicki-our records lady-) was able to tell me that much. but the full report is on dr. yousuf's desk and i should know something this afternoon. she is actually pretty good to call me herself. and i know she wants to see me back in her office (which she is leaving our practice and going to one the next town over pretty soon.) so for those test results so far, we are extremely thankful. and i already know i'll never be able to thank you for each and every prayer you lift up for me and my family. (and a side note, ally claire "detached" her frenulum between her gums and 2 front teeth yesterday when she hit her precious mouth on a drawer pulling up. so please pray it "reattaches" soon!! will let yall know more later today.

Monday, April 27, 2009

i don't know about yall...

...but we have been busy. we have been outside quite a bit. i had doctor stuff back and forth last week (which i'm still waiting on the results. i called in a favor to our office today so that our records lady can pull it off of our computer without waiting on the hard copy from the hospital.)

luke had an impromptu camping trip (to our side yard with miscellaneous stuff pulled out of the garage.) he has even made some new friends in the neighborhood. they also had family fun day at preschool. my kids, as usual, didn't have much fun b/c they don't like the bouncy house things. but we went and that is what matters. and i forgot my camera. such a good mama.

and little sethy bean. he apparently got busted in the head today with his fisher price aquarium that was thrown across the room by his brother. it made a small laceration behind his ear. (have i mentioned for yall to please pray for our house to sell b/c if i can't get those two separated, then someone may seriously meet their demise...and i'm not sure at who's hands??)

and as promised, the first project. i think it turned out super cute. it didn't polish up all perfectly, but i'm actually great with that b/c i have every finish in my kitchen. what's another one with kind of a patina? i have antique brass pulls on my cabinets. my door knobs are brassy gold (hidioderous in the words of the grinch) and i have wraught iron looking lamps and accessories in my living room, that my kitchen opens up to. so there you have it. this verse (which was hastily scribbled with some fat sidewalk chalk...note to self...i need the skinny kind) was chosen because of where the tray sits. if you look beneath it, it is hiding my bread basket. cause it's ugly. so i thought it was fitting. hope you'll give it a try!!

if i had a bread box like this one...

or this one...

i wouldn't be all "shamed" of my basket. but i've said it once and i'll say it again, i have NO design element in my brain. i did give my bedroom a new spring spin this weekend. but it is truly nothing to behold. so i'll spare yall. i'll let you know as soon as i get my test results back.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

help with the WORD

i would like to have your gals help me out. i'm about to start working on a project. i'm hoping that monday or tuesday, i can show it to you. i'm hoping in a few weeks, i can give away something similar. i got the idea from here and here. and to be honest, one day, i want to do this. such cute ideas. my doors have 6 smaller pannels in them. i wonder if it would still work on the middle two?? let me know. anyway...getting to the point. i want your help in choosing some Bible verses to rotate on my tray. my tray is kind of big, so don't hold back. tell me, what are some of your favorites? they can be tried and true, or they can be a little off. i love Bible humor. for instance, check out this one. am i the only one who finds this both a little disturbing, but funny? maybe so. anyway, let me know. help me out.

Monday, April 20, 2009

never let it be said...

that if you want food brought to you, i'm not your woman. in FACT, i am EXACTLY that woman. i love it so much. this went to the families at the Blount Hospitality House in Huntsville. our ladies ministry takes food to them every week. there are so many volunteers, i only have to do it once a year!! (Darby, that's your southwest chicken soup, with the addition of a can of corn and a can of rotel. thanks again for that super yummy and easy recipe!!) we take a main course, a side item and dessert.
so they also got some mexican corn bread with green chilis and cheese added in...
and stuff for strawberry shortcake and chocolate chip mini muffins...
i'm sure i went a little overboard. but i didn't know for how many. and i just LOVE to cook and take to folks!!
the friday of easter, my mom and i took in the sights of dothan's finest antiques. and let me say, i think we only made a dent. we went to 3 stores and actually kind of rushed in the last one. first, we started at the new one on the south side of the circle where Kmart know, that store that USED to be a FOOD WORLD? yall, when i walked in, i nearly laid down right there in the floor and wallered. i was in antique heaven. not only because of how huge the store was, and not because of how much they had, but because of how clean and ORGANIZED it was. seriously...i will stand up and give a golf clap to those folks. they have it going on. it was a treasure trove of furniture (where i found the little sister to my great grandmother's china cabinet that sits in my dining room), china, jewelry, kitchen stuff...i'm getting all giddy just thinking about it again. i can't wait to go back and lollygag. and speaking of kitchen stuff, a few weeks ago, again, my so visual blog/phone tag friend, Darby, posted a picture of the lovelies her mom brought to her. i nearly died over the vintage Pyrex nesting mixing bowls. they were gorgeous and RIGHT up my alley. i had "the lust" for them that very day and couldn't get them out of my mind. i know my glass Anchor bowls may have noticed that i didn't love then in quite the same way. i mean i have used them every day since i got them 8.5 years ago. but what they didn't know is that mama was just looking for them some friends to help out so that they can sometimes enjoy their soak after a good mixin' (see the need for more in the pics above!!) anywho, so i was on a mission. and of course, this store had what i needed. but i didn't know if i was gonna justify the price tag. so i kept on pouting looking as we made our way through the store. i decided that i'd leave them for now, and see if i could find a better price. besides, we had been there 1.5 hours and micah was ready for us to come get him for lunch. (and i'll say now, that while mexican connection has seriously done itself a disservice in losing the ambiance, it is still worth the 6 hours down there for those honkin' flour chipped chicken and cheese nachos. i keep hoping that by mentioning that, they'll give me a discount. not so much. anyway, as we went to our 3rd store (the purchase from the 2nd to come in just a second), i was still looking for those bowls (in good condition). we found one set, for not much less, but in much more...we'll say "loved" condition. pouty mcpouterson still walking around the Highlands, but wanting to lick most things i saw. when my mom and i were admiring a pie safe and what do we find INSIDE??? these beauties!!!

