Tuesday, January 20, 2009

we have talked about this before

i am certain i have OCD issues. and now, i'm thinking ADD as well. (am i lucky that i don't have the adHd diagnosis? or does that just make me lazy?) anyway, as you can tell, boredom has struck and i have not only changed the look of my blog, but also the name. i'm not sure why. and i can't get it just how i want it. i really prefer a 3 column look b/c i have plenty of links on the side. and can i just be honest and tell you that there are plenty more in my favorites. i know, i need to give in and put them all on reader. hey, does anyone out there want to tell me how to make a custom header? if i can figure that out, then i may go basic and just change that from time to time. (i think i have paint shop.)

anyway...today is his birthday!

the tall brunette in the back, not the red heads. (but how hilarious is seth in this picture? it is TRULY his little attitude! but i could smother that little mouth with kisses!)

back to the birthday boy...he is good to us, yall! he works hard so i don't have to and takes over when he gets home. he puts down the seat without being asked and loves a good chocolate fix as much as i do. i know we are M.F.E.O. i mean, how many of your men truly like "You've Got Mail" and will watch it on their very own? (as long as nothing harry potter is on an opposing channel!) i love ya babe! happy birthday!!


Jan said...

I am waaaay OCD about my blog too. Constantly changing it to get it the way I want it and it's never "quite right". And I too prefer the 3 column look. As far as the header goes I made mine in the paint.net program. It's free and has a lot of the same components as photoshop. You need to know how big to make the image so that it fits right over your blog. The hardest part sometimes is figuring that out. Once you've made it just upload it as a header image and do it "in front of" your text. I know I can help you more...just let me get home from the hospital first!

Tony and Susan said...


and, hey, i haven't even updated my "about me" since the babies were born so you are way ahead of me!

Christy Tate said...

Love the new page. Isn't that website the best!!!

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

I love the new name. PERFECT!!
I wish I could wrap Dunham into something. Dang it.
And happy birthday to yo' man! I think he's great because he reads my blog! And he loves you, so he's wonderful in my book! Happy Birthday, Micah!

Sabrina said...

I think that after taking care of your three young'uns all day that you def. Get to say that you are all tuckered out! I am tring to mentally prepare myself for it! Love the new name!

Jay said...

I don't think you know me, but i am a friend of a lot of your friends. I remember you from Camp Wiregrass.

Anyway, I just read this post and then found this... wanted to share it with you, even though your new blog is looking fab.

anyway, if you are interested... go to www.delightfuldots.blogspot.com

it is another website besides the cutest blog on the block for blogger templates, they have some cute things... and even some things for the 3 column bloggers. :)They even have coordinating headers... for FREE. :)

Have a great day!

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