Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Luke!!

today, i officially have a big boy. Luke is 5!! Luke, I love you so much. you are the first baby i prayed for. i asked God to give me a little boy, and he quickly did. you were the first (and only) baby i labored with. that was a crazy day. looking back, i now realize that you have just always been a little high maintenance!!

you were meant to be the oldest. you have loved your siblings so much, especially as babies. right now, seth is your best friend, even though some days you can't tell. you are so protective of ally claire. and oh my goodness, you are so stinkin' smart. you amaze me with the things you say and remember.

you love playing dress up, coloring, drawing, spelling and are really starting to love to ride your bike. and music...like your mama, music absolutely moves you. you are still the pickiest eater i know, but it apparently doesn't phase you b/c you have always been tall and lean...but still in the 90+% in height and weight.

there is no more toddler or anything little about you. the only thing holding you back is this october birthday. i would probably have a small melt down if you were in kindergarten.

today will be a little sad because we have to get rid of a beloved friend...the blue blanket. you have had it since you were a baby. you have chewed the edges of it so much i had to cut them off and sew a hem all the way around. now, it is so gnarled and "holey" that we are going to let this be your last day with it.

i know you aren't excited, but i at least found a suitable replacement. (and let's not forget the one you have that is just like it that is cut into several small pieces so you can take it places and not drag a huge blanket like linus!!)

these last 5 years have absolutely flown by. i have been here for every minute and i wouldn't have missed it for the world!!


Manicuh said...


Vaughn said...

Happy Birthday Luke!!!

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

That is a precious note from mommy. I know he will cherish that in years to come.
Happy Birthday, big boy!
And have you read the book, "Owen"? We have several copies (as you can imagine if you have a child named Owen) and it is great- all about giving up a blankie for school and they end up cutting it into pieces like you did!

BASSakward Tales said...

Happy Birthday, Luke! I remember when your mommy told me she was pregnant with you. Yes mom these years do fly by...cherish them while they are here...they will soon be 9 & 16 like mine. Love you all!

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