Wednesday, April 7, 2010

secret weapons

with as sporadic as i have been on here lately, i may actually be alone as far as an audience goes, but that's ok. i'm a pro at talking to myself. and speakin' of big talkers, the reason for this post is little mister seth jackson.

as i live and breathe, he will be the death of me. i know it. God gave me that little copperhead snake to try to make me crazy. i am a believer. the child has been talking in nearly full sentences since before he was 2. and it just kept getting worse. i'm sure i've mentioned it. but we have a SERIOUS backtalking/attitude issue with this little man. and sometimes, i just run out of options. such was the case this past week. the little man, cute as he is, has been on a serious mouth tirade for about a week and a half with no hope in sight of chillin' it. i didn't want to have to do it, but sometimes a mama has just seriously had enough. i had to call in the big guns. i'm not talkin' taking toys away. i'm not talking time outs or spankings or anything like that. yall, i had to call POP. for those of you not in the know, pop is my dad. he and seth are like peas and carrots. there isn't anyone better in my little sethy's eyes (and it may be that way for pop, even though i'm sure he loves all 5 the same. but they have a special bond for sure.) but i had to do it. i warned him. i told him that if he couldn't cool it i would call pop and let him know how ugly his mouth had been. i met my breaking point after MMO on tuesday when he had not been the car 30 minutes before he was all attitudinal. pop was in tampa on business. i didn't seem to care. but i'll tell you this...i haven't heard a word from him today. pop let him know that he was disappointed that seth had broken his promise to be good and that if he didn't get it turned around, he wouldn't get to come to his house when school is out (and this is a big deal b/c he has never been without us...and i'm ALLLLL for it!!) don't get me wrong, my sethy is a tender hearted little fella. he can put out some crocodile tears when you sit him down to talk to him (which he did with about 3 words from pop.) but man...

i'm tellin' ya...i am certainly not against having a secret weapon and using it. the key is not to abuse it that way it always works. so, the question is, do you have a secret weapon? please share.


Ivy said...

I'm still in the audience!! I hope sweet Seth shapes up soon:)

Melissa said...

I'm still here too! I know what you mean with the attitude. The older Matthew gets, the more I battle it. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out a secret weapon!

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