Thursday, November 30, 2006

T-Day Vaca & the Next Big Thing

We left last week and went to Dothan from Tuesday through Saturday. Dothan is a good 6 hour trip for us including the stop for lunch. Fortunately right now, Luke hates and refuses to potty in public places, so we don't have to stop every 10 minutes for a break. And yes, when we went to the beach and this trip, both ways, my son held it for 6 hours. Not healthy, but what can you do with a stubborn 3 year old? (that is a sincere question. all me.) It was a basically uneventful trip. Seth doesn't sleep in the car, so of course he was a delight. Dorothy said it best..."there's no place like home!" Micah and I just aren't good travelers. Even before children...we are good for maybe 4 days and then we want to be at home. I'm glad our honeymoon wasn't longer than that because we were ready to get off the boat and be in our own place. We are weird, I know. I got to spend time with my parents, both sets, my brother's family and even spend a few girl hours with a good friend that i only get to see maybe once a year. We really needed it. Micah will be gone next week to Houston, so all I can do is ask for prayers on mine and my children's behalves. It will be a doozy of a week thanks to the "oh my stars even worse 3s" and the constant battle of the wills and limit testing. Fun times. Seth cut 3 teeth in the last 2 weeks and we have 2-3 more on the way. So again, more fun times! I feel like i'm just kind of hitting the wall on mommyhood these days. I know it will get better. But that knowledge actually doesn't help me now.

Moving on...Christmas. It will be a little different dynamic this year for the Tuckers. We have a new member (welcome Jeff!) and the McGee part of our family will be at their home on Christmas morning as will we. We both feel it is important for Santa to come to our kids' house and that we wil not be traveling on Christmas day. I'm excited because i fully intend on cooking a big lunch, even if it is just the 4 of us. And we will all get together probably during the week. I'm not sure yet. But every year when we do the big Christmas all together, presents are opened one at a time in rounds from youngest to oldest. Yes, this takes hours (no exageration) and is a humongous pain, especially when 2 of the youngest are yours. But, I'm just gonna let them run wild. Christmas is about them (everyone's kids, not just mine) and I don't think they should have to wait on their toys! I did make the suggestion to stop buying every adult their own gift as we are broke and it is really just getting out of hand. (it's a big family!) Fortunately, that worked. So hopefully things will go a little quicker and smoother this year. I have mucho shopping to get done and am hoping I can make a good dent this weekend. We are also taking the kids to Santa's Village in Huntsville this weekend, so that should be fun. I know Luke will love it! I also am gonna try to get our Christmas cards done this weekend. So if you have moved in the last year, send me your new address! Mine and Micah's anniversary is coming up on the 16th (6 years married, 10 years together). I told him i wanted an actual date and that i didn't intend on planning anything or suggesting anything (because it has probably been 10 years since that happened!) He is just supposed to tell me what time to be ready, secure the babysitting, and let's go.

So that is basically it in the life of these Tuckers. Boring. We don't have any fun Christmas parties to attend or anything special going on. But that is us. Luke has a Christmas program at school in a couple of weeks so I'll post pics (let's hope i remember my camera)!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Just complaining

year 2 without getting to trick or treat for luke. last year he got sick for the first time. this year it rained. thank goodness we went to trunk or treat at plainview on saturday. luke did have to miss his preschool class party yesterday due to us having some morning time discipline issues. it's all about battle of the wills at our house and the sad thing is that i'm winning and he doesn't realize it. seth is taking about 4-5 steps now and will let go on his own to try to take some. he sings "e-i-e-i-e-i.." when we sing old mcdonald. that was luke's first song also. laura (micah's younger sister) gets married next weekend and emily (his older sister) is having a girl. so a few boys may get forgotten about for a little while i'm afraid come spring. that's about it for this update. hopefully here are a few pics of what has been going on in our house.
ok...or not. i'll try the pics again later.

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