Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Fun 2012

before i give you a rewind...here's what we'll be up to this summer.  make your own list.  b/c see, even if you buy shaved ice every single week, it you put it on a list and let them check it off, only then does it become an event and more special!  outsmart them while you can, sisters!

Monday, May 21, 2012

once upon a time & a giveaway

hi. i'm becky. i used to blog here.  somewhat regularly.  but then those baby birds over there started getting all big and into so many things and changing the rules and requirements of my job on me.  i'm on the fence about it if i'm being honest.  while they no longer need me for some things (opening snacks, getting something to drink), now they need me for other things (drive us to this practice or game or class, wash this uniform, can we go bowling?--and the answer to that last one is always yes!)

so, i have plenty to catch up on in the last three months, but first, why not go visit meg and check out the 3M Mobile Projector she's trying out and leave her a comment to win a $150 Target gift card.

i'll be back soon.  all the photos are already downloaded and the fact that i've taken time to do that speaks volumes.  i even have a few things to tell you about that i learned during baseball season that kept us cool and occupied while spending hours at the field. 

later gators!

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