Wednesday, September 19, 2007


we started back to preschool a couple of weeks ago. Luke's teacher is the one who first taught him when we started going to Madison last year. so he already knew her and loves her. he just gets out and runs to class. it is NICE!! he loved school last year and this year he is going 2 days a week. so we are driving 200 miles just in back & forth to church (meaning for church and school) every week!!

anyway, these are a few things he has said lately:

i had been telling him something, like what all we were about to be doing i think and at the end i said "ok, Luke?" and he said "whatever you say, mama." (bored sarcastic tone and all!)

today we were leaving the carwash and they love for me to use the big "vacuum hose". well, i didn't need it today and when they had asked me for the 10th time in a row, i just quit answering. the next conversation was this:

Seth: use a 'macuum hose'?
Luke: no, seth...not today.
Seth: not today?
Luke: that's correct...not today. (same tone as above.)

and sunday was the best. we were on our way home from church and seth was whining about who knows what when micah and i had had enough. but before we could say anything we hear Luke say "Sef, I'm ready to put you in the bed!" and before we could even get home, he changed his mind and said " are going STRAIGHT to bed!"

mama and daddy laughed alllll the way home!

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