Monday, April 20, 2009

never let it be said...

that if you want food brought to you, i'm not your woman. in FACT, i am EXACTLY that woman. i love it so much. this went to the families at the Blount Hospitality House in Huntsville. our ladies ministry takes food to them every week. there are so many volunteers, i only have to do it once a year!! (Darby, that's your southwest chicken soup, with the addition of a can of corn and a can of rotel. thanks again for that super yummy and easy recipe!!) we take a main course, a side item and dessert.
so they also got some mexican corn bread with green chilis and cheese added in...
and stuff for strawberry shortcake and chocolate chip mini muffins...
i'm sure i went a little overboard. but i didn't know for how many. and i just LOVE to cook and take to folks!!
the friday of easter, my mom and i took in the sights of dothan's finest antiques. and let me say, i think we only made a dent. we went to 3 stores and actually kind of rushed in the last one. first, we started at the new one on the south side of the circle where Kmart know, that store that USED to be a FOOD WORLD? yall, when i walked in, i nearly laid down right there in the floor and wallered. i was in antique heaven. not only because of how huge the store was, and not because of how much they had, but because of how clean and ORGANIZED it was. seriously...i will stand up and give a golf clap to those folks. they have it going on. it was a treasure trove of furniture (where i found the little sister to my great grandmother's china cabinet that sits in my dining room), china, jewelry, kitchen stuff...i'm getting all giddy just thinking about it again. i can't wait to go back and lollygag. and speaking of kitchen stuff, a few weeks ago, again, my so visual blog/phone tag friend, Darby, posted a picture of the lovelies her mom brought to her. i nearly died over the vintage Pyrex nesting mixing bowls. they were gorgeous and RIGHT up my alley. i had "the lust" for them that very day and couldn't get them out of my mind. i know my glass Anchor bowls may have noticed that i didn't love then in quite the same way. i mean i have used them every day since i got them 8.5 years ago. but what they didn't know is that mama was just looking for them some friends to help out so that they can sometimes enjoy their soak after a good mixin' (see the need for more in the pics above!!) anywho, so i was on a mission. and of course, this store had what i needed. but i didn't know if i was gonna justify the price tag. so i kept on pouting looking as we made our way through the store. i decided that i'd leave them for now, and see if i could find a better price. besides, we had been there 1.5 hours and micah was ready for us to come get him for lunch. (and i'll say now, that while mexican connection has seriously done itself a disservice in losing the ambiance, it is still worth the 6 hours down there for those honkin' flour chipped chicken and cheese nachos. i keep hoping that by mentioning that, they'll give me a discount. not so much. anyway, as we went to our 3rd store (the purchase from the 2nd to come in just a second), i was still looking for those bowls (in good condition). we found one set, for not much less, but in much more...we'll say "loved" condition. pouty mcpouterson still walking around the Highlands, but wanting to lick most things i saw. when my mom and i were admiring a pie safe and what do we find INSIDE??? these beauties!!!

well, not these exact ones. but they basically look like they are in the same condition. i just stole this photo along with the next ones b/c they are good. i think i'm in love with i'm just saying. i couldn't resist any longer. they were meant to be mine and make the trip back to athens with me. and they DID. i have already given them a home next to their cousins and they are glad to share the load. next on my list are these little beauties. they are refrigerator boxes. i just adore them. aren't they special?? i had to leave those in dothan, but i did find them at my 2nd stop.

i'd also take these if you are looking to get me something. they have LIDS!!! and i love the color. DELISH!!

and i also found some pink ones (a set of 4, not this particular one) that i think are equally fantastic. i am thinking about writing pyrex and asking them to bring them back in october for breast cancer awareness month. wouldn't that be fun??

and speaking of pink...that leads me to our 2nd store. it's the yellow house on brannon stand. i think it is called cottage antiques. i love the smell when you walk in there. (it reminds me of my meemaw's cedar chest that i now have and used to love to play in to see all the goodies.) anyway, my mama calls her the linen lady. i can see why. i would also like to venture that she could be the kitchen and cookie cutter lady!! i don't know how many rolling pins i saw that i'd love to have. anyway, while digging in the closets, she showed me these gorgeous ladies...