well, not these exact ones. but they basically look like they are in the same condition. i just stole this photo along with the next ones b/c they are good. i think i'm in love with i'm just saying. i couldn't resist any longer. they were meant to be mine and make the trip back to athens with me. and they DID. i have already given them a home next to their cousins and they are glad to share the load. next on my list are these little beauties. they are refrigerator boxes. i just adore them. aren't they special?? i had to leave those in dothan, but i did find them at my 2nd stop.

i'd also take these if you are looking to get me something. they have LIDS!!! and i love the color. DELISH!!

and i also found some pink ones (a set of 4, not this particular one) that i think are equally fantastic. i am thinking about writing pyrex and asking them to bring them back in october for breast cancer awareness month. wouldn't that be fun??

and speaking of pink...that leads me to our 2nd store. it's the yellow house on brannon stand. i think it is called cottage antiques. i love the smell when you walk in there. (it reminds me of my meemaw's cedar chest that i now have and used to love to play in to see all the goodies.) anyway, my mama calls her the linen lady. i can see why. i would also like to venture that she could be the kitchen and cookie cutter lady!! i don't know how many rolling pins i saw that i'd love to have. anyway, while digging in the closets, she showed me these gorgeous ladies...

i believe i gasped out loud!! they are vintage and hand embroidered. and i KNOW they are gonna look fantastic on my angel girl in the form of pillowcase dresses. they remind me so much of the pillowcases that my "dinkle-great-great grandmother" made with tatting (i think it is called) that are sitting in my cedar chest...waiting to be sewn into love for my angel. i'll post a pic of them at a later day.

anyway, i hope you enjoyed this eye candy as much as i did! it has been a busy day with more to come this week. tomorrow is preschool and ally claire to have her ears rechecked before we see if tubes are in our future (tube-pro moms {TARA esp!!} help me out here on the guidelines), wednesday and thursday is FINALLY my thyroid scan (glow little glow worm) plus preschool and church, and then sweet friday will be here. i'm already tired!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

i never knew...

...i was a kreative blogger!! i mean, i try. but all i know is that i can copy and paste with the best of 'em!!

first, i was nominated by IVY. isn't she an absolute beauty? and that's more than skin deep. she outed herself to me a few months ago and i am SOOOOO glad she did!!

next came this little chicken. i have known CANDI since 7th grade (cause she told me that's when it was) and we have "banded" together and her sister and i have "nursed" together. i adore her and her honesty!!

Here is what you are suppose to do:
1. Post the award on your blog, and link to the person who gave you the award.
2. List seven things you love.
3. List seven blogs you love.
4. E-mail or comment on those blogs to let the people know you've given them the award.

seven things i love...
my Jesus (there are not enough words for Him. He saved me, and truly, that is what matters.)
my husband (i prayed for him before i ever knew him. he takes care of me, loves me and is the best daddy in the whole world. he lets me get away with more than anyone should.)
my kids (they drive me absolutely crazy. but i am crazy about them. i would be lost without any one of them.)
my family (they will do anything for me, anytime and i know it.)
my friends (although 99% of them live in my computer, i know i could drop in on them at anytime. i love starting off right where we left off. and they inspire me to be better!!)
cooking (i love making new things. food is comfort in the south and my house is no different.)
blogging (again, because my friends live here.)

seven blogs i love...
darby @ fly through my window (even though she has already been nominated...and check our her twin erika @ urban grace interiors these girls are fantastic and i can't wait to meet them.)
hillary @ the other mama (even though she has already been nominated...she is a "hometown homie" and is so witty. i just love her.)
kera @ the honea bees AAANNNDDD @ sisterbug embroidery (stay tuned b/c we are working on a giveaway!!! she is so talented and sweet and grew up with my hubby!)
meg @ whatever (even though i only stalk her and haven't even come out of the blog-stalking closet on her blog yet...i mean, have your seen her photography and her pup??)
kelly @ kelly's korner (even though i prayed for her little harper and she doesn't know my blog exists...)
suz @ steece's pieces (even though, again, she doesn't know i exist. i just love those little quaddies...)
monica @ challenged chandler (for being brave enough to blog about her journey in wanting to be a mommy...)

