Wednesday, October 15, 2008

today's reading will come from...

i have a ton to get done today, and because of that, i am gonna have to ban yall!! actually i have some mountains of laundry that i have to put up. if i don't get it done today, that might be the final strap on my straight jacket! also, sissy has her 4 month appointment this afternoon, so i may be tending to sore legs (my poor baby...2 teeth and a host of shots all in one week!)

but...i BEG you go go read
Darby's blog on Cookies for Kids Cancer today.


Darby said...

thanks, beck!

becky said...

no problem lady! and thanks for hosting my blog today!!

Dana said...

My least favorite job ever. I even like cooking more! Have fun with that! I have a basket waiting for me myself.


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