Monday, February 8, 2010

music monday: mamacuh

today, i'm departing from the norm a little bit. my monica is having a baby. this is her first and she is due in 32 days. she is having a baby girl. she tried and prayed for this angel for almost 2 years and now she is almost here!! i don't even have words for how every happy and excited i am. now, i am putting my friendship on major probation here by doing this. and i accept full accountability. but i just couldn't help it.

monica, i love you more than life. you have been good to me for too many years. and not just to me, but my whole family. you have the biggest heart of anyone i know. your life has never taken an easy path, but you have dealt with everything you have been given with dignity and grace, overcoming too many obstacles to count. you are going to be an awesome mom. it is the hardest, bestest job any woman could ever have and i know you of all people are up for the challenge it will bring. i can't wait to raise our baby girls together, with ally claire being the big sister to joanna. i just hope AC gets as good of a little sister as i did (cause you know i'm gonna teach her to kick some tail and tell people off. and i'll expect joanna to teach her to shoot a gun...with earplugs and shoulder padding.) anyway, all that to say, i love you and i can't wait to meet her!!

here is our song this week. it is called "tiny fingers tiny toes" by kevin derryberry. this is a long video, and the song doesn't start until 6:20 in. check it out. grab some tissue.

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CLS said...

Too sweet! I had tears in my eyes before I even got to the song!!

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