Friday, April 17, 2009

the dip-n-dog

since someone came to look at our house thursday afternoon, i decided to take the kids down the road to the Dip-N-Dog.

I realize now i should have taken a picture of the outside sign. the Dip-N-Dog is a local ice cream place that serves soft serve, hot dogs, burgers and hand dipped corn dogs that taste like the ones from The Corn Dog Man at the Peanut Festival. and i don't say that lightly. my boys love it...

and looks like lil sis will too!!

so even though sethy "hates" me, i still love him enough to bribe him with an afternoon snack of chocolate ice cream. and THAT, my friends, is how to be a good mom. (yall know i'm laughing!! i hope you are.)


Tiffany said...

Yeah -- I'm pretty sure I could totally be bribed with that, too! I'm glad your family had a fun and non-drama filled outing.

Tony and Susan said...

great! i just brushed my teeth and now i have to have some chocolate icecream...and a corn dog...although i'm sure neither will come close to that place!

Darby said...

Will you be my mom!?

Tara said...

Did you say they taste like the corndog man's corndogs? I can't imagine any tasting like that. Oh, I am so wanting a corndog now.

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