Tuesday, April 27, 2010

seth said...

i never know what to expect when seth's MMO teacher wants to tell me something seth has said. but i'll go ahead and brag that it's usually good. he is apparently an angel at school. at least his "upbrangin'" is showing somewhere, if not always here. so today, from the tenderhearted copperheaded snake:

one of his little friends had been to the doctor that morning and told seth he had a boo-boo b/c he had his blood drawn. seth, the tenderhearted, patted him on the hand and said "it's ok. i know it hurts. it hurts worse than death."

and on the way home from the same MMO:
we are riding in the car and in a short, but really heavy rain storm that had hail. sister is crying b/c it is so loud and seth had his ears covered.

i said "man. that was rain AND hail. hail is when ice comes out of the sky." (cause my kids know what hell is and i was trying to explain the difference.)
seth said "you know what a commotion is mama? a commotion is a really loud noise and THAT was a commotion!"

yeah. he's been talking that way since before he was 2. just like sister.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

luke said...

from the van:
"hey seth, we were watching this show and the man said 'you're dead meat!' (insert laughs) that means you're meat that's dead."

while playng the wii:
luke chooses the pool game, only it is labeled as billiards. seth says "yea! we are playing pool!!"
luke says "nuh uh...we're playing bill boards!"

see, i should not always be held accountable for the things that come out of my kids mouths.

have a great weekend!

Friday, April 23, 2010

have mercy...

i just can't even take it...

Friday, April 16, 2010

are you better than me?

i have a feeling you probably are. this weekend is the weekend that i shall be buried alive under the rubble that is my children's summer clothes. this is what i hate about moving in to new seasons. i have to figure out what of luke's clothes he can still wear, what can be passed down to seth and what each of them lack. and holy moses, i am seriously dreading sister's closet. i am so greatful for hand me downs, but these are the hand me downs that folks want back. and that means i have a good 3 seperate piles to make (and pray that if they didn't label them, that i did!) then buying whatever she lacks. oh, and putting it all away (the worst part i'm sure. i mean, it's why my clean laundry sits in a basket and i just pick out of it during the week. do yall do that? no? it's just me? ok, well whatever you do, don't tell me you put your laundry up the same day. we'll have to break up.)

do any of you know any professional organizers? i used to be good at it. i used to be a little OCD with my cleaning. yes, it was a control thing. when i became outnumbered 4.5 years ago with the kiddos, i had to give up on that dream. what's your best tip? or who wants to come do it for me?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

secret weapons

with as sporadic as i have been on here lately, i may actually be alone as far as an audience goes, but that's ok. i'm a pro at talking to myself. and speakin' of big talkers, the reason for this post is little mister seth jackson.

as i live and breathe, he will be the death of me. i know it. God gave me that little copperhead snake to try to make me crazy. i am a believer. the child has been talking in nearly full sentences since before he was 2. and it just kept getting worse. i'm sure i've mentioned it. but we have a SERIOUS backtalking/attitude issue with this little man. and sometimes, i just run out of options. such was the case this past week. the little man, cute as he is, has been on a serious mouth tirade for about a week and a half with no hope in sight of chillin' it. i didn't want to have to do it, but sometimes a mama has just seriously had enough. i had to call in the big guns. i'm not talkin' taking toys away. i'm not talking time outs or spankings or anything like that. yall, i had to call POP. for those of you not in the know, pop is my dad. he and seth are like peas and carrots. there isn't anyone better in my little sethy's eyes (and it may be that way for pop, even though i'm sure he loves all 5 the same. but they have a special bond for sure.) but i had to do it. i warned him. i told him that if he couldn't cool it i would call pop and let him know how ugly his mouth had been. i met my breaking point after MMO on tuesday when he had not been the car 30 minutes before he was all attitudinal. pop was in tampa on business. i didn't seem to care. but i'll tell you this...i haven't heard a word from him today. pop let him know that he was disappointed that seth had broken his promise to be good and that if he didn't get it turned around, he wouldn't get to come to his house when school is out (and this is a big deal b/c he has never been without us...and i'm ALLLLL for it!!) don't get me wrong, my sethy is a tender hearted little fella. he can put out some crocodile tears when you sit him down to talk to him (which he did with about 3 words from pop.) but man...

i'm tellin' ya...i am certainly not against having a secret weapon and using it. the key is not to abuse it that way it always works. so, the question is, do you have a secret weapon? please share.

Friday, April 2, 2010


i don't know about yall, but i'm ready for summer. even though it will come with it's own craziness (aka swimming lessons and potty training and the taking away of the "sassy", and putting the house back on the market) we won't have things going on every single day. i'm a simple girl, really. i enjoy reading and sewing and being outside. i enjoy having a clean home that never is and home cooked meals that include fresh vegetables. winter kills me. winter with kids in school and sports...i didn't know what i was getting myself into.

but enough whining. on a blog i read several months ago (cause i won't lie, i haven't read one in about 2 months now), i saw where a lady made a list of the things she wanted to accomplish by the time she turned 35. i thought that was a supercute idea and i made my own list. so in honor of my birthday that was this past monday (thanks for the facebook wishes btw), my list of things to accomplish by the time i turn 35. i figure if i give myself 3 years, surely i can do it!

so...my 35x35

1. attain and maintain a healthy weight
2. become a daily Bible reader/studier
3. grow out my hair enough to donate to locks of love (this is big since i have had it REALLY short for several years now! but it's chin length again, so progress!)
4. run once a week with my husband (shoot, run period.)
5. exercise daily
6. learn to play guitar
7. go on another cruise
8. do something Disney related
9. buy a monogramming machine
10. sell this house and move
11. be debt free
12. organize my garage (that's like saving the world at this point)
13. meet several of my blog friends
14. write a letter to each of my kids
15. take each of my kids on a trip alone
16. make the trip to dothan with all the kids by myself (just to prove i can)
17. take a photography class (or at least lessons from a pro)
18. take first girls trip with monica and joanna
19. get back to posting 3x week on my blog
20. give blood
21. get on the national bone marrow donor's list
22. do something cultural (like go to a museum or play or at least get hillary to invite me to one of those sips and strokes things...although i don't sip. how bout somebody host a dip and dabble...you know, eat and paint...but that contradicts number 1 doesn't it?)
23. have a monthly girl date (which could include meeting more of my blog gals) and my birmingham lovelies...i'm not too far from you, you know
23. buy a bike to ride with the kids
24. back to weekly meal plans/coupons
25. host something (party/brunch/shower)
26. new family portrait
27. take my mama on an overnight trip
28. freeze fresh veggies this summer
29. midnight showing of eclipse and breaking dawn (cause i'm a nerd)
30. read some of the classics
31. find a really good chicken salad recipe
32. cut down to one DDP a day
33. drink tons of water
34. visit ellen in las vegas
35. try to talk my husband in to letting me go to NYC to see anna b without him (cause he has never been and really wants to go. can't i count it as a scouting trip for the 2 of us??)

hope you liked it. hope you'll hold me to it. and by the way, AC has bumped her vocab up to 3 word sentences. (yuck..dat goss-yuck that's gross-, wook...see da fowers?-look, see the flowers) a lot of things are "look...see the...whatever she's looking at. and she will also give me the stink eye, cross her arms over her chest and huff at me. next up...the eye roll.

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