Monday, January 5, 2009

you wanted something new?

surely you haven't tired of looking at the train in our toilet?! oh, alright. well, we had our last round of christmas and company this past weekend and we had the best time. my brother, my sister (in-law, but i love her like the real thing, but so that you know that my family tree really does fork and you know we aren't incestuous, sister in law) and my 2 nephews came to see us. the insanity wasn't in the fact that i had boys ages 6,5,4 & 3 all under one roof (not including 2 grown-ish men). the insanity was the fact that they brought their wii with them. first, let's talk about the mii's. for those of you not in the know (which was me until friday...or should i say mii??) a mii is an avatar that you make to look like yourself. yall, the one that they made of my mama is honkin scary. scary like it looks just like her. it's crazy!! now, to clarify my "grown-ish men" comment, let me just say that there was trash talkin. and not between the grown ups. between the grown ups and my 6 year old nephew, jamey. i'll admit. the worst was between me and jamey. i kicked his "pro" tail in bowling. and he got mad that i could throw a 93 mile an hour fast ball. but that's ok b/c i didn't get to figure out how to throw a screwball or a splitter. and to say that my arm was sore yesterday is an understatement. who knew i was that out of shape? of course, i tried my hardest to win (because i have no shame) and the word "cheater" actually came out of my husband's mouth. yep. we are hard core!! little sister was plenty spoiled by her aunt sherri. we had good food and good fun and what else could you ask for?

yesterday i got to go retrieve my christmas present from sam's. i was so excited. they are basically calphalon, but sam's brand. you have to do the whole seasoning thing and the whole she-bang. and they have a lifetime warranty. this better be the last set i buy. also, i'd like to take this little moment to brag on my hubs yesterday. it was my turn to take the boys to church. (we are alternating sundays and wednesdays b/c sister can't seem to manage to stay awake for 3+ hours...time it would take from getting her up, going and coming home without being a complete turkey and she will only fall asleep in her bed and taking her right now completely nullifies the purpose to be there.) anyway, during my morning, he did some dishes, did some laundry, took care of the sis, vacuumed the floors and cooked lunch. then, while i was off to do the grocery shopping, he did more laundry and put it away, all while having the 3 kids. oh, and i forgot to mention that he got the boys ready and got their church bags ready (like he does every week) while i was getting ready. he is a much better wife and mom than i am and i told him how much i appreciate him...and that he was giving me a bad name!!

and now without further adieu...
Menu Monday
(this one isn't anything special. basically i went through our pantry, fridge and freezer and decided to make as much as i could with what we had and only buy what we needed to fill in the holes. my grocery bill this time was TINY!!!)

Sunday lunch-hamburger helper
sunday night-leftovers

monday-becky out to PF Chang's with Ellen (our last supper before her air force stuff), pita bread pizza for every one else, AC, bottle, sweet potatoes and apricots

tuesday-chicken enchiladas (were in freezer made last time)

wednesday-grilled shrimp (made on this which i also got for christmas), corn on the cob, salad and bread

thursday-chicken casserole, mashed potatoes, english peas

friday-taco salad

saturday-grilled chicken, cream corn and salad

and in true becky tucker fashion, i haven't gotten any pics uploaded, so probably none of this in intersting without the pics to see it in person. but soon, chickens. soon. i must reclaim my house and get those taggie blankets in the mail. you DO still want them, right? they are all addressed, and i even took the time to choose the ribbon especially for each and every one. (so some are definitely more boy friendly!)

later sweet taters!!


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

You have an awesome husband! And, I love your Christmas present. I also can't wait for your friend to get out here to Vegas...where there is NO chick-fil-a...ugh.

Darby said...

i still want my taggie... and congrats on your new cookware! it's sounds just delightful... please post pics of it soon!

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

I didn't mind your train in the toilet because it looks very similar to my house/ toilet.
And I got the EXACT SAME cookware for Christmas!! I wish I had known to season it. Hmmm. E-mail me what you did.
And I wish I had that grill! YUMMY!
Have fun at PF Chang's!! One of my favorites! Let's meet there sometime!

Susannah said...

I still want mine, Anderson is putting everything into his mouth! cAN'T WAIT!! Post pics when you can!;)

Tara said...

I LOVE chicken enchiladas. I also love pita bread pizza, but no one else here does.

Just a note about my breakfasts... That is my favorite meal of the day and I guess it has rubbed off on the girls. Most of what I fix doesn't take long or I make ahead of time and freeze so I can sleep in a few extra minutes.

My goal this year is to make it in time for Alex to eat it (at least on most days) and reheat it for the girls. I haven't done that since he was in Dothan long before kids and his hour commute. He likes to sleep the extra 15 mintues and eat on the way as opposed to sitting down with his lovely wife for a few extra mintues. And I like a few extra winks myself. We'll see how it works. Enjoy your week!

Vaughn said...

I still would love to have mine! A special gift for my new nephew made with sweet!!

by the way, i look forward to your post!

Sarah said...

Wow, I do believe Micah deserves some kind of Husband of the Year award! He totally rocks!

Kellie said...

Oh, you bet I wtill want mine! Completely jealous of the new cookware - I'm bad about putting mine in the dishwasher - doesn't do much for the look of it!

Dana said...

Does Micah give training courses? I would pay top dollar for that!

Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas!

Tony and Susan said...

awe! your hubby rocks almost as much as mine! and my wii me looked freakishly exactly like me!!

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