Tuesday, April 27, 2010

seth said...

i never know what to expect when seth's MMO teacher wants to tell me something seth has said. but i'll go ahead and brag that it's usually good. he is apparently an angel at school. at least his "upbrangin'" is showing somewhere, if not always here. so today, from the tenderhearted copperheaded snake:

one of his little friends had been to the doctor that morning and told seth he had a boo-boo b/c he had his blood drawn. seth, the tenderhearted, patted him on the hand and said "it's ok. i know it hurts. it hurts worse than death."

and on the way home from the same MMO:
we are riding in the car and in a short, but really heavy rain storm that had hail. sister is crying b/c it is so loud and seth had his ears covered.

i said "man. that was rain AND hail. hail is when ice comes out of the sky." (cause my kids know what hell is and i was trying to explain the difference.)
seth said "you know what a commotion is mama? a commotion is a really loud noise and THAT was a commotion!"

yeah. he's been talking that way since before he was 2. just like sister.

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