Monday, November 21, 2011

a little trip

soooo...long time, huh? i just got back from a long weekend trip out to las vegas to visit my friend Ellen. We had an awesome time and i'm so thankful to my husband for making this trip happen for me. he's the best! first thing we did...was see this little bit of sweetness (which was from 2-4 AM my time...and i had been up since 6!)

Otherthings we did...

things i didn't do: gamble, drink, get a tattoo, see a show, see Elvis or Barry Manilow, or take one of those cards that people try to give you every two feet for an x-rated encounter. I did stand like 6 inches from Jose Canseco and didn't realize it until someone called out his name. He's a big dude, but not 'roided up like he used to be. Just in case you were wondering. OH, I also got to go out to Nellis AFB and happened to see a few stunts by the...stunt planes...can't remember their names. it wasn't for a whole show. we just happened to catch a few end stunts. anyway, it was a fun time and micah was awesome enough to work from home and take care of the kids so that i could unwind and have a great time! hopefully next time, he'll get to come with me!

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