Friday, April 17, 2009

the dip-n-dog

since someone came to look at our house thursday afternoon, i decided to take the kids down the road to the Dip-N-Dog.

I realize now i should have taken a picture of the outside sign. the Dip-N-Dog is a local ice cream place that serves soft serve, hot dogs, burgers and hand dipped corn dogs that taste like the ones from The Corn Dog Man at the Peanut Festival. and i don't say that lightly. my boys love it...

and looks like lil sis will too!!

so even though sethy "hates" me, i still love him enough to bribe him with an afternoon snack of chocolate ice cream. and THAT, my friends, is how to be a good mom. (yall know i'm laughing!! i hope you are.)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

i hate you...

these are the words we are starting to hear a little too often around our house. i'm sure you would never guess that it's coming straight from mr. attitude personality himself.

he is usually the instigator around our house. luke never told us "no" or talked back until seth learned to do it. aye aye aye at the drama with this one.

so my question is this...what do (or will) you do when your little one says those most appreciated words? please don't tell me to ignore it. i just am NOT one of those parents and i just don't feel that is an option with boys. refer to my opinion that boys are born cavemen and as mothers, we are simply here to train them, because looking at men sometimes, i'm not sure they can be taught. (sorry fellas. it's just that wonky y chromosome you were dealt!! i love my hubby, but he's easily trainable. it's a trait i love most about him. and yes, i have said that to his face.)

anyway...discuss. i'm worn out.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

wednesday webipe (web-i-pee)

(photo compliments of their webpage)

because we all know my love for the duggars, last night, in honor of their big announcement, i decided to give their famous tater tot casserole a try. (let me go ahead and tell you...i altered it. is that sacreligious??) and because i like to give credit where it is due, i will list their original recipe, and then give you the changes i made. let me just tell you, i can see why it is a kid favorite.

Duggar Tater Tot Casserole

2 lb ground turkey cooked, seasoned, drained
3 2lb bags tater tots
2 cans cream of mushroom
2 cans evaporated milk
2 cans cream of chicken

Brown meat & place in large cass. dish. Cover with tater tots. Mix soup & milk together.Pour over top. Bake at 350 for 1 Hour. (One of Daddy’s Favorites!) Makes 2- 9”X13” pans.

and now....

Tucker Tater Tot Casserole

1 lb ground beef (cause it's what i had...i'm not anti turkey in any way) and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powders
3/4-1 bag tater tots
1 can evaporated milk
1 can cream of chicken/mushroom
1 can cheddar cheese soup
4 oz sour cream

brown beef with seasonings and drain. line bottom of pan (i used my square pampered chef stone). top beef with tater tots (and i used the rounds, not the regular ones, cause's what i had.) mix soups, milk and sour cream. pour on top of tater tots. bake at 350 for 1 hour.

while it's NOT gourmet (and nothing i make is), i'd eat it again. i almost wanted to add tomato sauce or something with the GB. not sure. anyway, give it a whirl. your kiddies will surely like it!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

a beautiful LORD's DAY

not sure if seth is looking for eggs or pop...

guess who found the prize egg???

the egg hunters:: josh (5), luke (5.5), seth (3.5), jamey (7)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

yall 'member...(a PSA)

waaaaaay back in the day when McGruff the crime dog would come to your school and tell you all the ways you could "take a bite out of crime" and say no to drugs and alcohol? well i have found something else he should have mentioned.

there is no excuse for this kind of sin drug to be not only avaliable on the streets, but even at your local walmart. i mean, i went right out and bought some for the kids' baskets and do you know they may each get a handfull? maybe...if i'm generous? i have darn near eaten the bag today. because i have no control over the perfect marriage that is chocolate and peanut butter. the world would be a better place if we all "went together" like they do.

ps--did yall know McGruff has a blog??

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a few words, a lotta cute

my little lovies, i am finding myself wordless these days, and RARE!! maybe this is God calling me to be quiet. cause i'm sure He wishes i'd shut my mouth a lot of the time. i am busy doing the preschool thing, back and forth, and washing up all the clothes b/c it is about 40 today and will be 80 by the time i reach dothan in 2 days. and that is hard to manage. but i can swing it. also, thursday, i will go register my oldest for kindergarten. sad b/c he is getting so big. awesome, b/c it will cut my hollering refereeing time in half.

does anyone else feel like there is so much noise in your life, that you'll never find God if you can't just be still and sweet Lord help me...QUIET?! do you know what i'm sayin? and i have said it a jillion times and haven't kept my appointment yet. i am NOT a morning person. never have been. even as a baby, i found out. but i SO want to be. and i KNOW if i would could just get on up and get going in the mornings, that would be my ideal time. didn't i rattle on something about giving God my first fruits here a while back? i'm not gonna link to it b/c i know it's there and well, a link would be a reminder that yet again...a little less talk and a lot more action would go a LONG way. amen? so while i LOVE you dearly, i really should be finishing the laundry while i have no hollering referring to do for another hour.
and so...i leave you with nekkid baby. i mean, is there anything better??

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