Saturday, October 21, 2006

In Other News

I know i am seriously behind. It has been crazy around our house and this week was the first of normalcy we have had in a while. I don't have much in birthday pics, thanks Micah, but i'll put up what I have at a later date. I do have a few new ones that should suffice for now. Anywho, the kiddos had their annual check up last week and everyone is big and healthy. Luke is 40 inches and 38 lbs (95% on both) and Seth is 31 & 3/8 inches and 26 lbs (93%). Seth still isn't walking. He is the laziest little thing. He has good balance and will cruise with the best of them. Luke is doing great in preschool. He LOVES it! This month they are gonna have a Halloween party so I bet that will be super cute! He is gonna be a sherriff (as in Sherriff Woody, but much cuter) and Seth is gonna be a pumpkin. We are gonna take them to Trunk-or-Treat at Frances' church next Saturday. This will be the first time Luke has ever been trick-or-treating because he was sick last year and didn't get to go. He may not like it at first, but once he realizes these people are gonna give him candy, he should be all over it!

In other not so interesting news, a friend and I joined the Wellness Center and I have been going 5x a week. It has been really fun (and therapeutic since it gets me out several nights a week for an hour or so.) I am off of work for a month and then I will start working on Thursdays sometime after Laura's wedding (Micah's sister) which is November 11th. Micah's other sister, Emily, is due to have a baby in March and should be finding out what she is having on Monday. I think everyone but one is hoping for another boy. Lots of people having babies all around me and for once in my life...i DO NOT have that fever LOL!! The 2 I've got are plenty for now.

Everyone say a little prayer for Sethy. Mama is gettin some Hulk Hogan biceps carrying that young'un around!

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Meredith said...

Good to get some new news from you! Good for you with the wellness center!! I've been sitting on my lard a** everyday. I've GOT to find some motivation somewhere! You'd think that looking in the mirror and trying on clothes would do it! Be sure and let me know what Emily finds out Monday!

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