i believe i gasped out loud!! they are vintage and hand embroidered. and i KNOW they are gonna look fantastic on my angel girl in the form of pillowcase dresses. they remind me so much of the pillowcases that my "dinkle-great-great grandmother" made with tatting (i think it is called) that are sitting in my cedar chest...waiting to be sewn into love for my angel. i'll post a pic of them at a later day.

anyway, i hope you enjoyed this eye candy as much as i did! it has been a busy day with more to come this week. tomorrow is preschool and ally claire to have her ears rechecked before we see if tubes are in our future (tube-pro moms {TARA esp!!} help me out here on the guidelines), wednesday and thursday is FINALLY my thyroid scan (glow little glow worm) plus preschool and church, and then sweet friday will be here. i'm already tired!!


Susannah said...

You're right, it's called tatting. My mom and I love all those antique glorious pillowcases. I have some that say "The Lord is My Shephard" and His and Hers, so fabulous! The lady who owns Cottage Antiques is momma's neighbor. She too, is fabulous, so much fun! Good luck with A.C. ear check, I KNOW how that goes and good luck with the thyroid scan. It'll be good news...:)

Kellie said...

Great finds! I have those ssame nesting bowls and refrigerator dishes - they were all wedding gifts from my sweet MIL!!!! I use them EVERY day!!!! They're keepers that you can one day pass on to Ally Claire! Hope all the tests go well and her ears are fine! Wilson had tubes and I say it's the WAY TO GO!!!!!

Etta said...

I remember Mawmaw had that smallest refrigerator box (she may have had more). I always just thought it was so cute and she used it all the time. I can still remember it.

Darby said...

Just STOP! You're making me want to lick my screen... the food, the bowls, the linens! Oh my! I meant to ask you if you got them at Land of Cotton because I saw them there... and I'm with you... the $80 price tag sounded a little high... I think mom paid $60 and mine are in great condition. So glad you found them at Highlands!! What fun!!! And those refrigerator boxes are awesome... but be warned the old ones can go from frige to hot oven... I'm broken a few mistaking them for the newer "reproductions"... have a great night!

Tiffany said...

Gasp! Gasp!

These. Are. All. Fabulous.

The bowls, the boxes, the pillow cases (the Mexican food...) -- we have GOT to hang out some time. These finds are just way too wonderful. You really know how to find 'em!!!

Jan said...

Me = super jealous of those bowls!!

Tubes are the way to go! The procedure takes like 10 minutes. Hannah was completely back to her old self 10 minutes after they brought her out. After all those ear infections it was so worth it. I've been considering them for me and all my ear issues! =)

Sabrina said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the bowls. And you will have to let me know exactly what you are talking about with the pillowcase dresses.....I'm not sure I have ever seen one.
Good luck on your tests later this week. So far, we haven't had to have tubes (knock on wood.) We did get as far as the ENT, but they felt Lucius didn't need them.

Tiffany said...

Here is a link to some pillowcase dress images so you can better envision sweet Ally-Claire done up in one.

Becky, she is going to look absolutly precious in those once you get the dresses done. Please be sure to post pictures!

(In the interest of full disclosure, I should add that the pillowcase dress images are by a woman named Janay who lives in Tallahassee and went to my church there AND is a phenomenal, blow-your-mind-talented seamstress. Check out her full site -- her projects are way too much fun!)

aedozier said...

I have that big yellow one! Mom handed it down to me and I would give anything to have the other ones. They hold up so well!
As for the tubes, email me. MM has her second set...did I mention she's not quite 2! We've had a time with her ears. To be expected, I had 5 sets of tubes.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I have so many words, but can't remember all my comments! I wish this was a conversation and I could interrupt when I needed to.
OK- yes, the Mex has gone wrong on location and attitude? Do you recall the great "kick out" of 08?
And the linens are to die for. I don't have girls and don't have a crafty pinkie, so I'll have to learn what the pillowcase dress is from you. AND those bowls are AWESOME! I love that the others were shunned. SO TRUE how that happens!! Love your finds!!! who knew all those goodies were in Dothan?
OOOOOHHH! My good friend Marydae runs the BLount House and if you are ever over in Huntsville again without telling me I'm going to beat you with a pyrex bowl.

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