Friday, April 16, 2010

are you better than me?

i have a feeling you probably are. this weekend is the weekend that i shall be buried alive under the rubble that is my children's summer clothes. this is what i hate about moving in to new seasons. i have to figure out what of luke's clothes he can still wear, what can be passed down to seth and what each of them lack. and holy moses, i am seriously dreading sister's closet. i am so greatful for hand me downs, but these are the hand me downs that folks want back. and that means i have a good 3 seperate piles to make (and pray that if they didn't label them, that i did!) then buying whatever she lacks. oh, and putting it all away (the worst part i'm sure. i mean, it's why my clean laundry sits in a basket and i just pick out of it during the week. do yall do that? no? it's just me? ok, well whatever you do, don't tell me you put your laundry up the same day. we'll have to break up.)

do any of you know any professional organizers? i used to be good at it. i used to be a little OCD with my cleaning. yes, it was a control thing. when i became outnumbered 4.5 years ago with the kiddos, i had to give up on that dream. what's your best tip? or who wants to come do it for me?


Tiffany said...

Here's an idea for the to-be-returned hand-me-downs: (that was a lot of hyphens!)

Just take a photo or two of all of the outfits someone gave you. Lay them all out on the bed, make a little sign that says: "Smith" or what have you, and then snap the picture. That way, even if you DID label it and the label comes off in the wash, you can refer to your handy photo guide to know to whom each item needs to be returned.

Or maybe that's just a crap idea. I don't know. I don't have kids. I'm just throwing that out there in an effort to be helpful...

Sabrina said...

That really is a great suggestion of taking pictures of the outfits! I totally have your back on the laundry thing. Except instead of pulling out of the laundry basket, I sort it all out on the dining room table!!! HAHA. The stuff hanging in the closet is the opposite season!!!!!!!! By the time we get the kids fed, bathed and in the bed I am just too tired to try and hang up the clothes.
Hopefully things will change soon. Abbie Grace got tubes on Thursday morning. She has been waking up like four times a night for the past four months! Last night she only woke up once.

Melissa said...

I know how it is with the laundry thing. I'll just leave it in the dryer sometimes and we'll pick out of it during the week. As far as the cleaning, my best advice is to get a cleaning lady! That is like our little present to ourselves. We do not want to spend all our free weekend time cleaning, and like you, I'm kinda OCD about the house being clean. We decided we'd cut back somewhere else in the budget if need be in order to have someone come in every two weeks and clean. Wish I could let you borrow mine, but it's a little far away!

Christy Tate said...

A really good friend of mine from preaching school owns her own organizing business. Her name is Cammie Evans and she is a friend on my facebook. You should be able to find her under my page either under friends or my groups. Good Luck and I hope this helps.

Phillips Phamily Mama said...

Just did it. Don't love it!

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