Thursday, March 26, 2009

minivan moments

the things you hear in transit:

the scene::the boys are digging in their backpacks for their "good day treats" after picking them up from MMO.

seth: mama, i had a great day! i got smarties.
luke: i had a good day too. i got a sucker.
me: seth, smarties mean you are smart.
seth: yep, they sure do!
luke: suckers mean you suck.
me: (stifling a laugh/snort combo) luke, it doesn't mean you suck. don't say that.
luke: people do suck mama. you know, like babies. they suck their "fumbs" ally claire sucks hers.
me: well, i guess. but sissy doesn't suck her thumb anymore. she likes a paci now.
luke: well, people still suck.

how do you argue that??


CL said...

This absolutely cracked me up! Thanks for the laugh!

Vaughn said...

that is so funny and so true!!

Ivy said...

Awww! What a smart boy! I see you liked my new friend I met at work today:) He even had a tatoo wedding ring (from his previous marriage).

Tiffany said...

That made me snort. Loudly.

Darby said...

I've got 3... make that 2 kids that suck and one that used to! :)

Anonymous said...

My mind has fast forwarded 7 years....I'm so sorry for your early death.

Christy Tate said...

Too honking cute!!!

amy kennedy said...

That is too funny!!! Good for you for writing these things down so you'll remember them later!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So young, yet so intuitive!

Tony and Susan said...

ha!! that is hilarious! and true...

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