Thursday, January 8, 2009

poor bopsy...and a calendar

bopsy is just one of the million names we call our little sethy bean. i am quite certain he thought he was supposed to be the baby of the family. and he was for a long time. and lots of people treated him that way. he is very dramatic. but he is soooo sweet and so loving and generally excited about life. what is this leading to? remember back when i told you about our little night visitor? well, he still visits from time to time. he doesn't complain about monsters like he used to. i'm not sure why he wakes up or why he comes across the dark house that is only illuminated by hall night lights. but he does. and he wants to stay in the bed with me. i know they all go through ages and phases. and right now, he is of the dark. he is hysterical, shaking, verge of tears if he thinks someone just MAY turn off the light. this morning when i dropped the kids off in the car line at MMO (by the way, HUGE improvement. luke hasn't let me do this in the 2 1/2 years that he has been going until now!!) mrs. angie, who is the director and also seth's teacher on sunday morning, asked me to pull over for a second. (i am already thinking "oh my cow. what has one of mine done or said??" i was certain i was about to need to crawl in a hole.) she asked me if seth had said anything about class the last few weeks. and i told her no. and she said that the last 3-4 weeks, he has suddenly started covering his ears and is tearing up the whole time and saying over and over "the bell is about to ring" or "let's don't turn off the light." and i told her of his dark fear and that neither of my kids do well with loud noises that they aren't expecting. (and the bell is right beside his sunday school room and it is deafening.) she told me that he is soooo good and sweet and always participates and answers all the questions and it just wasn't like him. she said she thought it started when they were talking about when Jesus calmed the sea "and it rained and the lightening came" and she flicked the light for a second. and i said, "well, then that is probably what did it. the same thing happened at the doctor's office. he used to be fine. they turned the light out to check sissy's eyes and he went bananas. and now if he has to go with me, he just cries and says "don't turn out the light" over and over. mrs. angie was so sweet and is just heart broken because she doesn't know what to do. she tries to reassure him without embarrassing him. i don't know what to do. can yall help a mama out? luke has always been completely unfazed. i'm not sure what makes him scared and he is still too little to really tell me why it scares him.

in other news, i had my 3 week recheck today with my gynie. he said everything was fine, but he wants me to keep a "menstrual calendar" for 3 months and then come back. i asked him if i could go back on the pill for symptom control (symptoms being lots of cramps, flooding, and the redevelopment of acne. hello? i'm not 13. i am 30. this should not be an issue!!) the good news is that he said that is certainly something we could do. and i'll be honest...i can't WAIT for 3 months to fly by b/c i KNOW that is where we are headed.

anyway, please let me know if you have any suggestions for my little biscuit bean. i hate being helpless.


Susannah said...

WOW! That's a hard one about Seth! I dunno... wish I had some advice. Maybe try giving him a little flashlight to carry in his pocket and explain that it will light up dark places. But, I have a 9 month old and have not encountered too much! Yet! Have you gotten your period since you delivered? I haven't...but I also breastfed. Is that right?

aedozier said...

Poor guy! That is a tuff one. The flashlight sounds like it might work good. I will think on this one and let you know what I come up with. We had our first dont want to go to bed fit last night. Isn't 18 months too early for this? I'll get back to you.

Sabrina said...

Lucius has also recently started joining us in the bed during the middle of the night. I have always put him to bed with the light off. But now, he either has to be asleep when we put him into bed, or I have to leave hall light on until he goes to sleep. (then turn it of later) However, in both cases, when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he just gets his pillow and blankie and comes and pats me on the arm. We haven't found the answer yet either.
Another funny thing....Lucius has always hated loud noises. The vacuum cleaner still scares the poor baby!!!
Good luck!!!!!!!

becky said...

and they are only a few weeks apart in age, so i know a lot of it is just that. this age. this is when fears develop. this afternoon i took him in dark rooms while i held him and let him shine his flash light all around and got him to point to things and talked about how brave he was. we'll see.

Amy Lu said...

You may even want to try a Super Hero Toy. Such as a bear that will always be with him in the dark. Walmart has bears that light up when hugged.

Have the teacher warn him when the bell is about to ring. Maybe synchronize a watch with the church and have it beep a minute before the bell so he can be prepared for it.

It is the age. Every child is different. I will send part of my Mommy powers to you. Give them back when you are done though.

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