Thursday, March 12, 2009

thankful thursday::the return

it's been a while...

i bought this book. i'm excited to get started. i hope you'll leave me a comment on what you are reading or working on in your quiet time.

i have healthy kids who are extremely intelligent. and my middle man has started telling me "i love you momma" out of the blue multiple times a day. i need that from them. cause sometimes i wonder.

i have a man who takes care of us. he works hard and comes home and works harder. i hope he loves us a lot, cause i'll never upgrade. how do you go up from that?

spring is in the air. it's cold today, but i can see it coming. you can't hide forever.

we have a couple who seem really interested in our house. hopefully something good will come next week. that would be perfection.

i have clean laundry. unfortunately it still needs a maid to come put it up. wait...i am the maid.

i have an outlet (blogging.) it could probably stand to be something more beneficial like walking. but these days, i prefer mental health.

even though nap time is apparently not coming today, at least quiet time is mandatory at my house. semi-sanity...i'll take it.

i have some friends about to have babies in the next few weeks (and i owe you baby gifts for REAL!!) please bare (bear...) with me. in the mean time, i'm thankful that you and your little ones are healthy.

i have family, friends, and a God who forgives. is there anything better? i already know that answer.


Christy Tate said...

I have been reading Love Languages. It is an great book. They have a ton of versions, including for couples, for parents, etc. I highly recommend them. Hope all is going well. Love You!

Susannah said...

Yay for quiet times during the day and I'm the maid at our house too! Hope you enjoy your book and your weekend! ;)

BASSakward Tales said...

i am reading "Rachel's Children: Homelessness in America"...ok i know that sounds depressing but i love reading social science books...thanks for thankful thursday...i need to get back in the habit of that as ya and hope to see you soon...i hope

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Amen and amen.
I am about to start the Esther Bible Study at my hasienda next week and you are more than welcome to trek it over from A-town if you are interested!
I hear you about the maid. She is in strong demand these days and apparently- short supply.

Tony and Susan said...

i am once again thankful for thankful thursday! thanks for putting things in perspective for me!

Dana said...

We have started a book club at church. Well not exactly, at church because it's going to meet at Starbucks the last Friday of the month after the kids go to bed. Nothing like a girls night out to lure us there. This month we are doing "Unveiled" by Francine Rivers. It is the first in her series of novellas about the women in the Geneology of Jesus. I read it about five years ago. But this time, I have poured over Genesis over and over again trying to figure out how everything is connected. I just love coming across something that helps me see the Bible as a real story. I actually found the geneologies useful. The first time in my life I haven't skipped over them. I've also picked up a devotional book that I got at MOPS called "The Mommy Diaries" quite a few times lately. It's a good one for those days when you want to pull your hair out.

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