Monday, December 15, 2008

just a disclaimer

i don't have much to post yet today b/c i'm trying to clean the house and wash up some clothes before wednesday sneaks up on me. tomorrow will be busy as it's the kids last day of preschool until after the new year (pout!) and they have their christmas party. sis has our friend harriette coming to stay with her and wednseday morning my MIL will be here with the kids. so plenty to do for this OCDer to make everyone else have an easier job since i won't be able to do it.

also, tomorrow is my anniversary and i'm hoping i can write a little something tonight so it will post tomorrow since i may not see my computer (at least not to post) until thursday. (you didn't think i could go a day without at least reading my stories did you??)

both boys are broken out in a rash (fifth disease) from head to toe. i'm hoping it is gone by Christmas. (some sites say it goes away in 5 days, some say 1-3 weeks.) sethy bean looks like he has leprocy. he is just way more sensitive skinned than luke. so far sis is ok. they never had any of the cold/flu symptoms. just woke up covered in a rash. like to scared me to death.

anyway, my disclaimer is this...if you have a traffic feed and florence, south carolina shows's me. i'm not sure why. you don't have a stalker (well...i guess you do), but it's one you have come to know and love. just thought i should tell you in case you got concerned.

have a good week ladies!!


Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

Fifth's disease is nothing to be scared of. I bet it will go away quickly. My kid's haven't had it, but a girl in Owen's preschool class did and she was fine in a couple of days. Hope you get it all done today!! Love ya!

becky said...

yeah. i had it as a kid. i need to post the pics. they look terrible!!

Tony and Susan said...

i need to get a traffic feed. i'm afraid it'll drive me crazy, though, because i will want to know who it is :)


becky said...


Vaughn said...

Zach had it when he was in Kindergarten. It came and went, it would flare up when he would get hot. One day it just disappeared!

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