Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Just complaining

year 2 without getting to trick or treat for luke. last year he got sick for the first time. this year it rained. thank goodness we went to trunk or treat at plainview on saturday. luke did have to miss his preschool class party yesterday due to us having some morning time discipline issues. it's all about battle of the wills at our house and the sad thing is that i'm winning and he doesn't realize it. seth is taking about 4-5 steps now and will let go on his own to try to take some. he sings "e-i-e-i-e-i.." when we sing old mcdonald. that was luke's first song also. laura (micah's younger sister) gets married next weekend and emily (his older sister) is having a girl. so a few boys may get forgotten about for a little while i'm afraid come spring. that's about it for this update. hopefully here are a few pics of what has been going on in our house.
ok...or not. i'll try the pics again later.

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